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Avatar n tn I have been suffering from laryngitis for over 3 months and taking medication for the last 2 months. When I consulted a doctor a couple of weeks ago, he did a stroboscopy and said that it could be due to acid reflux; he prescribed "Pantadoc". I took that for a couple of weeks and did not obsserve any difference.
Avatar m tn My Eye Doctor suggested I keep Restasis in the fridge to make more comfortable and reduce the burning and to keep using ir for 2 days. Does Restasis lose its effectiveness when placed in the fridge. Also when are results typically seen? I have a TBUT of 5 and hoping to see an increase if ues consistently.
Avatar f tn I just finished taking Azithromycin yesterday for what must of been a bacterial infection of my sinuses and lungs. It started as a cold. The cold went away but I was experiencing shortness of breath and post nasal drip that just wasn't subsiding. I went to two doctors. The first doctor prescribed a corticosteroid nasal spray (Omnaris). This helped a bit for the post nasal drip but wasn't addressing the shortness of breath or chronic cough that wasn't going away on its own.
Avatar n tn However, a side effect of both medications is laryngitis. I recently had laryngitis for 6 weeks. It started as a virus and would not go a way. I decided it was my atrovent neb (an anticholinergic like Spiriva). My allergist thought it was my Dulera (inhaled combination med like Advair). I eliminated the atrovent and reduced my Dulera and the laryngitis healed. She needs to discus any changes in dosage with her doctor before making changes.
Avatar f tn Okay, since 1992 I have had lots of throat infections in 1995 I had my tonsils and adanoids removed to help however it never did. And still had aleast 7 throat infections and laryngitis a year but since January this year I have had 20suvere throat infections all with laryngitis.
Avatar f tn I have had a series of symptoms going on 3 weeks, from a nasal drip, to mucus, laryngitis, to now a deep chest couph. Am on amoxicillin but it doesn't seem to be helping. My chest has this "gurgling". Any help. Getting tired of being sick.
Avatar f tn I had the Flu in January, followed by cold and laryngitis. Lost my voice, got it back, but with this persisitant dry sudden cough, that can come anytime. I wake up with it, usually a coughing fit lasts from anywhere from 1-10 mins. After the coughing is over, i have to constantly clear my throat, until all the choaking sensation is gone. Its almost like swallowing into the wrong side of your throat.
Avatar f tn However I have been sick a few times since then and every time the virus turns straight into terrible laryngitis. Before the surgery I very rarely ever got laryngitis but now it comes on so easily and lasts for a while. Is there any reason that this would be connected to my thyroid surgery? Wondering if this is still part of the healing process or not? Any insight would be appreciated. Thank you!
Avatar f tn He was treat with a Ceftin type drug for 14 days. He also to 60mg of steriod for 3 days, could not talk for 9 days. During this he was checked by an ENT. Yes, he has only been seen by Neuro. He had a sinus xray last year and a CAT Scan, 11-08. All were clear. He had an MRI in 11-09 when hospitalized for migraine, we went in level 8, left at level 6 apin level. That time torodol iv push worked.
Avatar f tn My 9yr old has had a sore throat for about two weeks. Her throat is red but no visible white bumps or pus. Her voice is hoarse but she has no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 24 year old and I am experiencing pain on my throat for 2 weeks now. I’m afraid that if this is cancerous or not (hope it is not). I am a Technical Support Engineer and we are talking on the phone at least 7 hours a day, my shift is 8pm-5 am and I am lacking sleep. 2 weeks ago, I was having hard time talking and there is hoarseness on my voice. I can talk but I can feel the pain in the lower part of my neck. I can’t feel any lump on my neck, but I am having hard time swallowing.
Avatar n tn I wnet to a Doctor before getting on my return flight and he said he thought I had laryngitis likely caused by a viral infection. Therefore, he did not prescribe antibiotics. It has been about 9 days since the sexual encounter and I am wondering what my risk factors are. Could the oral sex have exposed me to an STD taht would cause a sore throat and laryngitis? If so, which STD would be most likely?
Avatar f tn this all started off with a cold and sore throat. i was diagnosed with tonsillitis and then laryngitis and have had antibiotics for this but its still there over 9 weeks now?! its a bit of a mystery i was wondering if you could help!?!
Avatar f tn I wonder after reading your post if you arent immune supressed or on immune system supressing medication like heavy antihistamines, medicines for other health issues that suppress the immune system, or steroids like predisone for inflammation? The only thing you dont mention that I wonder about is , what is your doctor doing to figure out why your immune system isnt reacting to the pnemonia with a bigger reaction.
Avatar n tn I have developed a chronic dry cough & laryngitis, currently I have been dealing with symptoms for a month. I went thru same illness 5months ago was in the hospital & then passed around to various specialists without any real answers. I have done allergy testing, tests to rule out relfux, seen ENT, pulmonlogist, & family dr multiple times with not much success. No one can tell me why I got better last time, or why I am dealing with the same situation again.
Avatar m tn Hello, There are many conditions which can cause difficulty in speaking at higher pitches. Voice misuse and overuse are common causes. Acute laryngitis caused by allergies, viral infection, chronic laryngitis and laryngoesophageal reflux all can cause hoarseness and voice difficulties. Rare but serious causes producing these symptoms are vocal cord paralysis and vocal cord tumours.Please see your Otolaryngologist (Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor) for an evaluation.
Avatar m tn thanks for your reply!! I am worried if this is herpes laryngitis/phryngitis since they don't show any symptoms of hsv1 on the lips or in the mouth and it can impact the throat. I also read that some people will not show symptoms if it is GHSV1 (since I had only genetal contacts). Wondering if HSV1 causes directly laryngitis/phryngitis without causing any outbreaks on face or in the mouth !!
Avatar m tn Based on my own personal experience I would avoid the Tikosyn and the Flecainide based on experiences that I have had, however everyone responds differently and its important that you and your doctor maintain dialog about what works and what does not work for you. I have been in Afib for 3 years straight now and I have also been on Warfarin for that same period of time.
Avatar n tn My son developed laryngitis about 2 months ago. It is severe so that he can not talk at all. His ENT diagnosed it as Muscular dysphonia. He is seeing a speech therapist, but it doesn't seem to be getting any better. He plays Sax in the band at school and can't get enough air out to play. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn It could be due to varied causes like upper respiratory tract infection like laryngitis or pharyingitis, head and neck cancer, oral cancer, reflux laryngitis in people who have acidity and GERD, muscle abnormality, voice box abnormality, polyps, tumors or weakness of voice box etc. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Consult an otolaryngologist who will evaluate the causes and treat likewise. Cough suppressants for laryngitis, treat GERD, stop smoking, vocal rest etc will make a difference. Hope this information helps you. Take care.
Avatar f tn Pain started with a bad cold 8 weeks ago and w/Laryngitis for 2 days. Nodes felt enlarged for 3 weeks. Then took 7 days of mycins for possible infection. But now the pain is back, mostly at left base of tongue, and hurts to swallow, turn neck, or touch my carotid. Nothing really specific showed up on the CT other than "inflamation"???? (or node enlarged) at the bifurcation. Now last night was fine, but I sat down for dinner, and could hardly swallow my food.