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Avatar f tn Hi there :) I have had this clicking sound in my left ear - that I can also "feel" as well. It started about 6 months ago - after some dental work and a plane ride (don't know if it's relevant, just in case). It is present all the time - but I only really notice it when I'm in a quiet room, or when I turn my head to the left. Also very noticeable when I'm trying to fall asleep, or waking up - especially when I'm lying on my left side.
Avatar m tn Well, she didn't give you a longer exposure because you heard noise for a long period. There are several types of x-ray machines, and the noise comes from coolant or a rotating wheel inside the machine and has nothing to do with the dose. You were entirely correct to request a shield. I have taken thousands of x-rays (not lately) and as an experiment took dental film and put a pellet of lead on the films.
Avatar m tn I think my dentist is right, but the medicine needs to be exhausted before anymore dental work is done. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Oral medicine specialists or oral pathologists are generally faculty member of dental school. going to a near by dental school is advised.
Avatar f tn You can have a tooth removed . But you of course need to inform the dentist your expecting. There's different cautions they take , and pain medicine will be different if you even get any at all . Infections are a higher risk so the dentist may recommend waiting unless its unbearable and causing issues for you .
Avatar f tn I would ask about the antibiotics and pain medicine you will have to take afterwards and how they can affect the baby. Good luck, dental work *****!
390388 tn?1279636213 without straining your back? Then use one of the ramps for him to wheel himself back down? Of course it depends how much space you have where you live, as the ramp down from the table would have to be gradual (so he doesn't wheel down at 60mph to a crash-landing!
623065 tn?1275503695 The good thing is that the medicine has strong numbing medicine so the pain goes away in like 10 to 15 minutes. Please don't smoke, you don't want dry sockets!!
Avatar f tn I contacted the doctor through his email, after much discussion and few questions he prepared the Herbal medicine and asked for my address which I received the Herbal medicine 3 days later and with his prescription I drank the Herbal medicine for 21 days. After concluding the herbal medicine I went for test and my IgG result was confirmed Negative with no trace of the virus on my blood.
Avatar f tn No. Its so early into the pregnancy that medicine shouldn't really have any effect and as for the dental xray its so far up that it isn't a problem at any point of your pregnancy. Just make sure that from now on you wear a shield.
Avatar n tn i have dental cavity problem. i feel some time pain whenever i eat hot or cold things but just for few seconds. plz suggest some medicine to overcome the problem.
1297538 tn?1278546102 Just my take but I think a dental infection may be the cause of lyme-google dental parasite. I know several people who got 80% by just removing root canal or dental infection-including me.
Avatar f tn Hi I recently went to the dentist to do two root canals, when I went for the second stage of root canal(the prepping of the tooth for the crowns) I noticed while the dental assistant was preparing the gums for, as she put it to get a proper impression, I noticed she took up a very large syringe or at least it looked like a syringe, that was filled with a red substance, I noticed it but I just thought it was some kind of medicine for the gum, but because I have anxiety, when I came home I starte
Avatar n tn yes hi, i have genital herpes. hehehe and so does a lot of people. lovely. anywho..i found out about 10 months ago, i have been taking medicine everyday since i found out. my question is is can my guy "eat me out" without a dental dam and not get it??? or is my only option now a dental dam because he is at risk and can get genital herpes "eating me out" without a dental dam??
Avatar n tn can i take 2 advils and half a percocet for dental pain?
Avatar n tn If you can not see a private dentist I would suggest you either go to a hospital that has a dental residency program or a dental school if there is one in your area. Good luck! Advil I find is the best non prescipt medicine for pain relief.
Avatar f tn Best to do in your second) but will they beable to numb my mouth?? I heard that medicine can cross the plecenta. Anyone had work done ??
1709021 tn?1308184343 Hi lady, that would be awesome if the Obamacare did cover dental too. I'm on disability and I don't have dental coverage either and it's sad because bacteria in the gums can affect your heart health. I know the false teeth are expensive, my mother had a tooth knocked out during surgery last August, it was hanging there literally, it had to be pulled. It was from a tube they put down her throat, she was furious! I would have been too.
Avatar m tn Proper implementation of oral hygiene is the best strategy to maintain dental health. Unless special condition dictates, no special medicine required.
529224 tn?1400648219 Previously I treated those with saline water gurgle and those disappeared in 2-3 days. Is it anything serious? Do you suggest any medicine/treatement? - Sarit.
Avatar n tn i got stomach poisoning a while back (2 weeks) and took sum medicine. could this be the cause? i used baking soda to clean my mouth and it reduced but feel it has taken long to clear. can taking boiled aloe vera water reduce this sour feeling? thank you!
Avatar f tn Your clinical symptoms may not be explainable by histopathologic exam.seeing an oral medicine specialist is advised.
214607 tn?1287677559 Ok, so I know I am a big dork. But I was raised by my G-Mom and she loved wheel of fortune, so I love it now and watch it religiously. I am a wheel watcher and have my spin ID. I have to log onto their website daily to see if my spid ID won and I can solve the puzzle from the previous night to earn more points. I missed last night, so if any watches it can you tell me what the bonus round puzzle was, meaning the very last puzzle. thanks...
808329 tn?1239968874 im just worried and concerned taking 2 grams of prophylaxis antibiotic 1 hour before dental scared of the high dose and the side effect of the antibiotic that will might worst my sensitive on medicine im really scared taking this 1 cardiologist told me to take this....but the problem im just worried and scared what will happen to me after taKING THIS medicine...
Avatar m tn Last month at dental cleaning, dental hygienist ran out to get another instrument, brought back, took wipe and wiped mouthpiece, but then did not change her gloves. I wanted to say something but did not. Her fingers did not go into my mouth but held a piece of cotton that she used to clean the scaling instrument. There was a moderate amount of blood from the scaling, which sometimes happens during cleaning.
Avatar f tn I'm 31 weeks, and my left top wisdom is growing into my other teeth causing the whole row to throb with pain, and also causing bad migraines. To top it off, the wisdom tooth is cracked, and I don't think I can wait until my baby comes to get them pulled. I'm allergic to Tylenol, Advil, Motrin, and ibuprofen so pain medicine isn't an option,and orajel does not work.
Avatar n tn You need amox 500 its an antibiotic but ask your prenatal doctor bc I domt know if you can take antibiotics when your pregnant ... im a dental assistant and it sounds like you have an absess ans need a root canal ... go to thee emeegency room bc yhat infection is serious you will need a xray of the tooth that is hurting you to see how big the infecrion is. Please get to a doctor soon! They will miggt need to drain the infection if it is visable on your gums.