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Avatar n tn To convert your bike to an indoor machine using a trainer, you affix your back wheel into an elevated mount and your front wheel rests on a plastic block. The bike is fully supported so you don't need to balance just pedal as you would outdoors to ride your bike in doors. Trainers offer resistance in fan, fluid or magnet varieties. Fan varieties are noisiest while magnet trainers are smooth and quiet. The most realistic road-ride feel comes from fluid trainers.
Avatar f tn whenever i go to the gym and work out on cardio machines my feet and hands get numb. does anybody know why. I am overweight and a smoker. I am trying to lose weighht and exercise and hopefully quit smoking soon. I am 49 years old. HELP!!!
Avatar f tn t remember bumping into anything, it is even painful to turn the steering wheel of my car. As I write there if a dull throb. What can cause this?
390388 tn?1279636213 without straining your back? Then use one of the ramps for him to wheel himself back down? Of course it depends how much space you have where you live, as the ramp down from the table would have to be gradual (so he doesn't wheel down at 60mph to a crash-landing!
Avatar n tn There is ideopathic (cause unknown) hypertension and for some medication does not help. For others a proper diet and exercise can be effective and no need for medication...My lipids are within the normal range without medication, but the doctor wants the lipids as low as possible due to a history of heart problems. The very low levels are sanctioned by the guidelines of AAC/AHA.
Avatar f tn I agree, my husband does Sports Medicine and he recommends stopping all core work that puts u flat on your back @ 20 weeks, but plank and rotation work is perfect.
Avatar n tn My suggestion is to see a doctor of Alternative Medicine for advice on this. I will tell you if you go the red yeast Rice way the Buy Nature's Plus Herbal Actives Red Yeast Rice -- 600 mg - 120 Vegetarian Capsules.
Avatar m tn Another side effect of one of the above medications is excessive sweating after exercise or manual activity, I have read that this is common and that it affects 5 - 20% of people on anti-depressants and that it has something to do with serotonin levels / inhibitors.....I am not sure Does any one else have this side effect or did you have this side effect and if you did you do about it, I mean is there an alternative to Cymbalta?
Avatar f tn m 39 weeks with baby number 2. This is more for exercise than to get baby out. I know the only scientifically proven method is nipple stimulation. What are some of the things you tried to get baby out?
Avatar f tn I am 9 weeks pregnant and five days and I am having really bad panick attacks and depression. I was off my medicine for alittle while. But I'm wondering if I should go back on. Are any of you mothers taking medicine to help with depression/anxiety/sleep?? I am scared to do thins but I think it's the best.
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Avatar n tn There really is no pill to help you lose weight and keep it off. Losing weight is about lifestyle changes including a doctor supervised diet and exercise program. That's how to lose it and keep it off, pills only offer temporary weight loss, it's a way of life. You can do it, I lost over 80 pounds and still losing by changing what I eat and sticking to a daily exercise routine designed to burn more calories than I take in. It's all about calories in and calories out.
214607 tn?1287677559 Ok, so I know I am a big dork. But I was raised by my G-Mom and she loved wheel of fortune, so I love it now and watch it religiously. I am a wheel watcher and have my spin ID. I have to log onto their website daily to see if my spid ID won and I can solve the puzzle from the previous night to earn more points. I missed last night, so if any watches it can you tell me what the bonus round puzzle was, meaning the very last puzzle. thanks...
Avatar f tn Due to the weight loss his cholestoral is less than 100. Could he quit taking the cholestoral medicine? His medical doctor says he hates to take him off of it because of the previous heart problems.
1123420 tn?1350561158 Spanx makes a great body slim! Most department stores do. They are right skin doesn't go away from exercise, it's skin. Fat goes away from exercise. If our skin went away from exercise we would all be in trouble and exercise would be dangerous. You can tone the muscle under the skin which may change the appearance but only a tummy tuck really would get rid of that excess skin which you said you weren't interested in. I can't blame you, apparently it's really painful.
Avatar f tn I am 15 years old and I'd like do do some exercise ...... do you think zumba is a good idea??
Avatar f tn Pour in lots of vegetables. Add a few fruits. Use whole grains. Use little sugar. Exercise!!!! It is the best alternative theraphy. You'll find yourself feeling better! The more exercise the more energy!!
Avatar f tn Hi, im only 17 years old and over the past few months i have had trouble with staying awake behind the wheel. it happens mostly at night or in the morning. i've tried everything from blasting a.c. to having someone talk to me, and the urge to sleep still happens. i've been fortionate enough to not have an accident yet. and although i dont have any medicals conditions that im aware of i still feel awfully young to be having this happen.