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Avatar m tn I developed a weird rash (I guess it's a rash) on my chin about a month ago. It is kinda dry and itchy and it looks a little like a crop circle. I am attaching a (not very flattering) photo. anyone know what it is or how to get rid of it??
Avatar m tn Honestly I can not believe the difference, it was itchy, red with small bumps round my chin, started at one corner and worked across the front to the other side, and sometimes scaly, I then had the sores in the mouth but all are going / gone.
3843618 tn?1348402765 I have noticed about 4 time, days or weeks apart, a small rash (covering around 3cmx3cm) purple rash, looks like a friction broken blood vessel rash but no trauma to the area. Just wondering if this is indicative of anything?
Avatar f tn my 9 year old daughter has a rash on her chin. she says it burns when water or any kind of lotion is applied to it. sometimes its itchy. theres nothing to see but you can feel tiny little bumps.
Avatar n tn Hello, It can be due to eczema skin which presents as red, dry itchy flaky rash in response to an allergic reaction. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. You can take some OTC oral antihistamine medications like Benadryl or Claritin and see if it helps. For mild-moderate symptoms a weak steroid may be used (e.g. hydrocortisone as dermacort), whilst more severe cases require a higher-potency steroid (e.g. clobetasol propionate, fluocinonide).
Avatar m tn I have a rash on my chin that has been present for as long as I can remember. It is always present either in the form of slightly rasied red areas (at its best) and when flarred it is very itchy inflammed red areas with many many whiteheads sitting on top of the swollen red areas (worst). The rash is presnt mainly on my chin and runs up around the edges of my mouth to the folds under my nostrils. I have seen many dermatologists in the past years with no success in identifying this rash.
Avatar n tn I've had a weird circular rash on my chin for about 4 months now. I've been diagnosed twice as having ezcema and the doctors gave me some steroid creams to put on. I don't think it helped my situation at all. It would help with the itch but didn't get better in size. In fact, it has spread to about half my chin now. Recently, another spot (same thing) also appeared on the other side of my chin. I have a derm appointment in 2 weeks but it seems too long. the rash is red, dry, and itchy.
Avatar n tn I have watched my diet to be sure I am not eating anything unusual or different. This rash is extremely itchy and will go away without a trace. However it is a daily occurance. I am at a loss about what to do. I called a dermatoligist fri. and have to wait a month to get an appt.. These breakouts are not small ones. What could it be?
Avatar n tn It cleared up, but the day after I stopped taking the steroid, the red itchy rash came back. My doc gave me a topical steriod and this seems to keep the inflammation down, though it still itches. Now the skin on my face is incredibly dry, and I have to moisturize it frequently during the day. I basically had to change my whole skin care routine, now using gentle moisturizing products, as opposed to the oil and acne fighting products I had to use before.
Avatar f tn I have very dry lips that cause redness under my bottom lip, then it spreads to a rash on my chin. I have noticed it the past couple of days but had this a few times the past year. I am not sure what food/ drink is causing this, as I feel it's an allergic reaction to either spicy foods or acidic foods. I also thought the cooler/ dry air could cause this. it's strange though because I don't have food allergies (that I am aware of), but it seems to flair up after eating certain foods.
Avatar f tn My 10-year old out of know where has come up with a itchy dark red rash around his mouth and chin. It is a little painful. It just started a couple of days ago. He has never had anything like this before.
1363342 tn?1277790351 Around Feb. of 2010 I developed a red rash on my chin. Back then I thought it was due to shaving or just dry winter skin. After a few weeks the rash grew and I made the mistake of shaving too fast/hard and made it bleed. That's when it started becoming very dry, itchy and hardening. Soon after that I would have these little pimples all over the rash area, and also had a golden crust form.
Avatar f tn 5 days so the rash would flare and be good and nasty and he cultured it for herpes this time, culture came back negative. The rash is on the right side of my chin, the size of my thumbprint, leading from the corner of my mouth towards my jawline. It is red and the bumps look like very tiny pimples filled with white liquid. They don't seem to pop or scab and I avoid touching the area. They also are only very minimally itchy, and have no real pain associated with them, just very unsightly.
Avatar n tn i had laser treatment done under ga 2 weeks ago was healing fine then i developed a itchy jaw line this turned into a rash which has covered my whole face, neck, chest and hands which is unbearably itchy i went the hospital who said it was impetigo and was given flucloxacillin and fucidin cream 3 days ago and theres no improvement at all my face is not crusting or leaking but the rash is such a deep red colour i cant go out as its so bad for a second opinion can u help?
Avatar f tn For the last 3 months I have been getting a red rash around my mouth, it's mostly on my chin and under nostrils. although is not itchy,I took benadryl for a week but it made no difference. Could this be a hormoral issue? I'm 35.
Avatar f tn Hi im 23, female. I sometimes get this itchy red rash on my face specially, on my cheeks. I also get that ard my chin or on the sides, forehead and nose rarely but, no where else. I have been suffering through this since last couple of years now. I think its some kind of food or medication allergy, im not sure though.
Avatar n tn It's red, blotchy, raised a little, and really itchy. It's not itchy on my chin, just my neck.. I'd appreciate any input. THANKS!
Avatar n tn Hello, I am struggling with a red, itchy rash on my face, specifically around my nose creases and upper lip area, and also under my lip. For years I have dealt with it off and on. It is accompanied by a hot burning sensation and often becomes scaly and flaky. In the past it has become infected with staph and was treated with antibiotics. I use mild cetaphyl soap and eucerin to calm it. Sometimes I use olive or coconut oil.
Avatar n tn The very next morning, I had a small itchy rash about the size of a dime, form on my chin. A week later the rash grew and spread up to under my nose. Since that time, it has grown to the size you see in the picture. I have now been to the my dermatologist twice in the last 30 days, only to see her Nurse Practioner who started me on erythromycin and Cleocin-T the time (neither did anything) the first visit.
Avatar n tn To this day, I tend to have slight facial outbreaks on the flares of my nose, the crease of my chin, and the left side of my face. It usually happens after I go on a few day coughing and sneezing jag. I have an appointment with a crack dermatologist, but this is driving me nuts. What the heck could this be? No fever. No weight loss. I saw a Fungal specialist and he looked at me and did a cursory examination and didn't feel it was a fungus problem and didn't do any testing.
Avatar f tn I have had a rash on my chin (going from near the corner of my mouth towards my jaw line) for nearly 3 months. I am pregnant (33wks) and it started out as what I though were a few little zits, I typically have extremely clear skin but just chalked it up to the pregnancy. I treated it with all the over the counter acne treatments, but after a week or two decided it must be a rash.
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Avatar f tn Hi, I got this really annoying itchy rash 2 weeks after giving birth vaginally to my daughter. medicine and sarna lotion don't seem to work. It itches even more when I scratch and at night. I heard other moms had postpartum rash too. What can I do to alleviate the itch and what is the cause? I breastfeed and it's unbearable at night with the itch.
198187 tn?1190637930 You may get some additional relief for itchy rash by using a cool compress on it - just cold water on a face towel. BUT don't let the towel touch your incision or the drain site! Very important. Keep following directions for Benadryl and cortisone cream. Get someone to have a look down your throat. Does it look swollen more than usual on the inside? If so go straight to the ER. Hmm. How big is the ball? Don't like the sounds of that.
Avatar m tn It's not itchy, but I wan't it off my chin cuz it looks scary!