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1543901 tn?1294300135 I hit my head on the steering wheel than the side panel of the door. Afterwords I had seizures. I have been to several doctors and neurologists nothing so far. Been told "here take some these meds take pain meds an go lay down.' 'Deal with it'. I get migraines that are so debilitating I cant function I vomit and the pain is so intense I cant handle it I just want to be put out of my misery.
390388 tn?1279636213 without straining your back? Then use one of the ramps for him to wheel himself back down? Of course it depends how much space you have where you live, as the ramp down from the table would have to be gradual (so he doesn't wheel down at 60mph to a crash-landing!
333612 tn?1302883390 Everyone, Greetings!! So, my back has been doing better since I last checked in 2 weeks ago. I've been in the 'field' working. It was an unexpected field trip so I didn't get a chance to check in with everyone before I disappeared. Long story short: I hurt my back pretty bad-was on pain meds for a time-was NOT abusing them but did become physically dependent (I was on them for about 2.5 to 3 weeks).
Avatar n tn one of my main problems is that I get hallucinations/images of penis (of people i dont get along with) ,which i find absolutely disgusting. becuase im happily ''straight'', But when i get these disgusting hallucinations ,i then get this paranoid feeling that gets me so self conscious. there has been times where i have almost ended up vomiting in the bathroom.i know im happily straight and i want these images to go.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctors , I'm an Iranian and new here. Unfortunately, my father , he has 52-year-old , has a big problem on his nose ! I've attached 2 images about that problem. He refer to some doctors and they give him a lot of medicine , but those medicine haven't any effective result for treating. I want to know what is this and how can we do for treating this skin disorder ? This disorder is so annoying for him, and if you can have any information about it help me , please.
1079987 tn?1258040916 The larger the degree of fat overgrowth in the stroma between thickened trabeculae (seen on CT images as low attenuation between thickened trabeculae and as areas of high intensity on T1-weighted images and intermediate intensity on T2-weighted images), the less likely these lesions will be symptomatic (inactive hemangioma) as shown by Laredo and coworkers (15). Calvarial hemangiomas account for 20% of all hemangiomas and are most frequent in the frontal or parietal region (11).
Avatar f tn The testing area is supervised by a physician and a nuclear medicine technologist will place an IV into a vein in your arm or hand and inject a small amount of radioactive tracer. The tracer is not a dye or contrast. After the tracer is injected, you will wait about 20 minutes before the first set of “resting” images are taken. Then you will be asked to lie very still under the gamma camera with both arms above your head for about 15 to 20 minutes.
214607 tn?1287677559 Ok, so I know I am a big dork. But I was raised by my G-Mom and she loved wheel of fortune, so I love it now and watch it religiously. I am a wheel watcher and have my spin ID. I have to log onto their website daily to see if my spid ID won and I can solve the puzzle from the previous night to earn more points. I missed last night, so if any watches it can you tell me what the bonus round puzzle was, meaning the very last puzzle. thanks...
Avatar m tn I love your choices and they made me laugh.. We already have access to the MRI Atlas with its almost 200 pages of images. Why reinvent the wheel? Just wondering.
Avatar n tn Yes, it is ture, I believe the satistics is about 20% for false positives. There are a number of reasons why this can happen. The problem is that this phenomenon is very common. "Given the extraordinary number of false positives, there's a lot of gray in interpreting these tests. Hospital staff, in fact, call nuclear medicine "unclear" medicine. It's common knowledge that you can often see just about anything you want to see on a nuclear image of the heart.
610654 tn?1270480027 so i doubt about taking this my question is can i refuse taking this medicine??and is there any other option??the doctor said that i can wait for 3 months without medicine but it is risky.... i am suspicious about the last MRI i was taken especially there was a trainer using machine and i felt she didnt know how to use it....and the one was responsible about her punished her coz she didnt take the images right but they didnt tell me anything i just heared that.....
Avatar f tn All my life, i've been able to look at something, not even on a bright screen, just things in general, and then look away, and i see a faint 1 or 2 second after image (or visual remembrance, if easier to explain) of what i just saw. Is this normal? Does anyone else see this or am i just tripping myself out? It's not even the normal after images that happen when you look at a bright screen, these are something different.
Avatar m tn The cord opposite D1 and D2 vertebral levels display isointense signal on T1W images and hyperintense signal on T2W and STIR images suggestive of cord edema. The protuded disc at D1-d2 level shows peripheral enhancement on contrast administration. Posterior cebtral and right paracentral protrusion of D2-D3,D3-D4 and D4-D5 disc with indentation on anterior thecal sac without any significant thecal sac or root compression.
Avatar f tn Hi, For self-diagnosis on tooth/mouth problem i use the following site: The white section of 'oral images' is particularly useful. (btw the images of infections etc are NOT pleasant - you have been warned) However - after a quick browse and not knowing much about your condition i would agree with Scottma to seek specialist advice. Hope the site can help alleviate any worry in the meantime or give you ideas to question your dentist with.
3234748 tn?1346516981 I have noticed my eyes get worse while watching TV or looking at any bright light and causing transparent strings of floating material and images downwards in my vision. And now, it’s been three months that I’ve been having even a worse symptom known as light flashes and having some floaters in my eyes.It is so difficult for me to drive at night because my eye are so sensible to light,this situation is driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn Uniform uptake throughout the thyroid on initial images with washout of sestamibi activity on the delayed images. However, on the SPECT images there is a subtle mild anterior mediastinal focus of activity which may represent ectopic parathryoid adenoma. Otherwise, no other concerning findings for additional foci of adenoma." Neck MRI, Oct.
Avatar f tn Tiny area of increased signal in the left pons on the post contrast MO rage images may represent small capillary telangiectasia" Your help would be very much appreciated.
Avatar f tn Hi, im only 17 years old and over the past few months i have had trouble with staying awake behind the wheel. it happens mostly at night or in the morning. i've tried everything from blasting a.c. to having someone talk to me, and the urge to sleep still happens. i've been fortionate enough to not have an accident yet. and although i dont have any medicals conditions that im aware of i still feel awfully young to be having this happen.
Avatar n tn I returned to the country in which I reside now, had another blackout and at MY suggestion the neurologist in Bogotá upped the medicine to 1,500. I had forgotten to take my medicine the night before my last black out but I am not sure that is what caused it, perhaps. I am waiting for the results of the 24 hour videotelemetria....In the meantime, I am worried I will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and have another blackout.
535822 tn?1443976780 Bannock isn't medicine, it's just food but it's good = ) Most Native healers use a holistic system. If two people who are coughing and sneezing go to a healer, the healer will likely give different medicines to each person because they are two different people with different bodies, mind, emotions and spirits. This is based on the Medicine Wheel - a type of "teaching tool".
Avatar m tn hi, my husband aged 36 yrs, had mild numbness on his foot constantly for many days, he had an mri scan done, in that report some thing related to T2 flair images,but the doctor says that it is nowhere related to the numbness in foot, but it should be furthur examined by CT scan, i m just copying the data on the report, and doctor advised to take Neurontin - 300 mg tablets daily is it advisable to take this medicine, and plz let me know whether it is considered as serious disorder There is a sm