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Avatar f tn The "butterfly" rash - also known as a malar rash - is a very common symptoms of lupus, however, you don't necessarily have to have it to have lupus. It does occur in approximately 40-60% of lupus patients. There are different types of lupus, too, so depending on what type of lupus your friend may have, the rash may not be as common. It's also important to remember that not all cases of lupus are alike - some of the symptoms one person has, another person may not have.
Avatar f tn Very recently I had a sudden severe dizzy spell that did not last long but, scared me so that I was afraid to go to sleep. I have noticed some joint swelling and extreme aching. Is it possible that this is a Lupus flare up!
Avatar f tn Do you have a rash? I have lupus and I have a rash that comes and goes on my upper arms, it's barely noticeable but I know it's there. But yes it can definitely be associated with lupus. Do tell your doctor but don't be scared. Most of us get it.
483733 tn?1326798446 For those of you who have both Lupus and fibro, does your fibro flare along with your Lupus when your Lupus is flaring? I know I am having a Lupus flare largely due to increased joint pain and swelling and the malar rash shining bright. I do feel pain in my pain points too and wonder if it is common to get them both flaring together when a Lupus flare hits.
Avatar m tn Ok history back in 1994 I had a flare of an unknown condition. Had a rash to my trunk and face that was itching and burning. Went to ER they had to clue what it was ended up leaving went to my PCP and was diagnosed with pityriasis rosea. Didn't think anything of it then in 2005 had another flare that was more intense this time. Rash to face more pronounced on one side with facial edema. Rash was painful, burning, and raised. Went to a new PCP who thougth I might have Lupus.
1291551 tn?1278098040 I know everyone is different but people talk about certain triggers giving them a flare. Do people mean when they get the tired/rash/symptoms? I have had lupus affect my muscles and then my spinal cord. Both times were resolved after aggressive pharmacotherapy. For me, those are my flares. I don't understand the lingo of a "flare" when it refers to less severe acute attacks.
Avatar f tn I have the arthritis, malar rash, anemia, photosensitivity, and positive ANA with speckle pattern. It was my family Dr who diagnosed me. The diagnosis is in print, not just stating it. She started me on Prednisone right away for the inflammation and Plaquenil for the Lupus symptoms. The Plaquenil seems to help, but recently I am back in a flare.
Avatar f tn I think I'm confident that I know what's going on, but I kinda just wanted to "confirm" my suspicions. Last Saturday was my town's Fall Festival Parade, which was great, but I was sitting with my left arm in direct sun for about two hours or more. Of course, I had neglected to put sunblock on before going to the parade (I know, stupid!
Avatar n tn Her symptoms are these, she starts off with her lips that begin to swell up and then her face and shortly after it is followed by an unsightly rash, but it is not a butterfly rash it is like acne spots all over her face. She feels tired and her eyes are red and dry and they also swell up like she is having an allergic reaction to something.
Avatar f tn During a lupus flare my baby head-butted me in the lip and soon after I got a sore. The sore healed in a few days but by that night a rash started to appear near to in side of my bottom lip where my lips touch. As the bottom lip healed the rash moved to my top lip where my lips meet. For over 2 weeks the rash has been bouncing all over my lip, healing and popping back up. I saw 2 doctors that don't think it's a cold sore and I even got a negative blood test for the antibodies.
Avatar n tn A friend of mine with lupus has the typical arthritic flare ups, lack of energy, and diet restrictions but I'm not too sure about any other symptoms that are common with it.
Avatar f tn t have lupus- blood work in lupus patients show inflamation and immune over activity. He also says the test used to detect ANA and the anti-Sm are too sensitive and lead to false positives- If the test was done the "old" way, it would probably be negative but no one will do that test because it takes too long and is too expensive. Should I be out celebrating, or should I be preparing for a second opinion? I already have an appointment with another rhuemy in about 6 weeks.
Avatar f tn kaydiane I have those symptoms as well, this weekend was the first sunny weekend and I went out on a roadtrip with my mom and within 10 minutes of being out in the sun I had a bad flare-up.
1278097 tn?1325611497 I have a 6 year old boy who has extreme joint pain, sensitvity to the sun , really bad butterfly rash,ras on chest, back, hands and feet (especially when exposed to sun), occasionally dizziness, periods of stomach and intestinal pain and upset. Seems to have flare ups of these symptoms during the summer months (late May to September). His dr. just sent him on Friday for ana test and an other blood test to test for lupus. I'm very scared.
Avatar f tn Hi, Just wanted to comment on a couple of things. We have low vitamin D my endochrinologist says because we cannot be out in the sun. And you are right some of us lupus patients have negative Ana's. Mine has always registered negative and one doctor finally told me the reason why. He said because of my Hashimoto's (hyop-thyroid) disease I have very very high thyroid antibodies, and because they are so high they mess with the ana tests.
1136439 tn?1290178052 Thanks for your support. This is how I got diagnosed: ANA positive 1:160 speckled. Sun Sensitivity positive biopsy for rash consistant with lupus Also have livedo reticularis and possibly Raynaud's Also tested positive for smooth muscle antibody but my Rheumy is not concerned. I do have a question for you. One of my blood test for an anticoagulant (anti beta 2 glycoprotein ab) came back negative at 4. According to the lab under 10 would be a negative.
Avatar f tn I have ulcerative colitisColitis Irritable bowel syndrome Ischemic colitis Necrotizing enterocolitis Salmonella enterocolitis Ulcerative colitis, and about the time i was experiencing a flare up, i noticed this weird rash on my faceFace pain, which the ER doctor called a butterfly rash.
Avatar f tn I think one of your question that was not addressed was, does everyone with lupus have the malar rash (butterfly rash)? About 35% of patients with systemic or discoid lupus report a butterfly rash on their cheeks.
1012861 tn?1250949418 After him I was extremely fatigued, had joint pain and developed a rash over my nose and cheeks. I saw my primary who did an ANA which was positive and SED rate that was slightly elevated she sent me to a rheumotologist. They ran several test which didn't really tell us alot. He told me it can take years to diagnose. I still have "episodes" of feeling horrible joint pain fatigue the rash and more recently blood in my urine.
Avatar f tn t stay awake during the day, chest pain and pressure, nausea, dry mouth and eyes, ear sores, sensitive to the sun and heat, night sweats, hot all the time, and losing alot of hair. Does this sound like lupus? What happens when you are having a lupus flare? Please help. If you have any advice to help me please write back.
Avatar f tn I'm super afraid of during from lupus... I started getting light butterfly rash and burning feeling in my face... My fingers hurt ... The face is super sensative to light.... The doc did ana cuz my face started to get red few months ago ... But it started to take a butterfly shape just 5 days ago... Ana that was done a month ago came back normal.... They did a panel test yesterday should get results tomorrow or tuesday....