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Avatar f tn Losing weight is not easy. Go online use your weight and height and fine you BMW and what it should be. Then if you are serious diet and exercise will work to lose pounds. That means sacrifice of fun foods and being tired and sweaty from exercise. Stay away from fast foods sugar drinks sugar snacks. Eat protein and lots veg. Snack on fruits and health stuff. Stay away from nuts. Best exercise is hiking a trail. Do it so you sweat at the end. Maybe 2 miles first then 4-5 everyday.
594189 tn?1386916607 Why am I not losing pounds? Can all the hiking I have been doing cause my clothes to fall off but not to lose pounds?
594189 tn?1386916607 I agree with you about exercise. Wish I had something breath taking at the end of my exercise. I do however do better when I can take a walk or ride my bike!!
Avatar f tn I am 35 year old, lady, 5 feet and my weight is 70 kg. All my life I have been involved with sports, examples are sea kayaking , biking, hiking, swimming,soccer, badminton. I know that I have very muscular legs. I have been trying now to lose that excess fat with no succss.
Avatar f tn I didnt start hiking ...
Avatar n tn I added foam padding to the strap of a backpack that left a free space right where the strap would contact the ICD area. My pack was about 50 pounds. It worked fine. You have to make sure the extra padding is long enough before and after the gap to spread the weight of your pack out over a distance. You can get various types of foam at upholstery supply companies along with the glue that is used to adhere it to just about anything. I did alter mine alittle after using it for several hours.
Avatar n tn m much fatter than my brother.. I always walk, run, and having some extremely exercise like hiking.. But.. My weight always increase.. What can I do..??
Avatar f tn If you're hiking on mountain trails, and you don't say if you are, hiking boots are made for that. Today's light-weight hiking boots are really running shoes inside a firm support shoe for the bends and creases of mountain hiking. Aside from that, if you don't have shin splits -- if you do, you have to deal with that before doing anything else -- are you stretching at all? You might be very tight, which makes it harder to do new things.
542730 tn?1234673838 t need to give up all the yummies either a treat once a week isnot going to hinder any weight loss, weight watchers , Inches they are great places and resources to go to , they may feel likle there expensive , but I am telling u they work, I have a friend who weight watchers got her to her goal and then some and she has stayed that way for years, I myself went with inches and I tell u it was amazing how quickly I lost weight,, I am not a very big person and needed to lose 25 pounds after my firs
Avatar n tn I started trying to lose weight then SURPRISE. so i looked up how to safely lose weight and it said to know how much you need to gain... My question is how can you tell how much weight you are gaining if you are loosing weight?
Avatar f tn i was wondering if anyone else out there has trouble losing weight with hypthyroidism?
Avatar n tn Hi, I have been on the anti candida diet since November 08. I am doing great and I'm getting better, my food allergies are slowly going away which I am very happy about! The only problem I'm having is losing too much weight. I was 58kg when I started and now I'm 51kg, this is too skinny for me. What can I eat to gain some weight that won't ruin my diet? I am allergic to gluten, dairy, yeast, almonds, psyllium and of course I can't have sugar at the moment.
Avatar n tn I know the feeling. There is always a tomorrow or next week when it comes to proactively losing weight. And if I feel overweight then yes I want the weight gone yesterday. Some advice. Don't drop the weight quickly, this is rarely a long-term solution. If I took time and had the mental discipline I could have lost weight many times over. Do it once, do it right. Issues with weight and body image are taxing (emotionally, physically and financially) and demoralizing.