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Avatar n tn I have a 7yr male mastiff that hasn't eaten since Monday and has no energy. He is drinking water but that's all. His stomach does not look swollen but tried giving him a hot dog and he turned that down. His drowl is really thick and alot more then usaul. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Does anyone have a recipe of ear medicine that can be placed in a dog's hear to keep the yeast infection down or make it go away?
5100711 tn?1363613925 We do not know much about her, she was a stray and shes about 90 pounds, and the spca believes shes about a year and half old and is a borbeol/mastiff/rhodesian risgeback breed. Im not sure what happened but this is 2 siezures in less then a month and she had no seizures during the three week period at the shelter after her intake.. Could this be something we are doing wrong or feeding her wrong?
Avatar n tn I have an English Mastiff - 2 years old, Boxer - 7 and a pug 7. Our routine is a brushing / combing before bed each night. I do find a number of fleas on the boxer and pug but next to nothing (on occassion 1 or 2) on the mastiff. I know there are meds you can put on the dogs to help prevent infestation. I am reluctant to use them because I have a niece who is 2 and she plays with the dogs a lot.
127124 tn?1326735435 YES!! I wanted to start early on the pottying thing. He is going to be a monster of a dog, and with that comes a monster of a poop! As soon as I hear him russle around or pop that little head up from his basket I take his little bottom outside to potty. He's only had 2 accidents in the house since I stoped stimulating him. It's comical though when he poops, he makes all kinds of grunting noises.. the vet said it's fine as long as he isn't constipated. I took a feakel (sp?
Avatar f tn i may have no place taking up space on this forum - however the man of my dreams (while undergoing treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma, was diagnosed with cancer in his thyroid)....his thyroid was removed 9 days ago and so far he was been prescribed Cytomel....his moods are on the depressive side, his appetite has increased and i am concerned because his physical energy level has drastically decreased. Although he is in remisssion from Hodgkins (thanks to God and excellent medical care)...
676344 tn?1226203565 So what was the outcome of your dogs eye issue? Just wondering, noticed this on my 11 year old lab/bull mastiff this evening and I'm concerned.
Avatar f tn But when we go over to my brothers house, my four year old little girl gets scared out of her mind. My brother has a 240 pound English mastiff, the dog is really sweet. But for some reason my little girl doesn’t want to be anywhere near the dog. From day one, she has just been terrified of the dog, she was really hesitant to meet the dog the first time, she did it. But then I noticed that she was afraid. why is this?
Avatar m tn I have had several dogs over the years and have always given them their appropriate puppy vaccines. I am now at a new vet due to a move and a new puppy and they are saying that the puppy shots are now a series of 4 shots instead of the regular 3 that I remember. When I have questioned the staff (vet tech not the vet) I don't get a straight answer about 4 shots instead of 3. I was also told not to have the puppy around other dogs until he has had all 4 shots which will put him at 18 weeks.
Avatar m tn I had the same experience with my English Mastiff (although it was knee surgery and not back surgery). We had to keep her tied to the end of our bed-post to limit her range of motion. All she could do was sit up and lay back down. And this was for 8 weeks, mind you. Not fun for us to watch her go through. Not fun for our other 5 dogs not having their pack-leader (Alpha) around. Not fun for her to have to go through it.
6470537 tn?1381803057 ) my Milo and my little man will hopefully be best friends :)
Avatar n tn I love my mastiff but she is driving me crazy. She has literally been staring at my all day long and following me around . I know they say dogs can since labor but I didn't think it was true until now .. I'm 34 weeks and 3 days and I have been having contractions all last week and over the weekend and she has been by my side the whole time. Which is really weird for her since she is normally attached to my daughter's side.
Avatar f tn I just got a year old English mastiff a couple of days ago. 2 nights ago he got really excited and was running and jumping around every where. A little bit after that he started breathing really weird after drinking some water. I kinda sounds like an airy sneeze or almost like he needs to cough to get rid of it but won't. Now just a little bit ago I took him outside and it seemed is irine stream was very slow. I don't know if these are related or even anything to worry about.
Avatar f tn I recently had a client with a Mastiff with the exact same diagnosis. They did not elect chemo either and the specialist gave him 2 days to live and said if he wasn't euthanized he would "drown to death," and they came to me for a 2nd opinion and requested holistic options. My recommendation is to see the specialist and have the excess fluid handled.
Avatar n tn Guzzo hit the mark first time out of the box and prescribed 200 MG Carbamazepine which was like water to a man dying of thirst. He also reccomended follow up visits to nerve and headache specialists. My question is: I prefer to not get on the chemical merry-go-round if at all possible, which require more medications and so forth and go the naturopathic route as that has no side effects, so is there a natural regimen I can take for the problem?
8462754 tn?1398221860 My man doesn't want me to have an epidural do I'm going to try but they say you feel a ring of fire and you might rip so I'm nervous to feel that
Avatar n tn My 8+years old bull mastiff was doing fine until yesterday afternoon when he started limping and dragging his left rear leg. His spine looked crooked. It was worse today, so I doubled his meloxicam. Would it be okay to give him 5 milligrams of flexeril? He is 90 lbs. Last examined June 13 by vet.
Avatar f tn Our English Mastiff, Condi, had one when she was a pup. The vet took care of it when we had her fixed at 6-months old. No complications or negatives that I can recall from 5wks to 6-mo's, when she had it taken care of (I say "taken care of" and not 'removed', because I'm not exactly sure what they do to get rid of it). I'm assuming this is a puppy, right?
1274559 tn?1284132218 I agree ! as my English Mastiff Butch used to have fun with us holding socks or bra's in his mouth until we bribed him to drop them, chicken breast was favourite.That self satisfied cheeky look in his eyes was priceless. Been over Ten yrs tears still ***** my eyes miss him.
Avatar f tn My neighbor has a dog that has a couple nickle size red sores or lumps near her privatre area. It is a mastiff about 8 or 9 months old. They aren't sure what it could be. Yeast infection? tumors? Any ideas??
7627194 tn?1396395744 The shelter guessed he is a boxer mix, but their vet thinks he is more likely a Daniff. Great Dane/Mastiff. He is almost 3 months old. He weighs 27lbs currently, though the vet said he is thin and should weigh around 32lbs. He is about 13in. tall. I'm wondering, based on this, how big he should be as an adult. Obviously, he will be a large dog, and that's fine.
Avatar f tn is he wanting another bull mastiff? If so it may not be time for another. I waiting to get another poodle as I had lost mine. You will know when it is time. I saw the right puppy. I was very afraid to get another as I did not want to have expectations that this puppy would be like my other dog. It would not be fair to him. So I waited for almost a year and when I saw my new puppy I knew it was right.
Avatar f tn My 2 year old English Mastiff has been crying and yelping occasionally. He is eating, drinking, and seems otherwise fine. He doesn't want to jump on the couch nor go for walks, which is totally out of character for him. He seems nervous. No obvious signs of pain, moves well. The only thing I can think of is he was out for a walk and there were duck hunters around and when he heard the gunshots he was totally spooked. Seems to just want to lay on his blanket. Any thoughts?