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Avatar n tn Or if I press real hard on it, or around it, it feels like I am touching a nerve, and then there is a sensation that shoots to my right ear. I sometimes part my hair where the crease (or dent) is and I could put the tip of my finger nail in it. Sorry it sounds weird, but maybe someone else has this same issue, or close to it. Often I've notice that it takes me awhile to remember the smaller things, like where did I put the car keys?.I did tell the Dr.
210459 tn?1197085792 About two and a half years ago my father felt a lump on the left side of his throat about two inches below his ear. It seemed to be growing so he went to the doctor and had a CT scan. And yes it turned out to be cancer. A squeosma (spelling?) cell carcenoma. The best guess is that it was from cancer cells that migrated to his neck from a spot of skin cancer that he had removed from just infront of his left ear.
Avatar n tn EKG Echo TEE CT scan of stomach, lungs and heart bloodwork to check every illness under the sun upper GI lower GI Kidney x-ray - reacted highly allergic Kidney scan 24 hour kidney test and I'm sure there were more I forgot Doctors: Internist Cardiologist Hematologist Neurologist Hypertension Specialist Urologist Pulmonary Specialist Shrink - one time, forget it, most of them need a shrink themselves. I know others have been helped by shrinks, not for me.
324911 tn?1276284982 i have been feeling like i could pass out fequently for the las week or so but then i actually did so hopefully all is ok. apart from that i am still throwing up a few times a day and the kids have both had ear infections so all fun and games here. my hubby has gone to spain for 3 weeks and i miss him terribly i just dont know how you do it keeks. will he be around when the baby is born?? you are so good to be able to deal with not seeing him for a month - i am hopeless.
Avatar n tn I also feel weird pains throughout my body throughout the course of the day, at a couple of certain spots in my forearms, at a couple of certain spots in my inner thighs -- the pain will leave these areas and re-enter my toes for 30 seconds, then my fingers, sometimes my jaw, my neck, behind my ear, the back of my head -- all day this goes on. I wonder if adderall/yaz could have created a serious problem. . .
503727 tn?1210442710 hello, Im a 25 yr old male that suffered with severe anxiety attacks for about a year and I just recently got to where i dont have them as much... actually I havent had one in about 8-10 months. I was going through ALOT of emotional stress, I had just seperated my shoulder (which added to alot of insecurities I have), I was just starting college (couldnt even pay attention because I was worried everybody was staring at me) and it gets worse and worse etc etc...
Avatar f tn 6 more weeks to go. My co-worker did bring her baby in on Thursday, so I got to hold a newborn. She was so tiny and cute, it made me want to cry. I finished up with my writing class this week (YAY) and I will take my final exam for my accounting class next weekend. I'm just trying to finish up some homework and a quiz right now. So I will be all done by next weekend and summer semester doesn't start until May 26 - six whole weeks off YIPEE!!
599170 tn?1300977493 Thanks to everyone for sharing your views and doing it w/understanding for each other - what a refreshing debate! I too am pro-choice but of course there's a story behind it & of course I'm entering this discussion late in the game but here goes: My grandmother got pregnant in the '40s. She was so upset about being pregnant (again) & maybe a little off her rocker that she just about gave herself an abortion & lost her life in the process.
Avatar f tn From that point on I have been dealing with lighheadedness, dizziness, and many other things daily. I went to my doctor and he said I had an inner ear infection which caused damage to my ear and said I had vertigo from it. Prescribed me antivert and sent me on my way. Needless to say, it didnt work. I have other symptoms like ringing in my ears, and weird vision things, which when I google could be a tumor. This has ruined my life.
Avatar n tn The final straw was waking one morning (after almost 3 years of this) with severe arm pain with neck pain on the side all the way up to my ear. The shoulder blade was hurting also. Dr sent me for an MRI which revealed cervical degenerative disc disease and 3 bulging discs and some bone spurring on c7. There is some compartment narrowing on the 7. I did all the conservative treatments and am scheduled for surgery June 30th. The pain has become severe to me.
961574 tn?1520651703 I had to go to my acupuncturist and I was falling asleep behind the wheel... I really had to force myself to pay attention...
Avatar n tn told me I don't need PT. But who knows this guy may be really good and cam make a silk purse out of a sows ear.. My home PT has helped my achillies an calf a bit but the ankle has no strength at all.
1462588 tn?1345065395 I will probably have my transfer between 7-15 December (we are transferring donated embies) so I will be right behind you. Good luck!!!
Avatar n tn I would say my skin has a tendency to dryness, with very mild eczema. I think this is behind the root cause of my eyelid problem (rather than any blocking of oil secretion ducts around the eyelids as with blepharitis. I read the following web page which had some useful information about dry skin, particularly the issue about a lack of specific nutrients.
Avatar f tn But there WILL be someone who cares enough to read into it. I think the Dr. Oz idea is a great one, and anyone who might have a willing ear and/or audience/resources to help us. I think I also mentioned Icy Hot in a post somewhere on this site (btw, threads appear for Brachioradial Pruritus in both dermatology AND in neurology, at least, maybe elsewhere on this site too, so read on....) I am also currently using White Flower oil, which has menthol in it...
Avatar n tn Then I split 25mg gelcaps into 4 pills so i was down to about 6mg a day. I was still ok and figured the worst would be behind me as 6mg is nothing. I took my last 6mg pill on Jan17th and on Feb6th I started to get foggy headed. Within 2 days I have started to develop trouble sleeping...Its like I am tired but just as I am starting to fall asleep I get like an energy jolt to wake me...not a brain zap but just jolts. My sensory overload is high.If i move my head too quick i get dizzy.
Avatar n tn is the lack of care and concern the doctors have for you when you are showing all the rest of the pregnancy symptoms. They solely go on test results.. but then.. what are the reasons behind everything else? I wish they were more thorough. It would definitely put my mind at ease..