How long does lupus rash last

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1012861 tn?1250949418 It can take a long time but the key is getting your blood tested frequently and going into the sun before a test. If you have Lupus it will help your ANA to be positive. If you don't, then it won't do anything. Are they treating you anyway? My symptoms point to Lupus and have positive ANA one time and negative the next time. I am on Plaquenil to help.
Avatar n tn If one gets a rash from ARS it will last from 1-2 weeks and it is not a puss field rash nor do you get any type of fluid from it. If you haven't tested for HIV and other STDs from your unprotected sex you should. You can test now and get a conclusive test result.
Avatar n tn t been diagnosed with lupus but my butterfly rash has been very persistent the last 6 months or so. no swelling but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia so pain is a constant part of my life as well as chronic fatigue.
1319928 tn?1274347872 If the doc says you do then there are many types of meds you can take so you can live a long and normal life.With lupus there is a lot of the wait and see thing and if you can do that then half the battle is over with. If the rhuemo doc says you have it watch your kidneys and the sun, get used to appling sun tan lotion every morning it will be your best friend. I can tell you a lupus burn feels worse then a normal sun burn and takes alot longer to get over it.
1081172 tn?1256296445 1. malar rash over cheeks (butterfly rash) 2. discoid rash, red raised patches 3. photosensitivity - reaction to sunlight, resulting in skin rash 4. oral and nose ulcers 5. arthritis 6. serositis - inflamation of the lining of the lung or heart 7. reanl disorder - excessive protein in urine and/or cellular casts 8. neurologic disorder - seizures, or psychosis 9. anemia or low white blood countor lymphopenia or low platelet count 10. positive ANA 11.
623944 tn?1244035490 Last year I had a rash on arms and legs that I originally thought nothing of but kept thinking back how my doc had talked about Lupus. He asked me if I had the rash on my face and I said no and he said hmmmm. So, investigating the subject I ran across vasculitis which they say can present with Lupus or by itself. This is the type rash I had according to photos on internet. I can't seem to get any of my docs to do anything for me though.
Avatar m tn It came back positive for lupus! The rash went away after taking predisone but staying out of the sun was really important! I will look for a pic oft rash and post it for you to compare! I hope your wife is fine and it is not lupus! Keep us informed!!!
Avatar f tn Your husband could need a more powerful medicine. How long has he taking the medicine. Also know that Lupus can cause the intestines to have inflamation therefore causing diarrhea in and of itself. I have periodic diarrhea. It comes on sudden with very little warning - violently! Celiac Disease often goes along with Lupus, which can cause diarrhea and joint pain as well. There is a test his dr. can do to see if this is what is going on.
Avatar f tn So I would think the fever could be either constant or a come and go thing. Most people with lupus has either a rash or a bumpy rash or what is called a discoid rash. (kinda looks like rosacia) But the rash I now have didn't show up until months after I began to have major symptoms. It started out being a really fine lacy looking rash, now it looks real bumpy; looks like I've gotten a real bad sun burn w/o the blisters. It sometimes has raised borders. About the arthritis.
Avatar n tn About 8 months ago I had red rash appear on the upper part of arms,which stop at the elbows.This rash does not itch,and at times it is warm to the touch and becomes bright red,it is flat not a raised rash.The rash also is located under each eye and across my nose,but here the rash is not as bright as the rash on my upper arms.Been seeing a Rhuemy all blood test are negative,ANA.
1290799 tn?1272082428 Can you please share with me how long between the sun time and having the blood drawn? Was it 30 minutes... 12 hours? I will take a small amount of sun (and the resulting sickness) if it gets me closer to knowing what this is.
Avatar f tn I been having this rash for a week now and I swear I have these 2 little scars bearly notisible but I see it and my skin always feels that I have sun burn its hot and tingiling..,, I was reading how people loose all their hair and how it scars face..... How horrible are the steroids with said affects ... Gaining huge amounts of weight and others.... I understand that to stay alive comes first and most important but I'm 25 and all of this seams so out of this world...
Avatar m tn I was wondering how long secondary syphilis rash/lesions last? How long do they stay on the skin or in the mouth? Like if it were a secondary syphilis lesion on the roof of mouth. How long would they stay?
Avatar f tn Hi and welcome to our little MS community, After reading your original post, I would be concerned with any neurologist who is willing to ignore Clinical signs and MRI evidence of dymelination, simply because you don't have 2+ Obands. It would be in your best interest to get a second opinion, preferably with a neurologist who specialises in MS.
Avatar f tn My friend is being worked up for possibly having Lupus but does not have the rash?Just wondering how common the rash is, she is really worried.
Avatar m tn it would be my first outbreak if it is indeed herpes. so how long does a normal outbreak last for? how long does it normally take for the red dots to turn into sores? or maybe i don't have herpes? i'm praying i don't have herpes and think some of my symptoms might be psychosematic. but if not herpes, what else could little read dots with white heads be on the underside of my penis be? pls help!
Avatar f tn How long does a toddlers yeast infection last? She's in pain when it's time to change and doesn't want to be cleaned. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn People with Lupus will get a "butterfly rash" across their nose and cheeks. They can also have a positive RA factor because Lupus does joint damage. Wonka is correct that it is difficult to diagnose in the beginning of the disease and you do have to meet 4 out of 11. Your levels (blood levels) will flucuate (becoming normal then abnormal when the disease is active). An ANA is a standard test for Lupus but will also come up positive for other diseases.
1136439 tn?1290178052 Discoid lupus is dxed when a patient with a discoid rash (confirmed by skin biopsy) does not fulfill the crieria for systemic lupus. Although 10% of all lupus patients have DLE (discoid). The lesions geerally do not itch. They appear as thick and scaly. Aching joints are found in 10-20% of patients w/ DLE. Blood testing shows a positive ANA in about 1/2 of the cases. 20% may have anemia, and a 50% have a low white blood count. W/o treatment, discoid lesions may progress.