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Avatar f tn Only to reappear on my hands, and now it has been six months. Not only is there a rash on my hands but now I have a new rash on my face. It is found along my hairline, above my right eye, below the eyebrow, and on the underside of my chin. It looks like someone scratched my chin and it became red and swollen. It is about a half of a centimeter in width. So if I don't have lupus, do you have any idea what it could be?
3183132 tn?1344613043 Hi! Recently patches of skin on my: chin, cheeks, forehead, the area in between my eyebrows, and the area underneath my nose (above my mouth) have become pinkish-red, dry, sore, and inflamed. I've put Neosporin and moisturizer in all of these spots, but it has no effect. It always hurts, and I can't figure out what's wrong! It looks almost like a rash, but I'm really not sure. Thanks!
Avatar m tn No it goes from under her nose to her chin, not on her cheeks.
Avatar f tn It may not be possible merely on the basis of a picture. Few common differentials for your symptoms are lupus, rosacea and acne. In SLE the malar rash usually starts at the bridge of the nose as a flat or raised redness that may be itchy and scaling. This may be aggravated by sun exposure. This is usually accompanied by other criteria that will fit the picture of SLE. Rosacea on the other hand also may present as a butterfly patterned rash over the face.
Avatar m tn ve been reading this forum for the past week trying to get some answers about these rashes on my face. I am 19 y/o Male. I was just wondering what are the characteristics of a lupus rash? I have had this same rash on my face for about a year now, it is two patches on each side of my face almost connecting to my nose. It gets extremely dry at times and just peels costantly, and occasionally itches. I read in alot of posts here that the rashes get worse in the sun.
Avatar f tn Have you been checked for Lupus? You probably don't have it, but the rash sounds like the typical "butterfly rash" that some Lupus patients have. Does spending time in the sun make you break out? First step is getting ANA tested, but there are other tests as well.
Avatar f tn I had develope three small rash on my chin. Today when I got up I notice the rash is on the side of my nose and near my left eye. I do know that one of the side affect of this medication is rash. is this normal to have a rash that is spreading and has lasted for weeks because of this medication?
Avatar f tn My cheeks, nose, and sometimes my forehead and chin are red. Last week for the first time, the flat rash on my cheeks actually raised and then it went down of there is now a rough spot, almost like a burn. The affected skin is almost like a sunburn, but I do not go into the sun, it is year round, and the soles of my feet never get any sun. It is very sensitive. Sometimes the areas are redder than other times. Does anyone have any idea what this can be?
1479013 tn?1330699762 Visual disturbance (zigzag pattern) and within the last three years a rash that started on my chest the first year as a scaly rash but the last two years, in the summer I get different size red circles on my legs with a small fulid center that itch and scar up my legs for a long time. Years ago I had a higher then normal ANA test but recently they have been normal but I always have a high antiphospholipid syndrome - APS recently 131.
Avatar n tn m thinking auto immune disease of some sort). So, here have been my symtoms; 1)face rash around chin area, up side of cheeks over nose and then above my eyebrows this happened 5 times this year.
1523516 tn?1330044257 I was also going to suggest lupus as a possible cause. Psoriasis is autoimmune too but would not cause any neurological symptoms.
Avatar f tn Right now I have extremely red hands and feet,both top and bottom and a blister like rash going from over my eyelids down the sides of my nose, down the sides of my mouth and over my chin. Cheeks are clear. I have had this rash for over 6 months the dermatologists has tried everything to no avail. I have fibromyalgia, lupus, a fungus in my esphogus that has had we courses of Diflucan and is still there. Could you maybe shed some light or make a suggestion.
Avatar f tn I recently had bloodwork done and have the following results. RDW 14.4 (elevated) MCH 26.9 (low) Westergren ESR 30 (elevated) Estimated GFR >59 with note: Estimated gomeruler filtration rate less than or equal to 59 ml may be associated with chronic kidney disease. Alkalie Phosphotase 159 (elevated) CRP 30.90 (elevated) Total Protein 6.4 (low) **This is from the Nitrogen Protein Compounds Blood Work** ANA Titer 1.
Avatar m tn My 16 year old daughter has lupus and anything that happens to her body that's out of the ordinary I tend to connect to lupus. She developed a skin condition around her chin and neck several months ago (not the typical butterfly rash) and I quickly made a doctor's appointment to have it checked out. If your bumps are related to lupus, then a doctor should take a look because, as you said, they might go away, but they could get worse depending how your immune system responds to them.
Avatar f tn I have had a rash on my elbows that comes and goes for over 5 years. It appears as ring shaped bumps on my elbows and itches like crazy and often hurts. In December I believed that I has acquired a spider bite on the top of my foot because i had a bubble of fluid. At this point I had decided to go to the dermatologist and get checked out because I was tired of dealing with this rash.
Avatar f tn Hi Terri, I also have a number of autoimmune conditions but my primary conditions are Rheumatoid Arthritis & MS. My Raynaud's is secondary to my autoimmune conditions.This comes from my fathers side of the family where there is Inflammatory bowel disease, RA, MS, different kinds of autoimmune lung disease, Psoriasis, Raynaud's, Thyroid disease & some others that I can't recall.
Avatar m tn well its not realy pimples i tought they were but on my chin i have what looks like bubbles with liquid in my chin. they kind of hurt when i clean my face i just got that in my chin about two nights ago i would like to know it is why i get it and how can i prevent from it coming back. i also think it might be a heat rash not sure ooh!
Avatar n tn I have a rash in my chin that doesn't itch but it is located in both sizes of the lips corners and extended to the bottom of the chin. It is red, my skin is extremely dry and craked on that side while the rest of my face skin is ok. What it could be?
Avatar m tn Hi Jeff, I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering so much. I go through pretty much the same thing as you do. It's hard to get people to understand that you're in pain and have overwelming fatigue with an "invisible illness." Even with the rashes, I have people tell me what I should use for rosacea, not understanding that what I have is actually malar rash from lupus.
Avatar n tn ve been suffering from rashes on my forarms and face I believe set off by sun, but not he butterfly, more around nose cracks, eybrows , chest, and chin, and terrible back pain a day later. Doctor said collagen vascular desease, but woldn't call it Lupus yet.In January arthitis was so bad in my hips I had to have one replaced wth titanium. Now I'm battling hip recover and suffering from iflammatory flareups int he rest of my body.
Avatar m tn Every test imaginable has been done on me. Since the test were done in the mid 90's, I don't remember exactly what the other test were. The ANA is the one that came back 1/2 point under the positive side. That I do remember. Dr. Scott Zashin told me at the time I needed to have my symtoms treated as the came up and I needed to be monitored for LUPUS. As far as under the chin swelling, yeap, I know it is my glands and not fluid or "fat".
Avatar f tn the gp continued to tell me it could not be lupus as i do not have the rash however my mother doesnot. does this sound like lupus and what should i be telling the specialist with out souding neurotic. i aso get big red blotches after bath or shower with white bumo in the iddle very very itchy.
Avatar f tn but I do get heat flushed often and my face flushes like a lupus rash..this only lasts about 1-2 hours at a this the same as lupus rash?
Avatar m tn People with Lupus will get a "butterfly rash" across their nose and cheeks. They can also have a positive RA factor because Lupus does joint damage. Wonka is correct that it is difficult to diagnose in the beginning of the disease and you do have to meet 4 out of 11. Your levels (blood levels) will flucuate (becoming normal then abnormal when the disease is active). An ANA is a standard test for Lupus but will also come up positive for other diseases.
Avatar f tn The "butterfly" rash - also known as a malar rash - is a very common symptoms of lupus, however, you don't necessarily have to have it to have lupus. It does occur in approximately 40-60% of lupus patients. There are different types of lupus, too, so depending on what type of lupus your friend may have, the rash may not be as common. It's also important to remember that not all cases of lupus are alike - some of the symptoms one person has, another person may not have.
Avatar n tn Some Hashis get the mouth sores and find they also have Celiac disease. Try staying away from Gluten, ALL products with gluten for a week and see if this helps. It might just help if you have any constipation or stomach pain. I'm such a hypocrite! I went gluten free for two months, and I had a bread breakdown that has lasted four days. I'm so sick now. I don't know about the mixed bag, thing.