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1319928 tn?1274351472 I can tell you a lupus burn feels worse then a normal sun burn and takes alot longer to get over it. Another thing you might want to look up The American Lupus Foundation they will give you alot of information.
Avatar f tn 160 and my doctor is now thinking it is Lupus or Sjogren's. Could Lupus explain all my symptoms? I also has an SSA blood test and a SED ordered as well as a HIDA scan for my gallbladder. None of my doctors can figure out what's wrong with me and they are trying to send me to a pain specialist. I was in perfect health until the pain started over 9 weeks ago and has now rendered me incapable of pretty much everything. Does anyone have any input?
Avatar f tn I have had a rash on my face and 3 spots on my legs. at first i thought it was dry skin, but the dermotoligist gave me all sorts of creams and none of them worked. They think i am alergic to something. being food or other. they think i should do tests. they did test me for lupis, but my blood work was fine and that isnt it. i am in menopause and my hair used to be totally straight. when i went to get my hair cut, it turned curly. really curly. i think its due to my hormones changing.
Avatar f tn So I would think the fever could be either constant or a come and go thing. Most people with lupus has either a rash or a bumpy rash or what is called a discoid rash. (kinda looks like rosacia) But the rash I now have didn't show up until months after I began to have major symptoms. It started out being a really fine lacy looking rash, now it looks real bumpy; looks like I've gotten a real bad sun burn w/o the blisters. It sometimes has raised borders. About the arthritis.
434278 tn?1324709825 Hi Trudie, Lupus and Fibromyalgia are similar in many areas. They both have muscle aches, but lupus also has occasional muscle weakness. In lupus you joints not only hurt, they will also swell. You don't have the rashes with fibro. Fatigue goes with both. Not sure if the tingling prickly feeling in hands and feet are a symptom of both. Irritable bowel symptoms can go along with both as well as nausea. You can also have raunauds in both. The one big difference is the lab.
204318 tn?1226518183 Does anyone have hourseness with lupus , and I get a rash on my leg close to my ankle and it fades a little but it has yet to totaly disappear, it looks like the rash that I have seen on peoples faces. Please someone answer these questions.
Avatar n tn Is anyone here familiar with anyone on tx developing LUPUS? I am curious.
1276940 tn?1501103481 It looks as though I have gotten a sunburn but I can assure you we are in the dead of winter here and I have not been tanning or anything! It does not itch or burn or anything. I should mention that I am Bipolar....I take Abilify, Zoloft, Topamax (& Klonopin PRN) I have been on this regimen for a few years now. Also of notable Mother has Lupus. So sorry this post is so long....thanks to whomever reads it and replies!!!
Avatar n tn So far, I've only gotten a few ideas...discoid lupus being one of them. My question is this - does the rash in discoid lupus itch intensely? I've read that only sometimes this occurs. I also am hoping to find out more information on localized discoid lupus. With my research, I haven't found that I fit all the symptoms of this disease exactly (no butterfly markings), but the raised lesions that have popped up on my lower left leg eerily match the patterns of the lupus rash.
Avatar f tn The rash you describ does sound like it could be a lupus rash. I also get (what I call) skin eruptions. They are red sores that come up because of sun exposure. They will go away fairly quickly if I don't mess with them. Every once in a while they will linger. I don't think they have ever caused a scar, but the dicoid lupus does cause a scar. What day is your rhemy appt.?
Avatar n tn Its really wierd because my symptoms come and go (sometimes I'll get a rash from the sun and sometimes I wont). I think, (if it is lupus) thats its because I went tanning alot and have been in the sun for the past couple weekends. I hope i dont lose anymore weight-i think i lost mostly water weight. Ive been trying to exercise to make up for the all SLEEPING, but I noticed when I try to workout, I cant handle more than 15 min.!
Avatar f tn All of a sudden I couldn't be out in the sun for more than 5 minutes without feeling nauseous, faint, and developing a sunburn-like rash on my chest, arms and neck. And at random I will get the same rash with NO sun exposure, and it will be on my back, stomach and legs. You can literally SEE muscle spasms in my arms and shoulders, it looks like it's jumping out of the skin.
521532 tn?1213738049 Hi i am Terri have had lupus for the last 5 yrs, i have had strange things happening to my eyes for the lasr year. Been to the doctors and he sent me to the hospital who in turn did some tests and say they can see nothing wrong with my eyes, but there has to be as i keep getting blured vision also double vision and a tight feeling in my eyes that feels like my eyes are being pushed out of my head. Can anyone pls help ?
Avatar n tn just wondering -how long diagnosed lupus patients butterfly rash lasts? - do you feel hot and overheated when you get it, or heat brings it on? -do you get it on your chest and arms? -is it always raised or feels rough? - do you sometimes get a splotchy looking rash on torso and arms? - does it always go over the bridge of your nose? my questions are because my doctors are telling me that they dont want to say i have Systemic Lupus Erythematosus but they also dont want to say i dont.
211043 tn?1337054301 Hi! Well, it is difficult to answer when in the course of disease does the rash appear. This is because, it is very difficult to assess when the disease started. However, once it appears it may last days or weeks and gets aggravated by exposure to sun or ultraviolet rays. The typical appearance of the rash (butterfly) alone is not diagnostic of lupus. You will need a battery of tests (antibodies and others) to find out if it is lupus or not.
483733 tn?1326802046 He says my blood work is still progressing but that it and my symptoms are leading him to feel I have Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. He has started me on Plaquenil (an anti-malarial) that should hopefully start working on my inflammation, pain and fatigue within a few weeks and hopefully by the time I start my new job. I am glad that there is something they feel can help and that I don't need to go on Prednisone as I took way too much of that back when I had ulcerative colitis.
745975 tn?1258964522 Along the same lines I will get a random red patch that looks like a sun burn, and then much like a terrible severe burn, the skin will sluff off and leave an open wound which will heal over the course of a week. This has only happened one time on my face in a long patch next to my nose and upper lip in a size of about 1 inch by 1/2 inch. I do not seem to have any skin hardening like that of scleroderma... if anything my skin seems thinner as i age...
Avatar f tn She had a negative strep culture. That is the only test they have done. It does not itch or burn. There are no blisters but she can usually feel clear liquid seeping from her skin the night before she wakes up with a spot. Please, any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
228686 tn?1211558307 A friend of ours has lupus. What you are describing is very similar. Lupus is an auto-immune disease. That's all I really know. It still could be detox too. We have messed up our bodies for so long that they have been running just to maintain. It isn't able to cope with other things because we are creating to much stress on the whole system. As we detox, the body is now trying to dump the stuff it stored and couldn't deal with when we overloaded.
1063463 tn?1302278219 I have heard that Lupus can cause rashes from the sun but i do not know if what I have looks like a lupus rash or not. Thanks for taking the time to look and hope you all are doing well.
862849 tn?1239154171 well thing with uk health service is it can be kinda hard to get referred to see any specialist but the ana test is a simple blood test which the nurse could do,i think i will go and see another doc though,i havent noticed the lupus butterfly rash although i did notice that lately i seem to burn in the sun far quicker than normal,my body temp seems to be all over the place and seems to be unusually low most of the time at about 36.3,it has been as l,ow as 35.
Avatar f tn OR with the inflammation of the bladder, spleen, liver and the lung nodule with the joint aches, could this be more of an auto-immune Lupus thing (I read Lupus affects multi-organ issues including lung and bladder) I have other symptoms I thought were just incidental due to turning 40- but perhaps there is a bigger picture.
Avatar n tn I have a large round burning rash on my neck it feels exactly like a sun burn but its not and nothing out of the ordinary that ive taken or changed to give me an allergic reaction. I went to one of those patient first places and the doc thinks its shingles so i searched shingles on line and my rash looks nothing like it. She did a culter and have to wait 3 days but im positive thats not it. Its large and very round slightly raised but started out smooth to the touch but it burned so bad.
Avatar n tn There are several stages to Lyme disease - the first beign a rash which is red and hollow in the center. Then 3-5 weeks after the bite one can see joint and muscle pains, more rash, facial nerve paralysis, and a mild meningitis. Weeks to months later one can see joint swelling/arthritis and peripheral nerve problems and a form of dementia. All, none, or some of the above can occur - ou may have hada mild peripheral nerve or spinal cord sensory form of the disease.
Avatar f tn NO bumps, or discharge or anything but the spots. They are directly across from each other. maybe 4 or 5 spots. They don't itch or burn or anything, this is why I am confused? I did start taking birth control pills about 9 days ago, maybe that has something to do with it? I don't know. I do have a skin condition on my chest area that flares up in the summer (tinea versicolor) but this doesnt look the same. Any suggestions on what this could be?
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if this will be the same for you, but I suffered a similar problem from age 19 to early 20s - the GP went down the same route of considering lupus (because of the 'butterfly pattern' rash) and allergy. Within a few hours my face could flare up from being totally clear, to some prickly bumps appearing across my cheeks to an angry red rash, which was so severe the skin looked burned.
Avatar n tn Not quite the butterfly rash, but it does burn. I have read that people with Lupus don't get pimples in the crease below the nose/above the lip. Sheesh, I get pimples there, too! Mom and I have asthma, mold issues, allergies, dry eyes, pain in extremities, arthritis swelling, body aches like the flu... Before my Hashi diagnoses, doctors thought it was Lupus, then MS because of the muscle weakness. Read this article on urticaria rashes: http://www.urticaria.thunderworksinc.
Avatar n tn This includes serositis (pleurisy or pericardiatis), mouth ulcer, low WBC or leucopenia/anemia (hemolytic)/thrombocytopenia/lymphopenia, arthritis, kidney involvement, high ANA, finding of Smith Antibody (Anti-Smith)/ dsDNA/ antiphospholipid antibodies (anticardiolipin immunoglobulin G [IgG] or immunoglobulin M [IgM] or lupus anticoagulant), neurological features like seizures and psychosis, discoid rash and malar rash. So, yes, blood in urine should raise the suspicion of lupus nephritis.
Avatar n tn For years, about 16, I would develop an itch while in the sun. The itch does not take long to begin, once I am out in the sun. At the beginning, of course, it would take more exposure than it does now. I try not to go out into the sun, much, but I am an outdoor person and this is very hard. I have restricted a lot of my activity to the evening, after the sun goes down.
Avatar n tn Last year I had a red rash around the nose from Psoriasis which looked a lot like Lupus except that it was also over the nose. the reason why the rash in Lupus looks like that is also linked to the particular composition of the skin in that area of the face, therefore you could have a reaction with a similar shape for from a different origin, eczema, psoriasis or another autoimmune reaction.