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Avatar f tn So I just found out I was pregnant with baby #2 and couple days ago. Before I knew I was pregnant I had been tanning a good bit. I already know that tanning isn't good for you but that's something I take upon myself.
Avatar f tn Tanning beds/booths are a no go while pregnant. Get out in the sunshine when you can but the strength of the bulbs can be dangerous to your baby and to you (hormonal changes and skin changes make you more likely to burn) during pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I called my OB and she confirmed that tanning is a big fat NO:) I think my friend was mad that I asked but I knew she was lying. I guess some people are more vain than others. It's on her if her baby has issues from tanning.
Avatar n tn I used it when I got out of the shower, and in 3 days, with continued tanning, the white spots from tanning were gone. Thanks God I found this product, because I was starting to lose my tan. :) This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240223'>Tanning Spots</a>.
Avatar n tn After 2 more weeks, the spots traveled up my neck and on my face, became itchy and with the tanning, the spots stayed white while i was tan. I was then diagnosed with tinea veriscolor and told to use antifungal cream and use head and shoulders. That dried out my face but did stop the ithcing. Now I am left with the whole bottom of my face blotchy and discolored, my neck the same and white spots on my stomach and back around my shoulder blades.
4193337 tn?1355698372 No, I want to though! Everyone just tells me that they are really bad during pregnancy and can harm the baby so I have stayed away. I'm so white it's sad.
376148 tn?1309899577 i have asked and researched in tanning is bad while breastfeeding and it isnt...but what about lotion!! Will it go into my breastmilk and wil it harm my baby??
1025521 tn?1252507728 I recentley startes tanning in a tanning bed, approxamately a couple weeks after I started a rash started below my knees and down my shins. I tanned last summer as well and the same thing but not as bad. The rash begins as little red spots, but this time it has got a little worse. They are irregular shaped red spots or welts/ blemishes, slightly poofy and raised but not extremely.
Avatar f tn She's right....tanning while pregnant you'd think is just common sense. Weird. OB said tanning while breastfeeding is fine....
318269 tn?1241350235 yeah no tanning while your preggo for sure..and a towel doesnt block the rays so that wouldnt do any good..and just think of it this way, think how warm you get while tanning and the baby is already a few degrees warmer anyways, i personally would feel like im boiling my baby. my dr says no i dont go.
Avatar f tn Tanning salons are a no no , tanning beds are harmful to the baby.
Avatar f tn Is it ok to use a sunless tanning bed while pregnant? My first appointment with my obgyn isn't until Monday and I usually go tanning on Saturday afternoons but I'm not sure if that's ok to do anymore.
Avatar f tn Im only 6weeks& 5 days, do you think its safe to use tanning beds. I have heard mixed opionions about it?
Avatar f tn Can I go to the tanning bed while pregnant 5 weeks. Of not what about spray tanning. I've never not been tan. And I want to tan so bad!!
Avatar f tn so I just had my baby at 33 weeks, and how she is 36 and about to come home to us! And my question is, I've had a lot of controversies about this, but is it safe to go in a tanning bed while breastfeeding ?
Avatar f tn m About 6 weeks along. What are the rules about tanning while pregnant? I live in eastern Idaho and the winters are brutal. It hasn't been above 0 in a week, and I usually just do it to get a little vitamin D!
Avatar f tn Although you usually do it to avoid burning I recommend not tanning while pregnant and I think they ask if you're pregnant when you sign up for a tanning membership because it's not the safest
Avatar f tn Just wondering what's everyone's opinion about laying in the tanning bed while pregnant? Anyone tan while pregnant?
Avatar f tn Studies have not been done in enough detail to say one way or another if tanning in a bed is entirely safe while pregnant. It can raise your core temperature and that is definitely not safe for the baby. Same goes for the chemicals in tanning lotions, safety of them is debated, but most doctors will advise they are a better alternative to a tanning bed.
Avatar f tn Hi all! I was wondering how to treat or manage times versicolor safely while pregnant? Thankfully I am all clear but I had my first experience during my first pregnancy but wasn't diagnosed til after the birth of my second daughter ( started tanning and it exploded oops...) so knowing it may come back it would be nice to be prepared my spots just got back to normal at least they aren't as noticeable.
Avatar f tn there isn't much info on tanning while pregnant . Try using self tanner or a spray tan to get colour .
Avatar f tn Just use a tanning lotion out of a bottle. Spray tans are dangerous because Drs don't know what inhaling the tanning solution will do to baby and tanning beds are extremely dangerous in pregnancy.
Avatar f tn ^my decision to make.
Avatar f tn It is definitely not okay too tan while pregnant. Tanning in the long run is actually harmful to you too. I say do the research and you'll have a better understanding as to why it is not okay and how it can be very harmful to your baby. I know of a girl that tanned her pregnancy and the poor child was born blind. There are also many unknown risk that just isn't worth taking. Also like some of the ladies mentioned, they won't let you tan if they know you're pregnant.