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Avatar f tn Do people with Lupus almost always have the "butterfly" rash/redness on their face? My friend is being worked up for possibly having Lupus but does not have the rash?Just wondering how common the rash is, she is really worried.
Avatar f tn but I do get heat flushed often and my face flushes like a lupus rash..this only lasts about 1-2 hours at a this the same as lupus rash?
Avatar m tn However, from the description given by you, it seems you might be having an autoimmune skin condition called Discoid lupus erythematosus, that causes a red, raised rash on the face and scalp. Around 1–5% of these cases develop into Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). In discoid lupus, only the skin is typically involved. The rash is usually red and may have raised borders. It is usually painless and does not itch.
1319928 tn?1274347872 The dry eyes and mouth sound like sjorgen's. Eye drops and lots of fluids will help. Some people also keep some hard candies handy to suck on. I have also been diagnosed with lupus, but I don't have the rash. My face will get red, but not the raised rash. I know how you are feeling. It took me 8 years to get a dx. Most drs just gave up and said they didn't know. I haven't been able to get a handle on my symptoms yet.
Avatar n tn My wife developed this red rash on her on her face mostly on her cheeks and nose about six to eight months ago. At first we thought it was acne but no acne treatment helped. Our dermatologist doesn't know what it is. It happened about the same time she had her ears pierced. The backs of her ears have been swollen and red and she has a rash down the side of her neck starting from the base of her ears. She also says that her neck is itchy.
Avatar m tn ve been reading this forum for the past week trying to get some answers about these rashes on my face. I am 19 y/o Male. I was just wondering what are the characteristics of a lupus rash? I have had this same rash on my face for about a year now, it is two patches on each side of my face almost connecting to my nose. It gets extremely dry at times and just peels costantly, and occasionally itches. I read in alot of posts here that the rashes get worse in the sun.
Avatar m tn No it goes from under her nose to her chin, not on her cheeks.
Avatar f tn I'm super afraid of during from lupus... I started getting light butterfly rash and burning feeling in my face... My fingers hurt ... The face is super sensative to light.... The doc did ana cuz my face started to get red few months ago ... But it started to take a butterfly shape just 5 days ago... Ana that was done a month ago came back normal.... They did a panel test yesterday should get results tomorrow or tuesday....
Avatar f tn Hi i am not very familiar with lupus---------however, recently------maybe 2 months ago--i noticed a rash on my face--esp. in the morning----------i then us make-up to cover it during the day----------it is on my cheeks and some on my nose-----------------i do have fibromyalgia-----------and am getting over a major fm flare--------as i had both hips replaced in mid-sept. I am so tired--and i dont feel it is related to the surgery. Any suggestions?? I would appreciate any help!
Avatar f tn I was sent to a rheumatologist. I have a rash that will not go away hands, arms, face, scalp, back, legs, and chest. A dermatologist said they could not help me to see the rheumatologist. The rheumatologist is repeating the test. No one is helping the rash or giving me anything, any suggestions?
Avatar n tn t been diagnosed with lupus but my butterfly rash has been very persistent the last 6 months or so. no swelling but I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia so pain is a constant part of my life as well as chronic fatigue.
2183922 tn?1340289260 It may not be high enough for the doctor to call you positive for Lupus. But did they biopsy your face rash? You may have discoid lupus or systemic. Did they do a RA test and anti DNA? You can ask the doctor about those too. They usually are all positive for Lupus. The homogeneous pattern is typical of Lupus too but other things can cause a positive ANA. If your doctor is not a specialist in Lupus I would get a good rheumatologist this is.
Avatar f tn Only to reappear on my hands, and now it has been six months. Not only is there a rash on my hands but now I have a new rash on my face. It is found along my hairline, above my right eye, below the eyebrow, and on the underside of my chin. It looks like someone scratched my chin and it became red and swollen. It is about a half of a centimeter in width. So if I don't have lupus, do you have any idea what it could be?
Avatar n tn This sounds like Lupus. In fact, it sounds EXACTLY like Lupus, which is another autoimmune disease. The butterfly rash is characteristic of this disease. So is hair loss and dry, flaky skin. I would contact a doctor ASAP and get this checked out.
Avatar m tn my wife has a rash on her face, mostly cheeks and bridge of nose and also on her chest and arms for about 2 wks. she had a fever ever night for one week, but that has subsided. her rash does not itch but she does have muscle ache and fatigue along with loss of appetite. she has loss 10 pds. in 2 wks. her dr. prescribed hydrocortisone and some fungal cream but neither is working. blood test were done but results might take two wks. to review!
647391 tn?1275016633 What I am wondering is it possible that I would now test positive for Lupus. What I have read on rashes that a lupus rash can show up on the face, neck, or chest. I almost want to go right now and have it checked out to see what a doctor thinks. Easier to show then describe what the rash looks like. What kind of information can you provide me that would be helpful in figuring out what is going on with me.
939031 tn?1289956654 the Fifth disease has the lacey rash instead of the red butterfly rash on the face of Lupus. Both have unexplained fevers and body aches and pains. See a rheumatologist - he/she might be able to determine which one it is. What a conundrum! It is really frustrating that both present with the same type of symptoms and results! Must drive the doctors nutty!!
237053 tn?1258828426 Hi, No my mouth problems isn't thrush. I'm not on any medication right now. I am hoping lupus would've been caught from all the blood work. I don't have the rash on my face, or sensitivity to sun or's just kinda scary.
742950 tn?1232594165 There is a possibility it can be. Other things that mimic lupus symptoms are lymes, rocky mountain tick fever, fibromyalgia, MS and low Vit. D. Here is a web site that might help you sort out the lupus question: SYMPTOMS: Lymes: fever, headache, chills, severe muscle pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, rash, cough, lymphadenopathy (?), arthralgia (?
Avatar f tn I was wondering is you have a negative ANA which mine was does that mean that you do not have lupus in your body? I had a punch biospy on my face and that came back positive for lupus. I do have joint pain, cold feet, swelling of legs rash on legs.
Avatar n tn Today I noticed a red circular rash around the outer area of my armpit. Can this be lupus? Does a lupus rash ever show up on the armpit like this? What should I do. Thank you!
Avatar m tn t think anything of it then in 2005 had another flare that was more intense this time. Rash to face more pronounced on one side with facial edema. Rash was painful, burning, and raised. Went to a new PCP who thougth I might have Lupus. I had a positive ANA, and higher sed rate but subsequent tests for Lupus were negative. Again resolved on it's own w/o medication. Then last month I had my worst flare, but it was gone within a week.