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Avatar f tn Hippotherapy is a physical, occupational, and speech-language therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement as part of an integrated intervention program to achieve functional outcomes. Equine movement provides multidimensional movement, which is variable, rhythmic and repetitive.... Equine movement offers well-modulated sensory input to vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile and visual channels.
Avatar f tn The nerve roots at the ends are called cauda equine. The terminal nerve root tail is the filum terminale. Conus medullaris syndrome and cauda equine syndrome are complex neurological disorders manifesting as back pain, unilateral or bilateral leg pain, paresthesias and weakness, perineum or saddle anesthesia, rectal and urinary incontinence. Hope this helps. Consult a neurologist for a detailed clinical evaluation if relevant. Take care.
582396 tn?1259863489 I am so impatient waiting to hear back from TCI that I also emailed the Wisconsin Chiari Center who said that Dr. Heffez would review our MRI disk and notes and get back to us within 24-48 hours! Anyone have any experience with Dr. Heffez? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn I have had three surgeries within the past four years. The most recent was spinal fusion L/5-S/1 and then corrective spinal fusion located at same site. Last surgery was at the end of '08 and I am now 4 months pregnant. I have been noticing that the sharp shooting pain down my legs have slowly been returning through the night and I am woundering if I made a terrible mistake by not terminating this pregnancy.
10627852 tn?1411542154 Hi. Well, it hasn't taken very long for me to conclude that this therapy is totally unproven, with the only exception being in treating some chronic wounds (skin and tissue damage) in humans. The FDA approves its use in some very specific circumstances, and kidney disease in humans is NOT one of them. It certainly does not approve its use with animals - and none of the claims made have been tested and proven to be beneficial on dogs.
Avatar f tn I have heard many horror stories and I have heard mothers say they wish they had delivered naturally and at a birthing center. I know all pregnancies and women are different. My doctor has told me , so far, everything is healthy and normal for my baby and I. I just worry about something going wrong and the birthing center where I live is not connected to a hospital or near one. Everyone thinks I'm crazy for wanting a natural birth or at least trying depending on my later situation.
Avatar f tn however, the street was winding that I have to break a couple of times. I felt like the car will tilt every time I move the steering wheel to the left and losing control of the car. I have to park my car in the first shopping center and called my daughter to pick me up. Went to the doctor and was told, I have a balance issue and it's causing anxiety. I was given a anxiety medication but it did not help. I also went to balance therapy but it did not work either so I stopped going.
390388 tn?1279636213 without straining your back? Then use one of the ramps for him to wheel himself back down? Of course it depends how much space you have where you live, as the ramp down from the table would have to be gradual (so he doesn't wheel down at 60mph to a crash-landing!
15695260 tn?1549593113 Mosquitos are always a nuisance but they can be dangerous too if they carry "Eastern equine encephalitis" or EEE. This virus has been detected in chickens and is now spreading to humans via mosquito bites. So far, there have been on 7 reported cases but the death rate is very high with this mosquito borne virus. To protect yourself against EEE as well as West Nile Virus, be sure to use prevention methods to reduce risk of mosquito bites. https://www.medicinenet.
Avatar f tn The best thing to do is to call and talk to a nurse in your obs office.
Avatar f tn They say she will end up in a wheel chair and she is already using a walker and cane. This is very sad. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. She said she does not want to be in a wheel chair yet. As she is in her mid 30's.
Avatar f tn Hi Guys, I frequently mention that I'm using Dr. David A. Jernigan's natural formulas for my condition, CFIDS. I know I've mentioned Dr. Jernigan's name before... he's the physician who successfully treated his own lyme disease without antibiotics. Anyhow, it was suggested that I post this link to a MedHelp members success story at the Hansa Center. This member doesn't have a diagnosis, but his physicians suspect either lyme or CFS. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn You need to get an appointment ASAP with a Hepatologist at a major university affiliated medical center/liver transplant center. You need an examination and an evaluation by a Hepatologist who is experienced with hepatitis C and who is very knowledgeable about the disease and its treatment. It is not too late to treat the Hepatitis and get cured. You just need to be under the care of a Hepatologist at a large university affiliated medical center/liver transplant center.
Avatar f tn Benadryl is generally considered safe by most doctors. It's a catagory B & Baby Center has it listed on the safe list.
Avatar f tn The conus and cauda equine appear unremarkable. At L2-3, there is perhaps slight retrolistthesis of L2 on L3. Disc bulge. Right greater than left moderates exit foraminal narrowing. At L3-4' mild broad based disc bulge. Facet joint hyper trophy. Mild bilateral exit foraminal narrowing. At L4-5, disc bulge is seen with facet joint hypertrophy resulting in moderate left exit foraminal stenosis. Impression: slight retrolistthesis L2 on L3.
1081204 tn?1256666757 Oh and free rides to and from the hospital and a wheel chair. He is in Lousiville KY. He was the first dr to perform this in te US and has done this since before I was born. Also if he finds and problems he can adress while in there he will clean it all up for no extra cost, like scar tissue. Let me know if you have any other questions. NO mater what docotr you use do not use one that uses stints! That will casue scar tissue for sure!!!
Avatar f tn Hi Lulu - still lurking around - and yes I go to the U of Rochester (NY) ms center - and have found the docs there to be very good. This clinic is at Strong Memorial Hospital - and is affiliated with the University of Rochester - which has an excellent medical school. I am currently working with Dr Matthew Bellizzi -(great doc - and very kind) still gray are patient - I have not been to the MS upstate clinic in Syracuse even though I live in Syracuse.
Avatar f tn First of all, I would rec. a prepurchase exam on the horse by an Equine vet before buying ANY horse, regardless of purchase price. You just want to make sure you are not getting into more than you expect and it will be worth the money. As far as being head shy, I agree with Dr Jim that it can be done, but will take a lot of time and continual reinforcement.
Avatar m tn Below is a link to an article on Serum Sickness Syndrome. Basically, the syndrome can result from equine based injections. Unless you are receiving allergy shots for horses, this would not be associated with allergy shots. I hope that helps. God bless.
645800 tn?1466860955 I was following a pickup truck most of the way but was keeping a close eye on him since he was going over the center line of the road quite a bit. I figure the guy was probably texting while driving from what I could see of him through his rear window. I was keeping back a little bit more than needed due to this just in case he had an accident. But here comes the weird part. At one point as I was watching him drive his truck jumped sideways by about a foot or so.
Avatar n tn 1st consult a doctor, 2nd the corporate center for the care center, 3rd maybe a lawyer.
Avatar m tn He gave me valacyclovir 2 weeks ago to take 3 times a day for 7 days. I took all the medicine and didnt see any difference its still the same now. Just small white bumps with no sores or blistering or scabbing. If it was herpes how fast would the medicine help to make a difference or me noticing a difference? Im starting to think it might not be herpes since he gave me medicine 2 weeks ago and its the same looking. Opinions?
Avatar n tn hello, after failing to get off of pain medicine on my own, i amde a called to a local bahavoir health center that deals in addictions, and i made an app. for the 16th, she said there will be an interview lasting aprox 2 hours at that time, and they would decide whats best for me, has anybody ever went to a center like this? do you know wat kind of things that will be decided?.. any information would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn My biggest concern is cauda equine would your agree that these results would not suggest this should happen,and that I am worrying myself unnecessary .The numbness has started to move upwards into my stomach,with pins and needles sensations in my hands at night.When I pin ***** all areas that I have spoken of I can feel the pinprick but yet it feels numb tight and thick an altered sensation.