How long does lupus rash last

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1319928 tn?1274351472 I have also been diagnosed with lupus, but I don't have the rash. My face will get red, but not the raised rash. I know how you are feeling. It took me 8 years to get a dx. Most drs just gave up and said they didn't know. I haven't been able to get a handle on my symptoms yet. They just started me on the meds for lupus last month, so I am still waiting for them to kick in. I am photosensitive. I can be in the sun for 5-10 minutes and look like I have a sunburn, headache, and very tired.
Avatar f tn I also had a 24 hr urine test that showed small 30 protein, and high rbc in it.
Avatar f tn Don't give up on your symptoms you know how you feel and you know your body. Also lupus is really hard to Diagnose. My aunt live with it for 20 years before they found out she had it. I have not been tested for lupus. Can I ask why doctors tested you for lupus was there some thing abnormal in your blood test? Things like this just take time. I have been going through this 2 years already. And it's know were near over.
256161 tn?1196882646 Does lupus always present with a fever? I have an alarming amount of lupus symptoms that have been going on for 4 months now, but I think I've only been measured as having a very low-grade fever once in the doctor's office. In fact, my temperature tends be lower than normal, as of late (~97.0 degrees)--and this is with me monitoring it over the past few months. My blood pressure is also low for me (~95/60, when it was always ~110/85), yet my heart rate is high for me.
351724 tn?1267540618 start to drain and it was a bit watery with blood. then afterward just blood . Anyways my question was is how long does this ETD last ? What happen was over a wk ago i went ot friends house and she was remodling her kitchen and knocking down walls,counters, bricking , ect .
623944 tn?1244039090 Last year I had a rash on arms and legs that I originally thought nothing of but kept thinking back how my doc had talked about Lupus. He asked me if I had the rash on my face and I said no and he said hmmmm. So, investigating the subject I ran across vasculitis which they say can present with Lupus or by itself. This is the type rash I had according to photos on internet. I can't seem to get any of my docs to do anything for me though.
Avatar n tn The doctors said it culd be a rash that has to do with her lupus. She can not remember what it was called. Does anyone have an idea and if so how long could it last. The doctor put her on a steroid, it is not helping much but she has only been on it for two days.
1290799 tn?1272086028 I still do not have a name for what is causing all this and the last rheumatologist told me it was not lupus and said maybe a seronegative RA? I'm sorry but I am tired of getting so sick and not feeling better. I am going to doctors... I try to stay positive in my attitude and take care of myself but it is so hard now. I am in so much pain, so tired, or struggling with GI stuff. Now insomnia and more hair loss, hoarse voice maybe due to thyroid? Take care you all.
189372 tn?1219836958 Hereditary does play a role in Lupus, but does not mean it is or is not what is wrong. The GP should be willing to do the basics of CBC, CMP, ANA, ESR, RA labs for Rheum. work up. There are a lot more labs, but those will get you started. My advise is to demand a copy of your records as you go along to the many doctors. You are your best advocate. Good luck and remember, you are not alone. You are not crazy. You will find the answer. One day at a time.
Avatar f tn I assume you experienced DVT already. Did you know that if those clots stay in your leg veins long enough (not sure how long is too long) they can damage the valves all along the vein that push the blood back up to the heart. If the valves get damaged, you're looking at a lifetime of leg pain. But that wouldn't explain the rest of your symptoms. My husband has this damage and his legs hurt when he's on his feet too much. Don't give up.
867582 tn?1311630997 There aren't any food that would affect the ANA level. How many of the 11 criteria do you have? And how long have you had symptomsf w/o a pos. ANA?
Avatar f tn And keep a copy in a file. KEEP EVERYTHING! If your husband truly does have lupus, this will be a long journey of many highs and lows.
1678656 tn?1369237418 I know someone who claims to have lupus so I'm wondering if anyone has information on everyday life and how it affects them. Does everyone with lupus have noticeable symptoms? I've read a lot of information on it and all of it seems pretty severe. She doesn't have anything from what I've read about. Just wondering and very curious. Can anyone help me understand this disorder? I have MS and it seems pretty different from that.
Avatar n tn I was given Medrol dose pack at week 7 with mild joint improvement, but still symptomatic SOB, malaise, palipations at week 8. How long does the Parvo infection last and could this be indicative of lupus? Thank you.
Avatar f tn I don't know how long you tried Plaquinel, but the worst of the diarrhea is only supposed to last about 6 weeks. I have diarrhea anyway, so it was nothing new. I take a herb that keeps that at bay. I have a friend who also has RA She went on Plaquinel and said she feels like she has more energy. I have noticed the difference in her too.
471161 tn?1317194550 I also cannot get into a tanning bed as it gives the same reactions. The last Lupus Now magazine I received was about teens that have Lupus and how they cope. Many of them talked about the sun making them hurt and sleep, but a couple of them said they have never had any problems with the sun. One said he did a bicycle ride around many states in the full sun of the day, and never had any problems. So, obviously, it's dependant on your body, and what type of immune response you'll have.
1011295 tn?1320874572 malar rash discoid rash oral and/or nose ulcers arthritis pleuritis or pericarditis protein in urine and/or cellular casts in urine seizures and/or psychosis anemia or leukopenia, or lymphopenia, or thrombocytopenia positive ANA positive anti dx DNA, anti-Sm, antiphospholipid antibody THESE ARE THE 11 CRITERIA FOR LUPUS. ONE MUST HAVE 4 OF THESE FOR A DX.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your support. Yeah your story does sound alot like mine. I'm 21 and it really sucks to feel stuck in a "90" year old body. Some days I can sleep for HOURS and wake up and still be tired. However, my "rashes" do not last long at all. They come for about 15 min depending on my activity and then go away. They are worse after I shower or go on a walk (my lower legs get red) and my cheeks and nose get rosy even if i'm in the sun for only 5 min.
483733 tn?1326802046 I also read that it can interfere with hypothyroid meds. Anyone have experience with that? 3. How do you know if the Lupus is moving into your organs. What symptoms should I watch for? 4. I read that hair dye can be a trigger. Anyone know about that?
Avatar m tn My symptoms fit lyme more so than lupus however I don't recall having a rash after a tick bite. I live in Alabama so ticks are common here. I'm sure I've had at least 5 tick bites throughout my life but the last one that I know of was about 5 or so years ago. I took about 3 or 4 months of doxycyclene then I took 1 month of zithromax 2 times a day along with flagil. I had a lymph biopsy because of swollen glands (neg for lymphoma).
Avatar f tn i have not received the results yet. how long does it take for those tests anyway, just curious? i had this done on aug 2nd, along with her prescribing me the prednisone. she said that i have severe photosensitivity. she told me i have to avoid the sun as much as possible, plus with her putting me on prednisone (which causes photosensitivity) i have to completely avoid it. i have pretty much been in my house since, feels like i'm on house arrest!!!
Avatar m tn It stayed like this for a LONG time- quite a few weeks and gradually returned to back to normal. Not long after that, (this was May) I developed a weird little dry patch on the same finger. Somedays it looks red and irratated, other days (like today) it's just dry and cracking. It's still on the tip of my left pointer finger and now it's October. And of course, what lead me to this page... I have the muscle twitches too.
Avatar f tn Probably something I have forgotten but oh well. My question is anybody been on this high a dose of Pred and for how long? I have not been this high before and do not see Drs again until the first week in Aug. I had conflicts the last week of the month. I have to take Prilosec or I vomit horribly. I generallyloose weight on Prednisone. Not sure what will happen on this dosage. I had a rib with a mass on it removed last December and have dropped over thirty pounds since without trying.
459853 tn?1283144114 Both txsilver and myself have traveled the long journey. We aren't the first, and we won't be the last. Keep pushing, no matter how many docotr you have to go through.
319532 tn?1250992176 I would wait and see how your testing goes for Lupus and then discuss your fears/concerns with your Dr. If your Dr is concerned for MS or feels your reflexes symptoms could be MS they would arrange for you to see a neurologist who can do further testing. The symptoms you describe could be part of many things, not just Lupus or MS.
745975 tn?1258964522 Prayerfully you won't have to suffer that long. But keep in mind that lupus is a progressive disease. I didn't have joint swelling at first, but it took over a year of feeling really bad before some of the criteria showed up. Like the mouth sores came later along with the joint swelling. They HURT for a long time before they began to swell. If they repeat the ANA, spend time in the sun before tey test. If you do have lupus, it will cause the ANA to jump up really high.
Avatar f tn Everyone here has a different story of how Lyme affects them, how they came to receive a diagnosis of Lyme, and how they are treating it. The long road you have travelled is unfortunately not uncommon, and if I were in your shoes, I would pursue the possibility of Lyme and other infections (aka co-infections) that are carried by the same ticks as Lyme: at worst, you will decide you don't have Lyme; at best, you may find relief.