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Avatar n tn Dear mjay, I did some checking regarding dosing of medroxyprogesterone for treatment of hot flashes. After some amount of investigation the information was that 10mg pill daily was the recommended dose. The idea being to use the lowest amount of the medication to take care of the symptom. You should know that the resources quoting the studies of its use for treatment of hot flashes are from 1980 and 1981 journals. There could be more up to date findings but I did not come across any.
Avatar f tn The Women's Health Initiative showed that combined HRT as Prempro (conjugated estrogen plus progestin formulation medroxyprogesterone acetate) increased the risk of breast cancer. Estrogen taken without a progestin (Premarin) did not increase risk of breast cancer. But you are correct that a progestin or progesterone needs to be taken with estrogen to protect the uterine lining from proliferation and risk of hyperplasia or cancer.
Avatar n tn I know that sounds radical, but if you check symptoms and dosing suggestions, you might see where you fall. Reiss gives women big-time credit for kind of self-adjusting their hormones based on how they feel and respond. Or, I am wondering if you are at a point where you might call Dr. Erika ( and see what she says. She has been doing this for about 15-20 years. Let me know how things are going.
Avatar f tn Take your missed dose as soon as you remember it and then start your regular progesterone dosing schedule. If you are pregnant, you will need to keep taking your progesterone supplement until about eight to nine weeks from your embryo transfer. Call our office if your “send-off” visit with your doctor is going to be later than this and we will plan the “weaning” schedule for you. Otherwise, this schedule can be made at the time of your “send-off” visit with your doctor.