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Avatar m tn Please stick to the recommended dosage that is written; DON'T GO OVER THE MAXIMUM. Maximum for tylenol is 4 Gm or 4,000 Mg and the Maximum for ibuprofen is 3.2 Gm or 3200 Mg-this is within a 24 HOUR period. 2400 Mg or 1800 Mg/24 hours is the most commonly prescribed for ibuprofen. I have taken care of TWO patients in the past; one who had tylenol toxicity and the other one had ibuprofen toxicity. Both patients were going into liver failure in which was caught in time.
Avatar f tn eat a lot of really facilitates weight loss. I eat about 500g of yogourt per day and drink 2-3 glasses of milk per day. Topamax alone won't make you lose the weight, it will just make it easier for you to do it on your own. I hope this helps you!! Have a great week!!
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Tramadol for pain 6 years ago and was on the maximum pharmaceutical dose of 400 mg per day for 4 years. It's effectiveness tapered fairly rapidly; however, I considered it better than nothing as my pain levels were not up to what they were originally but I was in more pain than I was after first starting the Tramadol and the pain was increasing as time went on.
Avatar n tn what is the maximum daily dosage of ibuprofen? Is it similar to Acetamenophine in its' potential to damage your liver? Or does it do harm to some other organ? How does it compare to acetamenophine (i.e.- which is worse)?
544292 tn?1268886268 I need more! More information! Question - How bad is Tramadol WIthdrawal? Answer - Ultram (Tramadol) Withdrawal Tramadol is highly addictive. Normally your doctor would reduce intake slowly. Various withdrawal effects may include shakes, shivers, diarrhea, nausea, and possible flu-like symptoms. Not all people experience will all withdrawal symptoms, and some people may experience others not listed here.
Avatar n tn The maximum dosage of Ibuprofen is 2400 mg per day given in three equal dosages, but should be more of an acute dosing (2-3 weeks maximum).
544292 tn?1268886268 Great that at least we could do something about the pain while we tried to get them through withdrawal. Second day after we had been giving a couple folks ultram, started noticing that nurses didn't need to go find patients when time for their next dose of ultram... patients were at the nurses door eagerly awaiting it. "Uh-oh" We all said. We backed off on frequency of use, but still did use on occasion.
1084115 tn?1385232189 Paracetamol/Tylenol/Acetaminophen is the preferred analgesic for all patients with cirrhosis with a maximum dose of 2,000 mg per day. It is perfectly safe to take when taken in the proper dosage. Patients with more advanced cirrhosis should take less. Of course Tylenol over dosing or when used in high doses over time or combined with alcohol can cause acute liver failure liver failure.
Avatar n tn If you do NOT have liver problems, the adult maximum dose of acetaminophen is 4 grams per day (4000 milligrams). If you take more than the maximum daily amount, it may cause serious (possibly fatal) liver disease. Tell your doctor immediately if you have any of the following symptoms of liver damage: severe nausea, yellowing eyes or skin, dark urine, stomach pain, extreme fatigue.
Avatar f tn Try using ibuprofen at 800mg 3 times day and see if that works better than the Tylenol. Generally ibuprofen is 200mg per tablet so you would be taking 4 at a time, 3 times a day. Use this for up to a week and let me know if it helps. Obviously you shouldn't be taking this high a dosage for a longer period of time.
Avatar f tn So if you need a pain reliever it is fine if you take up to either 1,500 or 2,000 mg (take less than six 325 mg tablets each day) of Tylenol per day. This should only be for a short period of time. Not week after week, month after month. Ask you doctor what is the maximum dose per day. "And I'm now avoiding Tylenol, which I really need this week. " Don't avoid Tylenol based on the nurse's opinion. You doctor is in charge of treating you not a nurse.
7510956 tn?1411675017 I was told by my Doctor to take Tylenol (no more than 2000 mg per day) instead of Advil while on treatment for headaches since advil damages the kidneys. I have always heard to avoid Tylenol since its bad for the liver or have things changed?.
Avatar f tn Therefore, people who consume alcohol on a regular basis should probably limit acetaminophen intake to a maximum of 1 to 2 grams per day (that is, two to four pills within a twenty-four hour period). Still, the best advice for people with liver disease is to totally abstain from alcohol. People should take special note that acetaminophen is also an active ingredient in more than 200 other medications, including Nyquil and Anacin 3.
Avatar m tn Some doctors will limit amounts such as restricting the patient to 2000 mg per day. Others will say follow the recommended dosage. Either way, you're ok. I used Tylonel throughout my treatments and it did not cause any additional damage to my liver or at least that's what my biopsy reports say.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I am well aware that the maximum daily dose for acetaminophen is 4000 mg. I am currently on a regimented pain medication plan but fear that coming close to 4000 mg daily is bad for me. I never go past that dosage and I don't drink alcohol, but is it dangerous or bad for your liver to always be near the max daily dose? I try to give my liver some breaks by cutting my dose way down for a few days here and there, but I still get scared.
2105146 tn?1334597383 Therefore, people who consume alcohol on a regular basis should probably limit acetaminophen intake to a maximum of 1 to 2 grams per day (that is, two to four pills within a twenty-four hour period). Still, the best advice for people with liver disease is to totally abstain from alcohol. People should take special note that acetaminophen is also an active ingredient in more than 200 other medications, including Nyquil and Anacin 3.
1689696 tn?1305822697 The real problem comes from ppl who take other medications that contain apap dosage. At 3,000 mg per day one must be aware that they should not be cautious of taking another medication containing apap as that could put one over the 4,000mg recommendation. The following is from the FDA Website: Begin Quote: " There is no immediate danger to patients who take these combination pain medications and they should continue to take them as directed by their health care provider,” said Kweder.
Avatar f tn My nurse told me the maximum recommended dose per day is 2000 mg per day during tx. She was never concerned about an elevation but it never went as high as yours did. (Then again, I never accidentally took as much as you and I admit I would have given hubby Riba heck about the mix-up.) These articles only discuss a link at 4 g a day, which you probably didn't take, even with the 650 mg pill mix-up:
Avatar m tn Last year I wanted to start reducing so in August I was down to three 5/500s per day, since then I was able to get to two 5/500s per day but I just couldn't get down any further without becoming so antsy I wanted to scream. I used to get withdrawal symptoms between doses which is the main contributing factor for my desire to quit. Anyway, I quit from the two per day cold turkey and I am on Day 6.
Avatar f tn Hi there... Sorry to hear of your pain issues.. Just so you know...Kadian is the exact same medication/opiate as MSContin...They are both time released Morphine. The MSContin last from 8-12 hours and the Kadian is dosed at every 24 hours. How long have you been on the dosage of MSContin of 180mg per day? I don't see you mention any type of "breakthrough" medication.
Avatar f tn I was taking that maximum daily dose (400 mg per day). I was concerned about serotonin symdrone, because I also take Effexor XR at 300 mgs a day (which is a pretty high dose). My doctor said he was not concerned about it. I took both of these drugs for about 2 months, every day, and did not have any problems at all. Surprisingly, I also did not have any withdrawl from the tramadol. I know many people have reported terrible problems with tramadol but that was not my experience.
Avatar f tn After an 11 year addiction where I was taking up to 30+ a day( 30mgs). I slipped up on day 4 and downed about 9 pills, which is still a lot less than I was use to. I have no idea why I took those 9 on that day because I don't think my body had even started going into withdrawals by that time. Its been so long now that I can't even remember why I started taking codeine in the first place I just know that for the last many years, I needed to take it to actually get to sleep.
262027 tn?1195837554 All of our tylenol orders read "Do not exceed 4000mg per day". But, acetaminophen is toxic to the liver if taken for long periods of time. Ask your MD for a liver function test to make sure everything is OK.
Avatar n tn Beware however, most of us started at 1 per day and ended up at as much as 50 per day! Good you are thinking about this now, before you have a big problem.
Avatar n tn Someone who has constant alcohol consumption (3 or more drinks a day per the FDA) can have liver damage long term - add to that high doses or daily intake of Tylenol and your certain to shorten the life of your liver. I just don't want people to think that because they had some tylenol at 3pm, they can't enjoy a drink later on. It's the constant drinking and tylenol intake that takes a toll on the liver. I do not drink, but I have been taking 3000mg of tylenol daily for years.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Warriors! Welcome to a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood. This is the place to be if you want off Tramadol ... you'll get support here. We're so glad you found us!
Avatar f tn Johnson and Johnson recently changed the dosing instruction again, instructing patients to take less of the OTC tylenol and less often which tells me they still don't know what the safe maximum dosage really is as there must still be people having liver problems who are taking close to 4,000 mg per day maximum. I got away from the vicodin because I would be nearing that max dosage, and that was too close for comfort so I understand you and your doctor's concerns.
1064524 tn?1257203355 What is the max one should take when it comes to acetaminophen per day? My doctor raised my hydro's to 7.5/750 every 4 hrs for breakthrough pain. I'm also on 50ccg/hr Fentanyl patch every 48 hrs. I was taking 5/325 hydro's every 4 hrs but it wasn't really working anymore. I'm just a little surprised that she upped the acetaminophen. Is that too high??
1474625 tn?1371100679 I was sure that was the case Cissy. If someone took that much in a first dose, they would have a very bad headache..:). I was just commenting that the norm I had seen was to gradually get up to 1800mg as a max reccommended dose..