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Avatar f tn last january 2011 i was diagnosed of Hepa-B postive but non-infectious. My doctor has not gave any medicines to take. She just told me to be back after 6 months. Is there any treatment that i can take while waiting?
4016263 tn?1349064996 s no med for hepa b. i am hepa b positive but im not taking any med coz none. im really sorry. please ask your doctor for more info and advice. Im really sorry.
Avatar f tn My yaya is positive on Hepa B. Her serology result is Reactive on HBs-Ag, Anti-Hbe, Anti-HBc G and Anti-Hbc M. She was given essentiale forte and zeppix as her medicines. My 2 kids, 3 & 1 yr old have already hepa B3 vaccine. I pity my yaya coz if I let her go, she has no way of buying her medicines so I intend to keep her. What could be the implications to my children and of course to other members of the house. For prevention, she uses face masks and she has own utensils.
Avatar m tn i consulted my doctor again testing my blood, and the result is Negative in Hepa B but Reactive in Hepa A. now i have nothing to spend for medicines. is there any solutions? or alternatives in medication of Hepa A? Help.....
Avatar n tn Firstly, you don't have hepc so that shouldn't even be an issue with you. Secondly, post on the hepb forum and ask specific questions regarding cures, test results, immunity, liver cancer etc. They are very well informed and will answer all of your questions.
Avatar m tn mgka2mpi tau pm me f my tnung k bout s sakit dt we had,,,
Avatar m tn recently my partner confessed that he has hepa b virus, he was diagnosed a decade ago but never undergo a treatment, he has a 4year old daughter but was cleared in hepa b since she undergoes series of test, is this possible? we had the first contact last year sometime in February 2011, do I possibly carry the virus? I am afraid to have a blood test so i still fear if I am contracted with the virus! can any one who has hepa b hide the virus from the blood test? how?
Avatar m tn last year i diagnosed that i am hepa b positive. since the day that i knew im hepa b carier and i got the result i never had a cahnce to visit a clinic or a hospital to check my hepa b counting again.. as of now.. instead of taking medicines from a doctor,, im using herbal medicine to cure hepa b.. is there anyone using herbal medicine here? how many times do i need to have a hepa b test?
Avatar f tn I am looking for a doctor here in northern mindanao to be exact in cagayan de oro....anyone can reccomend?i am a hepa b reactive since birth and not even taking medicines nor any medication..please help me..
Avatar m tn My doctor said we will have another test in 3-6 months due time to see if I recover from this Hep B. I havent had a DNA test though. This condition that I have really affects my life now. I tend to think about it and get mad at myself for being stupid that I dont even know where I get it from. Most importantly I am not the cheerful person that I used to be since I discover that I have Hep B. I have my wife supporting me on this and we are lucky enough that she is negative for any Hepatitis.
Avatar f tn After five yrs in saudi I plan to go to another country but then Iwas diagnosed fr hepa b+ n made me really is so to get rid of it?
Avatar m tn ang lab marker po kung meron kang hepa b ay HBSAG ... ang reactive or positive po ay parehas lang meaning meron kang hepa B ngayon... if ang result ay negative o nonreactive meaning wala po kayong hepa B... may discrepancy po sa result mo so i suggest paulit po kayo ng lab exam.for confirmatory. ang ipakuha nyo po ay Hbsag with Titer count...
Avatar f tn ano ung kalamugnay..san mabibili o makikita un..chronic hepa b din ako at ang masaklap pa buntis ako ngayon 4months na..
1306155 tn?1324004540 but this is the reality.i was acute hepa b infected and that was discovered early august 2012 when i had my hepa panel test.that time i was so worried and seem to be hopeless...i was confined 9 days to the hospital due that my sgpt was counted 5586 with cut off only of 50.i pray to God and never lose hope that one day i can recover from this doctor prescribed me a supplement for liver which is essentiale forte..
Avatar f tn There are several varieties of hepatitis virus. Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C as some examples. Hepa refers to the liver and "titis" simply means inflation. So hepa titis basically means inflamed liver. So viruses in that family of virus attract and injure the liver. Hep A resolves on its own. Hepatitis B may resolve on its own or the person may go on to be chronically infected and will need to see a doctor for treatment.
Avatar f tn With your case, im not sure if you are healthy carrier or not kasi wala ka naman nasabi na results about HbEag mo dun kasi malalaman if nakakahawa ka. My Hepa B kasi na hindi nakakahawa pero kang Hepa B. Merong Hepa B na hindi na nakakahawa. Nakukuha ang Hepa B. Through blood transfusion if nagpasalin ka a ng dugo dati, sexual intercourse, at birth. And may gamot po dyan sa Hepa B.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed positive from hepa B virus. And I am so scared for myself and my baby. I hope I can get through this.
Avatar n tn ano mabisa gamot dito di ko alam kung san ko to nakuha hepa b.... sana mamatay n lng agad ko sobrang nalungkot talaga ako sa nangyari nasa ibang bansa n ko pinauwi p ko dahil s sakit n hepa b buti p mamatay n lng wala ng saysay ang buhay ko ....ask ko lng ilang taon tumatagal ang carrier ng sakit n to tns ..
Avatar n tn What you need to find out is whether you are reactive or not to both HBsAg and anti-HBs as those tests will determine if you still have Hepa B or have recovered from it.
Avatar f tn don't lose hope have faith in God "with God nothing is impossible" kaya wag tayo mawalan ng pag-asa just live healthy and be friendly to your liver God bless us all..magpalakasan lang tayo kasi if you are definitely sad your immune system will declined so be happy always just try to open this site and read it carefully sana makatulong yan...
Avatar m tn ll just say that most people do clear Hep B on their own and you will always test positive for some kind of antibody for Hep B. That may be what your test is showing. I do test positive for a Hep B antibody and I don't have Hep B anymore - cleared on my own and have natural immunity and am non-contagious but haven't paid much attention to the finer details of it as a result - directed my energies at Hep C. The other forum Bill pointed you to should have folks who can explain better.
Avatar f tn I know somebody who has Hepa B working in a call centre...she is also a filipina, failed in a pre-residency medical check up in Dubai and got deported. Basically both of you in same situation, so I think u can work in call centre. I used to work before in call centre as well, I don't remember getting screened for Hepa, as long as you have excellent communication and customer service skill you can, anyway u will not be interacting with customers personally so there will be no risks.