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7136384 tn?1390142888 so ive been looking for a job like crazy im sick and tired of not being able to support myself and letting my man pay for all my shieeet lol. i have a job interview monday at burgerking, a fast food resorant. is it safe to work at a fast food place while pregnant? and do i have to tell them that i am pregnant?
Avatar f tn Me and my boyfriend decided months ago that we wanted a child. So I went off the pill and bam got pregnant back in january. He told me he was up for this but the last three months nothing has changed. I understand we were kind of locals at the bar but I can no longer drink and honestly the smell of alcohol makes me want to puke. He is still at that damn bar everyday and gets mad cause I won't kiss him cause his breath stinks!
Avatar m tn Part-Time Jobs Surge To All-Time High; Full-Time Jobs Plunge By 240,000... I see this as bad news, I suspect others will say, well at least it's jobs. Thoughts?
Avatar f tn s tears, I am 20 years old, have a 14 month old baby boy, my boyfriend and I split for 6 months I got an apt on my own ( mind u I was bearly 20) started working 2 jobs, my parents helped me babysit my son, on my days off I spent the whole day with my son.
87972 tn?1322661239 Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple Inc (AAPL.O), received a liver Street Journal reported on Saturday. Jobs, a pancreatic cancer survivor, stepped away from managing day-to-day operations for the consumer electronics giant about six months ago, citing unspecified health issues. He may return to work part-time at first, the newspaper said, quoting an unnamed source.
Avatar f tn I'm being seeing this guys for over a year. his in his 40th, I'm a younger woman, with kids. He has no kids, nor have he ever being marriage, I'm starting to think he has committment issue, It seem like ever time he gets close to me, he'll pull away from, I know as a COP his committed to his jobs, but it has to be more to life than just being a COP. I know he cares about me & my kids. But I don't understand him being hot one moment, than cold the next.
Avatar f tn i may have no place taking up space on this forum - however the man of my dreams (while undergoing treatment for Hodgkins lymphoma, was diagnosed with cancer in his thyroid)....his thyroid was removed 9 days ago and so far he was been prescribed Cytomel....his moods are on the depressive side, his appetite has increased and i am concerned because his physical energy level has drastically decreased. Although he is in remisssion from Hodgkins (thanks to God and excellent medical care)...
Avatar f tn I really need a job i hate depending on others income and i need to start making sime money again. have any of you gotten jobs while being noticeably pregnant ? if so where at,and what type of jobs do you suggest? i have experience in fast food but i will never work at ine again (just my preference). Please leave some comments and let me know,i really need to start getting back on my feet again. thanks ladies!
Avatar f tn Omg what the heck lol you ladies have cool jobs lol that's awesome
Avatar f tn com click on the weekly jobs tab and see if theres anything that interest u
Avatar f tn My husband has 3 jobs. I have none at the moment due to a high risk pregnancy and my doctor don't think it would be wise to have me work. But I hate that my husband is gone from 4 am to 10pm every night Monday through Friday because he working. Than comes homes eats dinner and goes to bed. I know he working and supporting me and our baby but it drives me nuts he works so much. Than on the weekends he busy fixing his car or hanging out with his friends that I get shoved to the side.
Avatar f tn I have gotten 2 jobs since being pregnant and I didn't tell either of them at the interview, I waited until I was hired and in orientation to tell them, it was a no brainer with my second job because I was already 30 weeks and showing big time
Avatar f tn re hiring that are willing to take pregnant women because I apply to many jobs but they want pregnant women. only if they had been working there .. ***** how i can't work .
Avatar m tn Illinois’ sluggish jobs recovery is coming at a tremendous cost. For every post-recession job created in Illinois, nearly two people have enrolled in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, commonly known as food stamps. In the recession era, the number of Illinoisans dependent on food stamps has risen by 745,000. Without adequate job creation in the state, Illinois families have had no choice but to depend upon food stamps to put bread on the table.
Avatar n tn Guzzo hit the mark first time out of the box and prescribed 200 MG Carbamazepine which was like water to a man dying of thirst. He also reccomended follow up visits to nerve and headache specialists. My question is: I prefer to not get on the chemical merry-go-round if at all possible, which require more medications and so forth and go the naturopathic route as that has no side effects, so is there a natural regimen I can take for the problem?
8462754 tn?1398221860 My man doesn't want me to have an epidural do I'm going to try but they say you feel a ring of fire and you might rip so I'm nervous to feel that