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Avatar m tn This is a clinical standard rule in pediatrics. Ibuprofen or acetometophin are recommended. Discuss dosage info with Pharmacist or Pediatrician and how to treat for breakthrough pain. Additionally, warm baths, stretching or heating pad. The diagnosis of growing pains is generally not recommended until other conditions are ruled out. It is supposed to be a diagnosis of exclusion. Does your granddaughter respond to touch when in pain? (does massage, cuddling, touching help?
356518 tn?1322267242 by timmy91 11 hours ago i doubled my dosage of oxycoden as previously suggested, but that still doesnt help. I am 17 years old and 5'5 and 160 pounds and the prescription says take one or two of the 5mg pills every 6 hours also i take iy with 600 mg of ibuprofen. I still dont get sleep at night bc of the pain and i dont want to take more than the bottle says...
Avatar n tn However, it is not clear whether ginkgo or another factor (such as the combination of ginkgo and blood-thinning medications including aspirin and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents such as ibuprofen) caused the bleeding complications. One human study found that a ginkgo extract significantly prolonged bleeding time when given along with cilostazol (Pletal), a commonly used medication that inhibits platelet aggregation.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old started having migraines at age 12...these were diagnosed by pediatric neurologist and child was put on elavil (amitriptyline) for migraine prevention, and all caffeine was removed from diet. Dosage started at 25 mg...increased to 50 mg, then increased again to 75 mg of the elavil. She still sees neurologist twice a year...who basically always says to keep everything the same.
233616 tn?1312790796 However, significant yields of bladder tumours were only obtained from low dosage females and high dosage males. Additionally, 20 to 25% of paracetamol-treated rats developed hyperplasia of the bladder epithelium, which was not coincident with the presence of bladder calculi. A low yield of tumours at various other sites also arose following paracetamol feeding.
1548028 tn?1324616046 http://www.nationalmssociety.org/about-multiple-sclerosis/pediatric-ms/pediatric-ms-centers-of-excellence/index.aspx Now, we here have seen some problems with the Mayo Clinic's attitude toward "adults" with possible MS, I have no reason to believe that the pediatric department would be arrogant and uncaring like some of the adult doctors are. Pediatricians are usually in that field because they truly care about children.
Avatar n tn My 14 yr old started having migraines at age 12...these were diagnosed by pediatric neurologist and child was put on elavil (amitriptyline) for migraine prevention, and all caffeine was removed from diet. Dosage started at 25 mg...increased to 50 mg, then increased again to 75 mg of the elavil. She still sees neurologist twice a year...who basically always says to keep everything the same.
Avatar f tn I spoke to my doctor who said he thought it may be a herx and we tried multiple things (ibuprofen, benadryl with no relief). I have been to the ER twice now with no relief. A ct scan was done which was normal, all medication i am given for headaches doesn't work....and the head pressure continues. I heard about possible intracranial hypertension and went to an opthalmologist. They did extensive eye testing which was all fine.
1840891 tn?1431551393 htm Adults CIPRO Tablets and Oral Suspension should be administered orally to adults as described in the Dosage Guidelines table. The determination of dosage for any particular patient must take into consideration the severity and nature of the infection, the susceptibility of the causative organism, the integrity of the patient's host-defense mechanisms, and the status of renal function and hepatic function. The duration of treatment depends upon the severity of infection.
Avatar n tn For my daughter Ibuprofen seems to take her pain and fevers down but i have to make sure she takes it every four to six hours through her episodes. I have only noticed in her eight years of having these episodes ony a few times she has had a small rash, which was years ago. With FMF rash is one of the symptoms. Does your daughter have sinus problems? How long do her fevers last and does she get them ever month? I will look through my paper work to see if i have some of what she was tested for.
Avatar n tn I was on topomax, immitrex, and midrin plus excedrin and ibuprofen prior to my pregnancy. the headaches were unbearable the 1st week after I found out i was pg, from coming off all the meds. then they seem to let up a little, and now they're bad again. probably from stress and the guilt. Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I gave him Benadryl as recommended by the ER doc (note - the dosage was as instructed by the pharmacist, as the instructions on the box are for hayfever type symptoms -- she assured me that the higher dose for an allergic reaction is safe and necessary). We gave him 1 tsp Benadryl every 6 hours starting Monday morning, till Tues morning when we saw our family doc and she said it was okay to stop.
Avatar n tn I would think it will take longer time to recover from side-effects of Paxil if you have been taking stronger dosage for a long time. Hope this information helps to some of you PAXIL users who are trying to get-off of it.
Avatar n tn I just started my dosage of Topomax. I took 25mg last night and 25mg this morning. I am at work and I am already having the "pins and needles" sensation in my hands and fingers. Its really hard to concentrate on work. I have missed alot of time due to this migraines. I have been in and out of the doctors office for the past 2 weeks, and in the ER once. I have another doc appt on Friday. I hope this Topomax works.
Avatar n tn I have used Celebrex on and off for 6 years and have no ill effects. It is way better than ibuprofen, Alleve and the like. It doesn't irritate my stomach and does not make you drowsy or anything. Obviously there is an underlying cause for your son's ailments, but immediate relief of symptoms while you are dealing with the underlying cause is a good thing. Also, Allegra gave me severe back pain. Just something else to consider. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Since then I've been on prednisone for 3 months but on a pretty low dosage and all different sorts of antihistamines. and faith has it that antihistaimes do not work at me at all and prednisone is very dangerous. I did all sorts of researches and I went to the allergiest with some ideas. he'd say I shouldn't look in the internet and believe everything I read and I shouldn't even read these posts! How rude!
363682 tn?1299492962 ) As some solutions regarding medication, taking Pepcid AC 30 minutes to an hour before drinking took care of the flushing, but not the headaches. Taking ibuprofen tablets while drinking does help with the headaches, and I finally thought I found the answer to my problems, but that method stopped working after I relied on it too often. (yes, mixing ibuprofen+alcohol is not recommended but one cannot resist some social drinking EVERY TIME, right?
Avatar f tn If things don't get any better, then he suggested taking singulaire at night (I just feel like it is now becoming a guessing game, and I'm not happy), but I don't want to start yet another new medication without doing allergy testing first. I don't know whether to see an infectious disease specialist, ENT or pediatric pulmonologist next.....the dr we see now is a board certified allergist/immunologist. Any feedback would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn It has made a miracle difference in my life. The low dosage of Gabapentin does not make me sleepy or dopy and once I am used to it I can increase the dosage if necessary. This is one goofy ailment and hardly anyone has heard of it much less experienced it. You have to be proactive with your doctor and say you want to try the Gabapentin and Fluocinonide. Good luck.
Avatar n tn wait 4 hours if you have to..this way you can get into see a gastro. pediatric specialist who sees difficult cases all the time.. good luck!
Avatar n tn When I was having heavy bleeding I visited the ER at one point and was told to take a combination of Tylenol - for cramping and ibuprofen - which would help with the bleeding. They said it was OK to take both at once, and it did help. But be sure to see a gynocologist because they deal with these problems exclusively and in my opinion can diagnose the real problem behind menstrual issues.
Avatar n tn It was very painful, although I took a Oxycodone and 800 mg of Ibuprofen. The actual insertion only sent cramps through out my abdomen and lower back and legs, very similar to labor pains. I sat for a while and got up to leave the doctor's office. I broke out in a sweat and felt very dizzy. I fainted in the lobby. I was taken to lay down and continued to have extreme cramps radiating down my legs from my abdomen. After 3 hours could finally get up, I slept as the pain would come and go.
Avatar n tn i had chest pain and arm pain post which i was told take ibuprofen for..due to the irritaiton to the heart muscle and damage caused by the ablation itself..was extremely tired the first few days but slowly getting better...i will eventually have a pacemaker due to the fact its the sa node itself...im also 29 and was very active..hopefully with my rhythm under control i can become active again.