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204318 tn?1226514583 Yes, I'm horse. I've been like that for almost two months. I don't know if it's from lupus. and I had a lupus rash farther down on my arms. It's the only rash that's healed because I was able to cover it completely.
1319928 tn?1274347872 If the rhuemo doc says you have it watch your kidneys and the sun, get used to appling sun tan lotion every morning it will be your best friend. I can tell you a lupus burn feels worse then a normal sun burn and takes alot longer to get over it. Another thing you might want to look up The American Lupus Foundation they will give you alot of information.
Avatar f tn So I would think the fever could be either constant or a come and go thing. Most people with lupus has either a rash or a bumpy rash or what is called a discoid rash. (kinda looks like rosacia) But the rash I now have didn't show up until months after I began to have major symptoms. It started out being a really fine lacy looking rash, now it looks real bumpy; looks like I've gotten a real bad sun burn w/o the blisters. It sometimes has raised borders. About the arthritis.
Avatar f tn The itching seems more internal. Could this be from the Lupus. I have systemic Lupus, not the Discoid. Does anyone else with Lupus get this?
Avatar f tn I'm super afraid of during from lupus... I started getting light butterfly rash and burning feeling in my face... My fingers hurt ... The face is super sensative to light.... The doc did ana cuz my face started to get red few months ago ... But it started to take a butterfly shape just 5 days ago... Ana that was done a month ago came back normal.... They did a panel test yesterday should get results tomorrow or tuesday....
659694 tn?1224998453 yeah the sun makes me really tired and dizzy if Im out in it for too long. I always just want to go and take a nap after a while at the beach and stuff. I do get a burn across my cheeks and nose often too, but it doesn't have the raised edges that I've read about with lupus. so Im not sure if thats a symptom or if it's just that I burn easily there. Thank you for your help!
Avatar f tn t want to raise any alarm bells but it sounds exactly like what my skin did before I was dx. with discoid lupus; the itching, swelling, rash, lesions. The only thing you didn't mention was the hair loss. Discoid lupus lesions will manifest in areas not actually exposed to the sun. Do hope you get a good diagnosis. I'm with kindd ~ Take care and pls do keep us posted on how you are doing. Regards.
783212 tn?1295028006 m certainly not an expert) Lupus is not always easy to diagnose. Some people with Lupus will not test positive on an ANA test, so if that's all he did, that really doesn't prove anything. Also, from what I've read, ypu may get different test results at different points, so you may need to be tested several times before showing up positive for am autoimmune disease. The really dry throat sounds like it could be Sjögren's syndrome, which has similar symptoms to Lupus.
Avatar n tn Hi, It really alarmed me that laser treatment may even be considered at this stage, without anyone actually being aware of what's at the root of the problem, as if whatever is happening internally to cause the rash continues to happen, lasers surely won't provide any long term solution and could damange her skin into the bargain!
Avatar n tn t been diagnosed with lupus but my butterfly rash has been very persistent the last 6 months or so. no swelling but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia so pain is a constant part of my life as well as chronic fatigue.
1012861 tn?1250949418 After him I was extremely fatigued, had joint pain and developed a rash over my nose and cheeks. I saw my primary who did an ANA which was positive and SED rate that was slightly elevated she sent me to a rheumotologist. They ran several test which didn't really tell us alot. He told me it can take years to diagnose. I still have "episodes" of feeling horrible joint pain fatigue the rash and more recently blood in my urine.
1156914 tn?1300571629 From your description it doesn't seem like lupus, but lupus sometimes comes in different forms with overlapping symptoms. I can only tell you from our experience that atypical lupus patients (those patients with an incomplete diagnosis of lupus) that we tested had a high rate of chronic infections. Many of the other signs/symptoms appear in CFS patients, who are also very likely to have chronic infections of the type I have discussed before in this forum.
Avatar f tn My friend is being worked up for possibly having Lupus but does not have the rash?Just wondering how common the rash is, she is really worried.
623944 tn?1244035490 t know if this will work, but on the right side of this screen is recent activities and I just uploaded a new photo of my rash... It has not been biobsy to see if it is Lupus Rash but I will be getting that done on April 15th and will let you know after that.... I believe it is. I've had Lupus 22 years and was just dx almost 2 years ago...
459853 tn?1283140514 About a year and a half ago I started noticing this redness I had across my cheek bones and nose. At first I thought it was wind burn from the cold winter, but it never went away and is only getting worse! I had a baby last year and that's when I really starting noticing it. My older daughter claims it's been there for years though. But not it's to the point where I'm getting not just the rash, but what looks like pimples with no head. In other words, like a raised rash.
Avatar f tn the gp continued to tell me it could not be lupus as i do not have the rash however my mother doesnot. does this sound like lupus and what should i be telling the specialist with out souding neurotic. i aso get big red blotches after bath or shower with white bumo in the iddle very very itchy.
1424336 tn?1282697372 Well I wanted to know which of my symptoms are lupus symptoms, cause not a lot of my symptoms fit the lupus symptoms mold. It all started for me with Diarrhea, I would get randomly. Now I have almost all time and for about 2 to 6 weeks at a time it will be really bad along with stomach pains. In march it got so bad the lower left part of my colon was so inflamed you could see it when I laid down. Then I got what they thought was Bell's Palsy for no reason at but that came and went.
Avatar n tn Hello, I posted this in the lupus area, so I just wanting to post it here to see if anyone can help me out. Thanks Hello everyone, I am a 23 year old mother of two. I have been having severe joint and muscle pain for over a year, I went to the dr and had test done, I had 3 positive ANA tests, I don't have MS, Schjorns disease or mixed connective tissue disease. I have lupus in my family and although I don't have the rash, but I have chest pain and numbness throughout my body.
Avatar m tn People with Lupus will get a "butterfly rash" across their nose and cheeks. They can also have a positive RA factor because Lupus does joint damage. Wonka is correct that it is difficult to diagnose in the beginning of the disease and you do have to meet 4 out of 11. Your levels (blood levels) will flucuate (becoming normal then abnormal when the disease is active). An ANA is a standard test for Lupus but will also come up positive for other diseases.
Avatar n tn Today I noticed a red circular rash around the outer area of my armpit. Can this be lupus? Does a lupus rash ever show up on the armpit like this? What should I do. Thank you!
1139187 tn?1355706647 I dont have lupus, but a friend of mine found out she does and she is 20. She is going to call me this week to talk. I have read about it and it looks very similiar to hashimotos except the rash and skin issues. Is there anything else different besides the rash? Is it usually treated the same way hashi's is treated or graves? (or could go either way). I am just trying to learn more about this to help her where i can.
Avatar n tn Many years ago he would get an unexplained rash but they have not come for 2-3 years. What does this mean and what happens if this is lupus please help i am scared.
Avatar m tn ANA came back negative and he said that the redness on my face is doesnt look like a lupus rash. I took a bunch of blood test yesterday. I am still getting the numbness stinging pain on my feet and hands and my left elbow hurts on and off and my genitals burn. My ankles ached today too.
459853 tn?1283140514 s are negative in approximately 5% with lupus. Other antibody markers of lupus include cardiolipin antibody, anti-smith antibody, DNA antibodies, SS-A and SS-B antibodies. I had a butterfly redness across my cheeks and nose and suspected this symptom might be due to Lupus but after many tests my rheumatologist ruled that out. Many years later I finally figured out this symptom was from bouts of hyperthyroidism from Hashimoto's thyroiditis (autoimmune hypothyroidism).
Avatar f tn I think they are associated w/ lupus. The rash you describ does sound like it could be a lupus rash. I also get (what I call) skin eruptions. They are red sores that come up because of sun exposure. They will go away fairly quickly if I don't mess with them. Every once in a while they will linger. I don't think they have ever caused a scar, but the dicoid lupus does cause a scar. What day is your rhemy appt.?