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Avatar f tn If they have ruled out anything sinister try and see a therapist who does Hopi Ear Candles or Indian Head Massage, both treatments involve lymphatic drainage in the face and working on pressure points that may help relieve the symptoms. Best Wishes PS if you don't know a therapist get a good book on IHM as pressure points are simple enough to do for self~help but diagrams/pictures help.
Avatar m tn Well I do enjoy it but sometimes like you said impulses and behaviors get out of hand somttimes one thing that does scare me is my heart rate the first time I was in the hopi tal i should h ave stroked out they said. But im on lithium I was also on blood pressure medicine and zyprexa but I did not like it what about you?
Avatar f tn I have 18 days to go. Its my third baby so hopi g for early arrival!
Avatar f tn sept 28th
1622527 tn?1301644622 First of all, the Hopi have no role in inventing ear candling, it's from India. All evidence is that ear candles do nothing whatsoever except put melted candle in your ear, but people have been doing it for centuries and so if it makes you feel better, go for it. But again, it has failed all double blind studies.
390388 tn?1279636213 without straining your back? Then use one of the ramps for him to wheel himself back down? Of course it depends how much space you have where you live, as the ramp down from the table would have to be gradual (so he doesn't wheel down at 60mph to a crash-landing!
10909590 tn?1416437106 Congrats and enjoy your pregnancy!! I was so excited when I found out I was and now I have 9 days left until my due date. Im hopi g baby will be here soon, and before you know it youll be waiting to hold your little baby in your arms.
8255052 tn?1399861806 Yay!! I'm getting mine tied.too! I always said no babies after 30!!! I'm having repeat section as well Hopi g for 38wks!!
Avatar f tn Ill be in my third trimester next friday. Im due September 28 with a baby girl named rozalynn Ann-marie.
Avatar f tn I don't know what I'm having but my son is so clingy. He is four and always wants a kiss, hug, or to just sit in my lap all day. He even comes in the room and tells mee he misses my beautifull face. He's been really overly clingy. Love him to death though. lol My little neice on the other hand won't come near me.
1604008 tn?1305396803 Well, I know 1 sign that's cute and is a fertility God... it's a Kokopelli. This is from the Hopi Indians. I have a charm and a picture frame with kokopelli's. They are really cute. Although, you may want something more "meaningful"?
Avatar f tn It's just an old wives tale just like if u carry high it's a boy and carry low it's a girl and the whole swinging ring thing lol it's just for fun
Avatar f tn I'm exactly the same as you. 38 weeks this coming Thursday. FTM. Not dilated last week at my appointment. My belly button was a big time inny and now it's getting flat but it's not popping out. I don't think everyone's does though. My friends just got big flat and basically disappeared lol I think I'm finally losing a little mucus plug. Hopi go my appt this Thursday shows that I've dilated some or something! My due date is April 9th but I want her here now!
148588 tn?1465778809 "...The exact area of public land targeted by the measure -- which excludes American Indian reservations and federal installations such as arsenals - was not immediately clear on the Arizona Secretary of State's website..." Well, yeah. You wouldn't want to get the Indians involved in a debate over who actually 'owns' Arizona.
214607 tn?1287677559 Ok, so I know I am a big dork. But I was raised by my G-Mom and she loved wheel of fortune, so I love it now and watch it religiously. I am a wheel watcher and have my spin ID. I have to log onto their website daily to see if my spid ID won and I can solve the puzzle from the previous night to earn more points. I missed last night, so if any watches it can you tell me what the bonus round puzzle was, meaning the very last puzzle. thanks...
Avatar f tn 2ed one was much my frist took 2 days and the 2ed took 6 hrs so iam hopi g I make.
Avatar f tn Hi, im only 17 years old and over the past few months i have had trouble with staying awake behind the wheel. it happens mostly at night or in the morning. i've tried everything from blasting a.c. to having someone talk to me, and the urge to sleep still happens. i've been fortionate enough to not have an accident yet. and although i dont have any medicals conditions that im aware of i still feel awfully young to be having this happen.
535822 tn?1443976780 Bannock isn't medicine, it's just food but it's good = ) Most Native healers use a holistic system. If two people who are coughing and sneezing go to a healer, the healer will likely give different medicines to each person because they are two different people with different bodies, mind, emotions and spirits. This is based on the Medicine Wheel - a type of "teaching tool".
Avatar f tn My boys had short femurs from the start. We were hopi g they'd catch up but they just keep falling further behind. At 37 weeks they measured nearly a full month behind. We're not worried though, it likely simply means that he will be of short stature same as me and his dad and there's always potential for growth spurts to correct it later on in life.
Avatar m tn dear all, i work in a hospital today we were taking a patient on a wheel chair and i got scratched from the wheel of the wheel chair and started bleeding now the problem is just before i got scatched my co worker also got scratched from the same wheel of the wheel chair and he also had bleeding now what is my risk if my co worker is hiv positive.
Avatar f tn You have to be your own advocate, be agressive, in the medicine field the squeaky wheel gets the oil. Get copies of all your tests as you are entitiled to them.
Avatar f tn I am having a boy and I have been sick every since I was about 8 weeks and I am 23 weeks now..
Avatar m tn I'm 19 years old ,,, I always feel lightheaded and very dizzy ,and i have a feeling of palpitations and Tachycardia ... i have stomach problems such as feeling of fullness , bloating and feeling Nausea ,, i've asked a doctor since a month ,, he told me that i have Amoebiasis and Ascaris .. I Asked him if i've heart problems or diabetes and if i have to do Endoscopy he told me " no you are alright " ..