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Avatar f tn Hi - I wrote in about my son's lump behind his ear. The doctor was not concerned at all - said it was probably inflammation - he went on Augmentin for two weeks and it went down, however, he got a ton of mosquito bites on his head, neck and face this past weekend, and I noticed another swollen lymph node - pea sized above the original one. Do bug bites harbor cause lymph nodes to swell? He has no other symptoms - like fever or lethargy or weight loss.
Avatar n tn i found lump behind my son's ear who is 8 .it just apppeared over night and was sore to touch. went to docs who said much the same that was inflamed node.and if he becomes pale or sick or find more lumps to go back but my son's not been ill or even had a cold for months .after a couple of weeks it went down. then my son noticed it was back and within couple of days there was 3 lumps . sometimes his ear goes really red and hot and its sore as well.
Avatar n tn Hi All, I am a 23 year old female and about 3 months ago I found a hard, immovable lump behind my right ear. There is one behind my left ear too but it is much smaller. I went to my Dr and he said it was just part of my normal anatomy. I wasn't convinced. I went to see another Dr who said the same but done a blood test anyway. The results came back clear.
Avatar m tn He is now 6 years old, perfectly healthy, but I notice, and he does too, that it's still there and slightly bigger, more like a small marble now - he says he can move it around, but it starts to hurt when he does - it is on the bone behind the ear. He calls it his 'baby bump'. I keep telling myself it's the fatty lump. But am inwardly worried. Is it fat and will it never get any bigger?
Avatar n tn He did not need a shunt and has met all of his milestones up to this time. I recently discovered a lump on his scalp behind his left ear. The lump flattens when you press on it and inflates when you let go. It is more of a round shape, almost the size of a dime. It has no color that I can see. It lies under his hair. Sometimes the lump goes away temporarily. It is easy to make it reappear by making him laugh or when he cries or is straining in some way. It does not pulsate that I know of.
Avatar f tn I had my 7 year old at the doctor this morning. I noticed a pea-sized/shaped lump behind his left ear. She said it was an inflamed lymph node. It was reacting to a mosquito bite he had on the back of his head near his hair line. I saw the node first before I even saw the bug bite. She said not to worry about it at it did not need treatment. She said the gland could remain swollen for up to 3 months. Did anyone out there ever have this happen to their child?
Avatar n tn The osteopath pointed out a lump, located between my son's skull and the fold of his neck (behind his ear). I am very worried as I had not noticed it before. It seems to move slightly but feels hard. It is approximately 5mm in terms of size. What is it and what should I do?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a quarter sized soft lump on my head, behind my right ear. It is the same color as the rest of my skin, round and smooth, and the mass moves when I put pressure on it. I saw a dermatologist last year and was told that it was a mass of fat tissue and not to worry; however, it has grown since then. It doesn't hurt so I've left it alone but it's definitely gotten bigger. I just graduated and don't have medical insurance yet... Can anyone help?
Avatar n tn For the last 2 yrs I have also been getting painful sharp pain in my right eye. Something strange is growing behind my right ear one is almost like a blister more oval, the other a little bigger and hard they feel sore if I press it. May Dr says I may be hypothyroid what really concerns me is cancer. Is there a chance I may have it or can these symptoms be normal? I appreciate your opinion.
Avatar n tn I am so glad I found this forum. My almost 11 month old daughter has a hard lump behind her right ear and has had it since birth. I was told it was just the way her head formed and not to worry. I got a second opinion and this doc said to keep an eye on it because it does seem to move. It hasn't gotten any bigger and it doesn't cause any pain to my knowledge. We are going in for her 12 month visit and I am going to request an Xray just to put my mind at ease!
554428 tn?1215407149 My son has a lump on his right middle finger at the tip on the side. It is yellow and very hard. He says that it does not hurt at all. It started out (months ago) as what looked like an ant bite (small whitehead atop a conical lump). In the past few weeks it has grown considerably. We showed it to his pediatrician and she referred us to a pediatric dermatologist. Unfortunately the dermatologist cant see him until July 17th. Please help. Pictures can be seen at : http://s15.photobucket.
Avatar n tn I don't get them anywhere besides my bikini line (and occasionally behind my ear if I sleep with earring in) and think it is more associated with shaving and confining clothes than anything. And perhaps an infection in my nostrils. I will have to keep you posted on that one.
Avatar n tn -) Meanwhile, if you are worried enough, and if you feel like it would be better (safer) not to wait, --just go to a good Emergency Room, and ask them what they think is going on, with the lumps behind your son's left ear. Let us know what happens with the possible diabetes, and the lumps behind his ear. Hang in there! You are a good mother. Your son is lucky that you are working on helping him! :-) Sincerely, Concerned lady http://cantbreathesuspectvcd.
Avatar m tn dear as i have seen one of your reply in which you have mentioned that your son who got golf ball like lump behind ear can u tell me more abt his symptoms ,and yaa ,that was i think parotid swelling ,as for as i am concern you are right i am spending much time to see internet for this and belive me what ever i am seeing i am getting that ,but till now got no fever and diherea,now at present i ahve uncomfortable neck and little uneasyness behind both ear now i am thinkg that i have parotid probl
Avatar n tn thank you for answering me, it does make me feel better. My son's lump though is on the side, right by his veins. Hopefully it is nothing and just that.
Avatar n tn I only have these symptoms in my right ear, but they are not only on the ear they are behind it too in the groove where the ear attaches to the head. Anybody else having that? I have found a couple of things that seem to help, but like everyone else, no cure :-(. I have been using the Gold Bond lotion that fairly new. Its in a white bottle with a gold top, its like for extremely dry skin. That has worked well in helping with the redness and itching.
Avatar n tn Hello, my twelve year old son was diagnosed with a lymphangioma a few months ago after living with a lump on the right side if his neck which started as the size of a pea behind his ear. It is now the size of a tennis ball and half of that growth literally happened two nights ago when he complained of pain and woke up with it twice the size. He was already a patient of Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital following his diagnosis and they have now decided to take it out with surgery.
Avatar f tn I looked in my mouth last night and it looks like I have a wart or abscess on my gum on the bottom right behind my tooth. My gums on my cheeks seems as if they are swollen on each side inside my mouth and there is a white film like substance on them. I have read how hard it is to detect Oral Cancer. I contacted the Ear nose and throat clinic and they said they do not test for Oral Cancer. I just don’t know what to do next as far as getting tested for Oral HPV Im just at a loss.
Avatar f tn I have had a gland in the crease of my left leg and the lump that was removed behind my ear from Cat Scratch fever, was also on the left. Does lyme work this way? One sided more than the other? At this time, I have to request my lab tests, in order to bring them with me to my LLMD. Thank you, and I definately have more, but this was getting long enough. !
Avatar f tn Lol My 8 month old has hair on his testicles and a lump on his hand. The lump normal we found out hair on a baby not normal found at 4 months old and has been pulling at ears but they have been looked at and are ok. He was also born at 37 +3 because of Gestational hypertension and I worry about getting that again with baby girl 21 weeks tomorrow.
Avatar f tn Only one lump and I was told by some physicians that it was a swollen lymph node. It feels like there is a swollen area on the back behind my ear. And there is swelling on the lower part of the back of my head. My old physician said it was likely just swelling, a knot and probably nothing to worry about. I'll have to look up my platelets. 3 times they were very high, above the normal level.
Avatar f tn In Nov 07 the symptoms came back, not all of them, but the horrible fatigue and the gland by my right ear and behind my neck stay swollen all the time...I feel like all I do is sleep and when Im up Im tired...I had some blood work done and should get them back soon...I take vitamins and lots of B12 everyday and drink lots of water. I guess what I need is help to get proactive about my situation...What should I do, what doctor should I go to, any advise you have for me would be great.
Avatar m tn Had persistent ear infections until age 2 and then tubes. Produces lots of wax. Regular headaches. Cardiac workup due to chest pains and benign arrythmias Breathing issues with running As a baby: Myoclonic jerk---looks just like a seizure...EEG was normal. Feeding issues, gagging Never slept Reflux Poor muscle tone diagnosed in grade school. IEP in grade school due to speech issues and inattention 8th grade bad grades his final quarter as Depression has finally set in!
Avatar n tn I had a brain MRI in April of this year, everything was normal, the doc did this because of the facial tingling that I have on the left side of my face. I do have jaw stiffness, and ear pain on that side, but no cracking or popping noise, I don't know if I grind my teeth at night or not, I know that my husband and son do all the time, I probably don't get enough sleep to grind my teeth, from them keeping me up. LOL!!!
Avatar n tn I found a round area about the size of a half dollar behind my ear that was red with blisters. My first symptom was a stiff, swollen neck. I was actually relieved when the doctor said he thought it was shingles. He prescribed two types of antibiotics and a pain reliever. The outbreak never got any bigger on the outside, but I have been itching all over my entire body. I don't know that this isn't my mind messing with me, but I've been taking benedril (sp?) and it seems to help.
Avatar n tn She now wants me to get it examined by an ear, nose and throat doctor. Shed said it's a lump and that it is quite large and I don't have it on the other side of the back of my neck.... so she just wants an ENT doctor to take a look at it. I wasn't even that nervous about her asking me to go to see him, because I generally feel well.
Avatar m tn ewford, This isn't a flaming type of forum here - as shell pointed out we are a civilized group that is open to new ideas when they can be backed with real science. I won't pretend to understand all the science behind what you are purporting here. I can tell you I was raised in a large family, all in the same environment and I am the only one with MS. I did not serve in the Gulf War, my spouse was never in the service, and my tests for MS are positive and my Lyme tests are negative.
Avatar n tn our son has a high platelet count, 725 it started just before xmas, my husband noticed a small lump behind his ear,so we took him to the doctor,he said to us his glad was swallon, 9 days later the other side was the same, he has a silent reflux he got 'rainitidine' from the doctor which helps i think, he still crys alot through the day.. but the doctor said there was nothing to worry about some babys do cry, this has been no answer to us this is my fifth son !!