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Avatar m tn I am really sensitive to medications. Adderall was like what I imagine taking crystal methamphetamine feels like. At least I felt like how those people looked. I have been on Vyvanse for a while now. And was worried when they doctor said it was very similar to Adderall XR. But he promised me that the issues I was having with feeling ill, insomnia, and no appitite would lessen on Vyvanse. And that the nasty, gross stimulant feeling I got from Adderall would go away.
7763229 tn?1396626895 And I have been dressing comfy. I know he just misses me dressing cuter but I dont feel pretty to dress pretty. I want to cry... and it doesnt help that I dont even have a sex drive. What's a good place to get some clothes. I got a few things from burlington coat factory the other day but apparently they weren't cute enough.
Avatar f tn And if its hot be sure to dress him cool. A lot of well meaning parents dress their babies too warm when its hot outside.
Avatar m tn I need head medicine AS WELL as DBT and cognitive behavior and self help groups and everything else that can help... my doctor now hasn't been that keen on just listening to me tell her what she should give me, in fact having BPD has seemed to cause lots of mental health professionals to not want anything to do with the whole disorder, not just me... I have been on most of the SSRI's and a whole host of other things...
193609 tn?1292180293 When my sister got married in Jan of 08, my dress was a size 20! My wedding dress is a size......14!! I am SOOO excited! It looks amazing and I am so happy! My bridesmaids also picked out their dress and it looks great too! I can't wait to wear my dress again!
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so excuse me if this is the wrong place to post something that has been bothering me for some time. I'm an eighteen year old girl, who is a hypochondriac but has managed to get over most of the other possible "situations" except for the one listed below. Well, I was getting a HCV rapid test from a Needle Awareness Program five weeks ago.
4715985 tn?1371582997 My little man is due 21st of august and although i cant wait to meet him i have holiday stuck in my head and im already thinking of halloween! We are not sure what to dress him up as but i have a few ideas. Like a little turtle or a cute caterpillar. I have a gazillion ideas lol What would you like to dress your little prince or/and little princess in for theyre first halloween?
Avatar m tn Have been to the pharmacy so have creme rinse which will hopefully work. Am about to re-dress all the beds and wash the linen that comes off. My question is should I wash / replace the pillows/duvets etc or is it ok just to wash the bed linen?
Avatar n tn I posted question about girl age 4 picking dress or top to neighbor man and and mooning female neighbor. Is this normal child behavior ?
7607165 tn?1395780125 Oh man in gd mood I went to mandees I still fit in there clothes god is good lol I bought cute maxi dresses I had to buy large because I dont like tight clothes but felt good to buy cute clothes :)
8462754 tn?1398221860 My man doesn't want me to have an epidural do I'm going to try but they say you feel a ring of fire and you might rip so I'm nervous to feel that
Avatar m tn A man was sitting on his bed watching his wife as she examined herself in the mirror. Since her birthdqy was not far off he asked her what her wish would be for her birthday. "I.d like to be six again," she replied, still looking in the mirror. On the morning of her birthday her birthday, he rose early, made her a nice bowl of Lucky Charms, and then took her to Six Flags Theme Park. What a day!
Avatar f tn Khyzus Zachariah Cook is here, let me tell you guys about my labor first of yesterday I was having back contractions & contractions in the front they were real intense but when I got to the hospital they told me they weren't close enough & I was still just 1cm so they gave me pain medicine it worked for a couple hours but when it got around 11 or 12 I started having even worse contractions nothing would help I mean nothing I didn't sleep any that night or the night before so I ke
Avatar f tn White dress with a red ribbon would be pretty! Your man could have red shirt or tie?
649848 tn?1534633700 There was the post about young girls being exploited and it seemed that we all sort of agreed that the clothes a lot of them wear is inappropriate. Now, I'm wondering what the opinion is of the guys wearing the pants that hang at or below their butts -- underwear hanging out..............crotch to the knees --- you got the drift....... What I want to know is if anyone thinks this is acceptable dress for guys.........
Avatar f tn I've always liked to dress up but since my morning sickness I've been looking like gross. I hate it. At work I used to see big pregnant women come in all dressed up and Idk how they do it. I feel tired and lazy to get cute I feel bad because my bf looks nice most of the time and I look like a monster. What can I do to feel better and actually want to dress up? What do yall do?
Avatar f tn Lol im the same I always dress up for work so on a day off I slum it got some weird looks today but I actually did ask a man who keep staring is he alright. He just turned his head.
8105888 tn?1403386401 My Baby Girl Does Nothing But Push On My Blatter All Night I've Seen My Doctor Last Week && She Is Head Down ' He Schudele Me Too Have A C - Section November 5 But Lords Know I Don't Wanna Wait That Long This Is My 2nd Baby && I'm So Ready Too Get This Lil Girl Out Of Me Seems Like I've Been Pregnant Forever Its Depressing Can Anyone Relate ? What Would You Ladies Think If I Was Too Try Castor Oil ?
7677085 tn?1395374075 My princess will be here just a couple weeks before Halloween, & I got her a cute outfit that sais "my first boo" & the butt part sais boo also, just gotta find a cute head gear for it, like a hat or something.
Avatar f tn After we bathed or showered him and we lay him on the bed to dress him, he holds the back of his head and cries terribly and keeps saying head hurts. But eventually he stops and allows us to dress him. After dressing him he will carry on playing as normal. This week the teacher at his crèche has informed me he keeps complaining of his head being sore, the whole day. I am worried, but there is no other complaints, he is healthy otherwise. Could this be serious?
470885 tn?1326329037 My 7 month old baby BOY is being mistaken a lot for a GIRL lately (3 times in the last 2 weeks). He's still pretty much a baldy and has beautiful long eyelashes like his daddy and his big brother (I'm telling you, I'd LOVE to have these eyelashes!), plus he's got pretty delicate features - those things contribute to people mistaking him for a girl, I think. I dress him in "gender appropriate" clothing, though....
Avatar f tn am Very Concerned About My 3 Year Old Nephew. He Is Really Into Girl Things, Dolls, Dressing Up, Shoes, and Clothes. A Few Weeks Ago Me And My Sister Got Ready To Go To The Club And I Had On Some Black Heels And My Nephew Ran Up To Me And Said "T-T Where Did You Get Your Shoes?, I Like Them, They're Very Pretty, I Want Some". I Thought Nothing Of It.