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2051102 tn?1330321233 Pre cancerous condition) so I need to reverse the cells so I can keep my uterus and have children. How many months does your doctor want you to do this? I will be doing this for 6 months. Why is this medication prescribed? Medroxyprogesterone is used to treat abnormal menstruation (periods) or irregular vaginal bleeding.
777396 tn?1329791151 What is funny though is the doctor who told me I don't is the one who gave me a never ending supply of the medroxyprogesterone. I have to take it every month. Are your periods just kind of irregular? At this point I actually don't get one at all unless I take the provera "medroxyprogesterone". I have scheduled another apt because I honestly don't think this doctor knows anything about PCOS...she started out by having me take 10mg a day for 10 days in a row...
Avatar f tn also after not having AF for several months when it does come it is horrible! So I take it just to avoid that. I have changed my diet to exclude most carbs. I try to make sure that most of my carbs are coming from sugars...white flour...things like that. This has helped with the insulin resistance I think because I have lost about 10 lbs recently doing that. As for the hair growth I either pluck it, get it waxed, or threaded.
Avatar f tn got prescribed medroxyprogesterone 10mg to stop my bleeding of 2months. how long does it take to work? I been taking it for 3days and still heavy bleeding.
Avatar f tn This is actually one of the side effects of the drug. Are you taking it on the days prescribed? Are you taking it at exactly the same time for each dose? Those are things that can affect how well the medication works. I would wait about four more days and then contact the doctor. Some medications can take several months to "kick in" but this shouldn't be the case here.
Avatar n tn Do people usually have problems conceiving the first few months they go off the pill? How does it work? I also want to lose weight before I have a baby. As it is I am not comfortable in my skin. If anyone has suggestions or would like to chat, please email me at butterfly_baybee2005***@**** I will respond to everyone! Also, will you only conceive on certain days of the month?
Avatar f tn There's a huge difference. Before September, how long had it been since you had had a period? By definition, menopause means you have gone a full 12 months without one. When I was peri-menopausal, I was helped alot by using bio-identical progesterone cream by Emerita. I'm not from Boston, however I have enjoyed seeing Naturopaths since my mid-40s. It's a good idea to check insurance coverage before you see one as some policies treat them as specialists.
Avatar n tn I have horses, I work with horses, I know where it comes from and the ugly side of how it's made. I just don't agree with it. I know it's a godsend to some women, but if it's not an absolute necessity for me, I don't want to use it. And Mary, I asked about bio-identical hormones. Gyn doesn't like them, apparently. Any help, any thoughts, any advice, any vodka?
1611503 tn?1325485790 you have been so helpful lol thankyou, so ok i probably need to take clomid if by the end of this month i dnt conceive how much is it or does it have to b doctor prescribed??? and what kind lol girl you gotta help me plus im about to be a navy wife and we made plans to have a baby in our new home im just lost right now.
Avatar f tn I was put on another hormone medroxyprogesterone which is supposed to stop the bleeding. It seems that after I take it in the evening, it does seem to slow me down. The problem occurs after taking my Levothyroxine again in the morning. I get very heavy bleeding again. Can I take both in the morning? Maybe one will balance the other. So far the bleeding doesn't want to give up. I do also have at least 1 fibroid & just had an ultrasound. The doctors think I'm in perimenopause.
Avatar n tn I am starting to worry so I took a pregancy test and there was an EVER SO SLIGHT second line. It really depended on how you held it up to the light though. I took another one immediately after and there was no second line. I'm scared to death that I might have gotten pregnant before I started taking the Provera and that taking it could cause birth defects. Has anyone had any expereince with this? I'm sorry for all the questions but would appreciate any advice you could give!
Avatar m tn My OBGYN first thought it was uterine bleeding and put me on provera (medroxyprogesterone) I was supposed to take it for 10 days, but stopped. The side effects were unbearable. I was bloated, constantly feeling full, constantly thirsty, chest pains, chest tightness, all of a sudden I developed acne on my chin. I stopped taking 5 days into it and within 24 hours everything started to go back to normal and the acne was clearing up, no more chest pain, low back pain, ab pain went away, etc.
430388 tn?1239588723 All I can say is I have had PCOS for over 7 years and I finally have my miracle baby! I even went to the Mayo Clinic and was there for a week and a "team" of doctors said I woudln't get pregnant and then BAM! I actually got pregnant 3 weeks after that visit so all I am saying is: It CAN happen! See a different doctor. Do as much research as possible on PCOS and fertility. Look into seeing an Endocrinologist also. That may help you.
Avatar n tn Emma if you go that long without periods you definetly should get checked out for sure! Thats how I found out I had it I didnt have periods ever. Yes it does give you mood swings and really its alot to handle sometimes but if you take care of yourself and eat good and excercise you will feel normal.. If you are prescribed metformin by advice to you would be dont give up on it becuase it is a rough medication and side affects are horrible for the first 2 weeks then it gets better.
Avatar n tn My sister give me one of her hormone pill used to regulate her periods and it seems to work when it gets really strong. I don't take the pills everyday because they make my a little jittery. I took them to my Dr to ask his opinion on y they seem to work and to see if he could give me an alternative. He could not. He thought it was in my head. the pills are Medroxyprogesterone.
Avatar f tn Simply put though pregancy hormones sometimes causes the pitutary gland to malfunction and implode. Then it doesn;t function right after that. depending on the degree of how it self-destructs many woman lose most or all pituitary function which in turn affects the ovaries, adrenals, thyroid. A good neuro endo is key. And to be of any help they should be looking at your lab work and your symptoms.
706727 tn?1229096832 ) Let us know how your blood work turns out :)
Avatar n tn hi im 18 yo and i dont have my mens since 5 mnths i think.and i think im pregnant which i dont want 2 happen but after i had tested myseLf it appeared + and i want 2 take provera so that i can have my miscarriage. . .does this heLp me in getting rid of the baby?? ls heLp me. . .im stiLL studying and im not yet ready for this it was an accident. . .
Avatar n tn on June 14, but never made it, since I had another attack after lunch at work where I actually felt I was going to pass out and the paramedics were called to transport me to the hospital. They kept my overnight, taking blood regularly and doing EKG's, also a treadmill test. But all results indicated that I had not had a heart attack. The doctors kept suggesting esophageal reflux or hiatal hernia, but I had not had any previous symptoms of such.
Avatar n tn I sure don't want to go for a year feeling like that - It is like having the flu (headache stomach ache body aches) but not being able to sleep it off. Oh well. You are more hope that it will get better. I thought the normal estradiol range was 50. My doc says mine is "in range". Yes in range for post meno - no HRT. Duh! I will get the other book - I have northrups. Have you heard of the book "From hormone hell to hormone well"? I wonder how that is.
Avatar n tn I had my first hcg shot in August and it didnt work. I had the insemination done last month and it was still negative. I go in for my ultrasound tomorrow and if I have a follicle, they will give me the HCG shot. Any other suggestions that I should be doing to increase our chances?
Avatar f tn how is this possible??? how can she have 2 uterus's and 2 cervix's???? we thought it was just a simple septum in her vagina but it turned out to be 2 vaginal openings leading to 2 uterus's and 2 cervix's....will she have problems growing up??? will she have menstural problems??
Avatar f tn Yes, I thought it had finished, it went away for 8 days then returned and has been here since (during the time my period was supposed to be here, but it is not a period, just spotting).
Avatar n tn And if the Implanon did indeed cause this, how did it cause it and how can it be fixed??!!! I spoke to one person who is still on anti-depressants one year after having it removed! I am very interested in hearing from other people that have experienced anything similar from implanon and what they have done to "fix" it. Thanks and good luck with the anxiety, I hope it clears itself up quickly for you.
158939 tn?1274918797 ok Utahmomma remember I am still slow cause I haven't been on meds. If I have no thyroid how can it be hyper would't it be hypo.
Avatar f tn I'll have that tested at my next appointment in a few months. It is likely too low, again, so that may be partially responsible or contribute to for how bad I feel at present. However, getting my levels up never really made me feel much better....the other symptoms persisted. As an aside, I was briefly on generic Synthroid five years ago, from the VA, at a low dose of 25mcg when my TSH was 2.91, but that only lasted one year. When my TSH went back down to 1.3, the thyroid meds were taken away.
Avatar n tn I would like to know about how long after the last provera pill should i expect to get my period. Also how long should i wait if i don't get my period?
Avatar n tn Amber hello! wow so 7-8 years later here in 2015 i am curious about your post!! :") back ground story on myself, i am currently ttc, trying to get my periods back on track really....after getting off of BC last year. i was put on Provera for the 2nd time now to help induce a period...first time around i had no complications at all! came 5 days post provera, and all was good! :") this time around again 10 pills for 10 days, all is well....i am on day 4 post pill...
Avatar n tn How did it work out for u without insurance. U think I can fly to WA.