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16221027 tn?1446217790 After not having a period for 10 months i finially went to an OBGYN. 6 days ago i was perscribed Medroxyprogesterone 10mg for 10days. i was having side effects so i decided to stop taking it. and it's been 2 days since the 5th dose. I've been having brown discharge and light cramping in my lower stomach. I'm not sure if this is even right? Or not. I'm also trying to eventually have a baby. i'm 18. i've been with my partner for almost a year. i've never really had regular period.
Avatar f tn The reason why I took the medicine was to postpone my period so that I wouldnt have it during the wedding ceremony. But it didn't work because I started taking it too late (I was supposed to start taking it about 5 days before my period, but I started 2 days before my period).
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with PCOS a little over a year ago. I tried Glucophage but that didn't work. It's been just over a year since my last period so my doctor prescribed Provera to start my period then Clomid. I took the Provera as prescribed for 10 days. It's been 6 days since I stopped and still no period. All of the information I've read says it should take 3-7 days so I haven't called my doctor yet. Has anyone else had this experience.
Avatar n tn Ok over the years ive had spotting never a regular flow up until February of 2014 it lasted 10 days i had the same thing happen in march a normal flow...Didn't recieve a period in April..I went to see a doctor he put me on Medroxyprogesterone 10mg for 10 days..I started taking them in May after my ten days no period...weeks past still nothing! Ok its now June i started my second month after my 10 days still nothing!
Avatar f tn I am currently doing the OPK, but not sure if it will work (I'm on CD17). Good luck with the medroxyprogesterone pill. I had some horrible cramping, breast tenderness and mood swings. I'd worn your hubby in advance.
Avatar f tn Hello All, It's been Six days since my last medroxyprogesterone (provera) pill and I'm waitinf for AF to show and nothing! So of course her I go with the worrying. I have PCOS so the chances of me being pregnant right now without the Clomid Metformin and Medroxyprogesterone is slim to none as I haven't had a cycle since July of Last year.
1003693 tn?1250204277 Well i had an appointment with my endocrinologist today, she said the clomid didn't help, i didn't ovulate, so she told me to stop taking it and to stop taking medroxyprogesterone cause it was making me swell and gain weight, but she referred me to a fertility specialist who she has talked to and who is willing to help me, basically the last fertility specialist said they wouldnt' be able to do anything for me cause of my weight, hell they wouldn't even give me clomid unless i lost like 70 pound
1557930 tn?1294636149 My husband and I decided we wanted to start trying to have a child so I got off birth control in June 2010. I had a period at the end of June, but didn't have another one until November. I went to the doctor before November and my doctor recommended Provera. I have yet to start taking it because I was a little skeptical of taking something that was going to "make" me have a period. Well, I haven't had a period since November so I think I'm ready to start taking the Provera now.
Avatar f tn Provera doesn't always work the first month, but we have to watch it because if it doesn't work the second month then I have to go on stronger birth control to make sure I do get periods. I'm not on the Metforam yet because we don't know if its needed. My mom really doesn't want me on that or the stronger birth control.
3170786 tn?1344108061 but they stabilized for 8 months and I got pregnant. Clomid didn't work for me so I am trying a few other things like FertiliTea and Vitex, look them up, Vitex helps regulate your periods so it might help you and its cheaper than a doctor visit for sure.
Avatar f tn a crazy feeling in my head along with dizzyness. This was so bad I had to leave work. After going off the birth control my period is back with a vengance sometimes changing every 25 mins with super tampons or sometimes an hour or so but no longer during the larger part of the day. I was put on another hormone medroxyprogesterone which is supposed to stop the bleeding. It seems that after I take it in the evening, it does seem to slow me down.
1611503 tn?1325485790 ok so i have been taking this med. for about 4 days its called medroxyprogesterone b/c my period are irregular i have 6 more days to go and i just wanted to know can i get pregnant when im done with the pills and if i can when is the best time to have intercourse???? i really want all the women who knows about this medicine to help me thankyou so much!!!!! please stay in touch ill answer all questions!
Avatar m tn I don't have heavy bleeding a tampon works fine. I am not overweight all of my blood work is perfect. I have been pregnant before naturally, so this diagnosis makes no sense to me. I eat healthy and workout and have no problem with my weight, no unexplained weight gain, etc. I thought I had a miscarriage because I fell on pavement and landed on my pelvic bone and that's when I started bleeding (my dog whacked me on the back of the knee as we were walking with his head).
756716 tn?1234213518 I didn't know about PCOS when I was seeing my doctor. He never even mentioned it even when he knew that I hadn't had a period in years. I didn't hear it until I started researching myself and they finally confirmed it after my surgery last year. I wish he would have at least mentioned it. Now I feel as if I didn't have the right doctor for me. I'm sorry you're going through this :( Please don't give up until you find the right doctor for you!
Avatar n tn Years ago, they used it as a crude pregnancy test, if u didn't bleed after using it, you might be pregnant. But usually you will have a period 5-10 days after taking the last pill. So don't worry yet.
430388 tn?1239588723 Also, have you been trying or just stunned by the news? There are many women who still get pregnant even with PCOS, alot of it depends on what lab work shows your hormone levels to be and often you are prescribed medication, etc. I wouldn't worry yourself to much, I don't know why your doctor would worry you like that. Keep the faith, I'm sure you will have a beautiful bundle of your own when you are ready to start trying. God Bless.
2035763 tn?1329566863 She said that since the progesterone trial didn't work to cause shedding that it probably means that I am not ovulating anymore. She said that perimenopause is characterized by highs that are really high and lows that are really low. Its "normal" to have all he symptoms of a period and not get it. I told her it really ***** its like having PMS every day of your life. Backache, swollen abdomen, swollen breasts, the whole thing. Its horrible.
Avatar f tn The first time she ordered me to get blood work done. It came out and I'm perfectly healthy. She put me on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo (The pill) to help with it. Even that hasn't stopped it. It has been 6 months and I am always fatigued and plagued by terrible cramps that also won't stop. She told me that if it doesn't stop I'll have to explore another treatment option. I'm only 19 and don't know what to do.. if anybody can help that would be amazing.
Avatar f tn I went to my doctor and they did a pregnancy test. It came back negative. I had some blood work test done and my doctor called me today and said that my tests were pretty good except that my hormone level was pretty low. She told me that I would need to take MEDROXYPROGESTERONE so it can help me get my menstrual cycle. I have not had my period for a couple months. I just got off the Depo. But I'm freaking out. What does this all mean? Will I be able to get pregnant?
Avatar n tn Dr. Seibel, I didn't make myself clear. I have never had a problem with Avian or any other BC pills in terms of side effects. I DON'T believe it's the Avian BC pill causing the odor change. I believe it's a menaoause problem. I've been on and off BC pills for years. I think it a sympyom of menapause that's causing this masuline odor. I have a decidedly male testosterine smell exuding from the sweat gland areas of my body and vaginal area.
Avatar n tn again, I'm sure you're not pg, BUT if you were then if the Provera didn't cause a miscarriage then it puts your baby at an increased risk of birth defects. Why do you still think you are pg even after a negative blood test?
Avatar n tn Five days after I started the medroxyprogesterone, I had another attack at work, but was able to quiet myself down enough to drive home, and didn't get back to feeling normal until mid-morning the next day. During my previous years on hormone therapy, I did notice that about 3 days after starting the medroxyprogesterone each month, the hot flashes would come back and I would several times awaken in the middle of the night or in the morning with the feeling that I could not breathe enough air.
Avatar f tn As I said earlier I was diagnosed with PCOS Last year and have been on Metformin for about 4 months now and was given medroxyprogesterone/provera to start my cycle just recently so that we could be begin our journey yet again. Well today AF showed up and I am very happy because I had not seen her for a while and also this means it's time for our journey to begin! My question(s) is/are 1. What was your TTC plan of attack (sorry I couldn't think of a another phrase or any other way to put it)?
622208 tn?1222549040 I assumed I was starting menopause. Consequently, my doctor orderd blood work, a pap smear, and ultrasound. My pap smear was normal. The full metabolic blood panel was normal. I am not pregnant (and have been abstinent for almost two years). Both the pelvic ultrasound and transvaginal ultrasound showed cysts on both ovaries, on the cervix, and in the vaginal wall.
Avatar n tn t understand, why despite everything being so timed, monitored through blood work and Ultra sound, nothing worked so far. Any suggestions? I am feeling very worried and restless.
Avatar f tn While most women with ulterus didelphys are born without one kidney, I was born with one that didn't work and was harming the rest of my body. They couldn't remove it until I was 6 months old. I hope this helps!
158939 tn?1274918797 Also make sure you wait plenty of time between dose changes to give the pill/new dosage plenty of time to work for you. Also our body stores extra thyroid hormone in other parts of the body, that the body needs to and does get ride of. So you might see this reflected in your Labs. For most this takes a couple of weeks, that is why it is suggested to watch out for thyroid storm especially for us hypers.
Avatar f tn Hello, I did not have any other blood work after the mc- my doctor felt it wasn't necessary and at that time I didn't want to deal with any other pain- I wanted it all to go away, so I opted not to push for blood work. In hindsight I wish I would have, but I can't do anything about that now, but move forward. I did take a hpt about a week after I had the mc and it came back negative, so I figured everything would be good.