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Avatar f tn About half of all the species of animals and plants in the world live in rainforests with a possible 50,000 species a year becoming extinct. Thousands of rainforest plants contain substances that can be used in medicines and the tribal people of the forests have great knowledge of them. Rainforests are also important because they provide us with oxygen and help to regulate the world's climate and atmosphere.
613536 tn?1294238447 The only thing that was recalled in the rainforest collection was the travel swing. An only the travel swings that were made between 2006-2007. Nothing else was recalled. I googled it an every website said the same thing.
2057094 tn?1333595640 Rainforest open top cradle swing by fisher price it plugs in which is wonderful and mine has been used by 7 babies and still working like its brand new! :0) I prefer plug in cause batteries always drained fast for me.
566175 tn?1278430472 "Rainforest" playpen by Simplicity has caused 1500 deaths or injuries due to folding up on baby. Please be aware of this recall. Also please be aware of the peanut butter recall which is mostly found in snack crackers, etc. and not jarred peanut butter (for now.) Might be a good idea to go through your pantry and if in doubt, throw it out. Check out the FDA website for a complete list and check back daily for updates as I am sure more foods will be added daily. Take care!
208686 tn?1293030503 I have the rainforest one still in the box and was wondering when I should be putting it together? Brayden is 2 months one week, how much longer does he have before he is ready for it? There is too much of an age difference between all of my kids so I totally forget a lot!! Hope everyone is doing wonderful!!
229857 tn?1319029907 Today I got Brayden a Rainforest Jumperoo and he LOVES IT! He had an exercauser but he kept trying to jump in it and I dont really trust those door jumpers so I found one at a garage sale in excellent condition for $30 and he hasnt wanted out of it all day! I just wanted to let you ladies know for those of you that are wondering what toys were worth the money that this is...
290867 tn?1333569278 I jsut wanted to let all the women on here that had babies around the time I did know that there was a recall on the Rainforest playyard. I am so upset! I bought the whole collection and Julian absolutely loves it! The recall is due to the sides collapsing and causing a entrapment hazard! I am so upset! They are offering 100.00 all you have to do is mail in the side panals! Just thought you would all like to know! Im sorry for the little vent! I wish they made the same one in a safe one!
Avatar f tn i take zoloft for PTSD and schizophrenia
544906 tn?1291345405 s not easy having a girl and staying away from Pepto Pink (fine for some....not for me) but I made a commitment. Any one else decide on a theme? ( shoppin is a lot more extreme than it was 17yrs ago when I had my last one...
419126 tn?1242412170 I have and exersaucer, I also have the Rainforest Jumparoo. My daughter loves loves loves this. The seat turn like and exersaucer would and whats so neat about it is that when it plays music and your child jumps around in it in the bacground animal noises are made such as monkey, lion, etc.
503882 tn?1288843037 Hey hon...welcome to the forum. Well I personally haven't used it, I use the rainforest swing which my son loves and is about to grow out of :( I suggest looking at the weight capacity. You want one that will last for awhile. Mine goes up to 25 lbs. and my son is almost done with it but hey it's still swinging
Avatar f tn ) I use lush bombs too! Pamper yourself to a bath like that every night before bed! Good luck!
435139 tn?1255460391 My son LOVES his playmat... it's the Fisher Price Rainforest one. I got it at a consignment store, never used, for $30... I highly recommend it! He's also totally in love with his Fisher Price Rainforest bouncer seat thing... they make a swing to match as well but I don't have it (but wish we did!).
419158 tn?1316571604 Or there are a lot of cute neutral themes, like a rainforest. Fisher Price makes rainforest things in boy and girl colors, so you could stick with one theme but have different versions of it. Good luck!!
443968 tn?1288612689 I am getting the rainforest one by fisher price. I love the swing and it was the highest rated. We were going to get it for him for Christmas but now I have two people telling me they got it for him already LOL!
Avatar f tn DH and I and some friends are planning to go to our National Rainforest..EL YUNQUE, that is the name, on Sunday...this is our last weekend before we have to go back to work on Monday (after a 3 week vacation) Talk to you later!!!
1522309 tn?1291983200 Thanks for your question, but it is not a very good idea to get opinions on medication via health forums, etc. The best decisions can be made with your doctor who has your medical history, concomitant health issues if any, tests, symptoms, etc. Take care.
Avatar m tn In Maui we visited in rainforest where several mosquitoes or insects bit her on the head and legs. In the rainforest we also sloshed through creeks and pools with barefoot and my wife had a little wound or sore on her foot sole. We would appreciate for any help or hint which can lead to solving my wife health problem.
Avatar f tn I think I have a slight cold coming on. .im 2months what are some safe medicines to take? I love Nyquil pills they work so fast but im not sure if they're pregnany safe.!
Avatar n tn Hi... can anyone tell me what they use for medicines... I don't react well to the typical meds they prescribe for Chiari... My main pains are headaches,neck pain, hand pain. I've heard of people using excederin migraine.. I have been taking advil for several months and would like to stop taking it... if I could find a replacement. What anti depressants has anyone had success with? Also. how is everyone dealing with the medical bills?