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Avatar m tn John, It seems that your body is telling you that it can not handle the abuse anymore. You did not specify what kind of pain you are having, but if it is difficult for you to breath, it may be your chest. Cocaine causes constriction of all blood vessels including those in your heart and lungs. That leads to diminished blood supply to your heart muscle as the drug also causes it to beat faster and harder causing possible ischemia.
Avatar f tn It is easy. Just post a quotation,place quotation marks around your selected word and the next player has to post a quote using the quoted word. Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work. The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest "force" in getting well. Our food should be our medicine. Our medicine should be our food. But to eat when you are sick, is to feed your sickness.
Avatar f tn How about John Mayall, yeah Jimi Hendrix would have made a great Judge too. or Janis Joplin. Its all mind candy, its actually kind of nice to see some or the renegades on these mind candy shows. TV could have been such a wonderful tool in the right hands, but instead we have the same ole BS, with an occasional show that is worthy of time.
Avatar m tn Thankyou John. I even surprise myself sometimes.I try so hard to do the right thing.Sometimes I feel like i'm between a rock and a hard place. It isn't easy. But us guys that have been at it for a while, we just learn to pick ourselves up and try, try, again.This young man has everything to live for,with a bright future ahead. And he can either take the right path and perhaps be an advocate for his friends that may be on the same path (of destruction)And proudly say look at me!
Avatar n tn You have a very good question. I would have to do a more extensive study on the particular herbs that you are going to presribe. I would think in general that any blood mobilizing herbs would be OK since they would decrease the likelihood of clotting. However, if you give me a list of herbs that you are going to prescribe, I can do a literature search on possible contraindications for people with Factor V Leiden deficiency and get back to you.
Avatar f tn system in medicine. There are some small and middle size towns where Eye MDs will not see a patient from another near-by practice especially in the post operative period (90 days). You may need to go to a larger near-by town. You can find one at By the way the reason this is often done is NOT a buddy system but a fear of being dragged into a lawsuit because of all the frivilous lawsuits filed in the country.
Avatar m tn John, I can't emphasize enough that surgery be your absolute last resort. I had a 4 Level Laminectomy 7/07/04 and from the 7th day after surgery lying in the back seat of a neigbors car going to see the surgeon. The pain from that day was 3 times prior to surgery when I was taking Percoset 10/325 (4) times a day. Today the pain has completely encompassed my whole lower body waist down Lumbar, Hips, Buttox, Legs and yes Abdomen.
Avatar f tn im curious what happened to John (99% sure thats his name) his pic was of him in a suit, and he was from texas. he always added humor to the board, i remember he was clean for awhile and relapsed came back to the board right after. he was always here to post, and i havent seen him in weeks or maybe more, some of you that have been here awhile should remember him, newbies wouldnt.. does anyone know? thanks..
4597556 tn?1383305043 Great post john and I am so glad to see you feeling better friend !! You have done it !
Avatar m tn (OLD SCHOOL) I see alot of similarities in our personalities and i mean good things. The last point John is going to destroy his bank card,as Like The Comedian CHRIS ROCK said no good comes taking out 300.00 at 4: A.M in the morning. IFF compulsive nevers an ougth john cant get more money,then The mental insanity that crack causes me cant be satisfied.I wake up in the moreing with some chance of starting One day in the way most successful addicts do.
Avatar m tn Well I gotta say you just have the best attitude I've seen in a while.. and you are gonna make it with that attitude... lots of luck and I'm glad you are finding the support you need here... we all need it so keep it up by the way .. I answered your last message too so check it out...
4597556 tn?1383305043 glad you are feeling good John!! play those drums man! you deserve some happiness and fun! you fought take advantage of every day you feel good! best to you John! i love mo-town music!!
Avatar f tn His doctor is always amazed how he can walk because of the nerves and discs in his back are extremely severe. In July of 2013 my husband, John, fell and broke his femur. His femur was repaired by an orthopedic surgeon and upon release from the hospital the orthopedic surgeon prescribed pain medicines that I had filled for John before he went into a skilled nursing facility to rehab his leg. Then in December of 2013 John broke the rod in his femur.
Avatar f tn We are using John as a middle name. Other names we considered were Jericho, James, and Jaden. Good luck choosing a name for your little man!
Avatar m tn A man who accused our troops of torture, a man who was for it before he was against it, a man who was the original waffle/flip flopper, a man who said global warming is the next 9/11, a man well you get what I'm saying.
Avatar m tn thanks john
306867 tn?1299249709 m voting for the man who understands that if you tax small business anymore you will destroy our economy. Man I could go on and on but I think you know who I am voting for.
356054 tn?1218552475 Thanks John you know as well as I that I did not do it alone. With all the help from this forum and support that everyone gives here I could not have come this far. Thank you and everyone for the support. To all that are starting the process YOU CAN DO IT! It is the toughest and the most rewarding thing I have done to date.
Avatar m tn Thankyou so much John for your immediate reply,i hav made an appointment n will be seeing the doctor soon.a friend of my sister has a grwowth like boils growing at the opening of her vagina pus or pain but alittle itchy ,she refuses to go to the doctor can you help wth this?is this an infection ?how long will it last ?
1285693 tn?1318687933 my Son is going to be called Harry-John Stephen, His dad is called John Stephen, His dad is named after his Uncle Stephen who is Stephen John who is named after his dad John Stephen who his named after his Grandad John Stephen??? LOL.. confusing! Congrats!