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Avatar n tn I have been reading up on this and I am interested in participating but I havent really heard of anyone talking about the cost. Are there so many shots that you need to take a week or is it is one? Thanks for any info that you can share.
11538743 tn?1419151329 My concern is this must be treated with a steroid , probably Depro-medrol injection or Prednisone pills. (and I hate steroids for animals , because of their side effects), but short term this is what should heal these sores. Veterinary supervision is required because this is considered a pre-cancerous condition, and Early vigorous treatment is required. Sometimes this is an indication of a compromised immune system and your cat should be tested for the Leukemia virus.
Avatar n tn there's a clinic that gives Lipoden injection it cost me $20.00.
Avatar m tn I have just two more queries that I hope you will please answer for me. I have had cold sores before, always recurring in my bottom left lip. Now, it is usually just a tingling feeling that goes away. I was worried about the possibility of genital herpes. Both doctors once again said that if I had genital herpes I would have known by now, because it would have been very painful and I would have felt very unwell.
172023 tn?1334675884 The vet said that some dogs with a deep lip fold have to have surgery to smooth out the fold and prevent the moisture that fosters the infection, or they just have to constantly be on an antibiotic. Um...not anxious to do either one of those choices. Did some research online, and found that German Shepherds often seem to suffer from this lip fold pyoderma. A GSD forum talked about using a cream called Penaten cream. Several of the people had good results.
Avatar n tn hi, i have a similar lip skin patch, have had it for about a week. did you ever find out what was going on with yours? did it resolve on its own?
Avatar f tn Thanks for all the info out here about lip and chin numbness. I just had some dental work done two days ago and my lower right lip and chin still feel like they are numb and itchy and tingling. I have been going crazy all weekend trying to scratch at it and see if I can get some more feeling in it. At least now I know after reading so many posts, it may not be normal but its not uncommon.I really hope I get some feeling back soon, I keep thinking I am drooling.
Avatar n tn I am using the am I take the lip tablets and go to the clinic for the B12,How do you get the injections.
Avatar m tn All of a sudden, she put her fingers on my lips. I had a split/cracked lip. I'm not sure if my lip was actually bleeding, but it was definitely not healed. I have been experiencing incredible anxiety worrying about this and whether this could be a possible HIV exposure, especially if my lip happened to be bleeding. Thank you very much for any info.
Avatar n tn It is rather an unintentional result from giving a dental anesthetic injection. When giving what we call a mandibular block or inferior alveolar nerve block injection, we are aiming for a nerve on the inside of the cheek to completely numb the whole nerve. The nerve goes down along the inside of the cheek and goes into the jawbone and provides nerve sensation for the teeth and lip. It also splits up before that to numb the tongue.
Avatar n tn I also got the lip b (fat burner) and the hcg shot. how long is that supposed to hurt. I blead when I got it. is that normal.
Avatar f tn has anyone had tingling around the mouth, inside the bottom lips, it feels numb and as though i am drooling (dont think i am though) Its like having an injection at the dentist thats just wearing off, feels weird numb and a little bit sore jean
Avatar m tn 15) do i have to go for Hep B injection or gardasil injection? 16) i took Blood test after 1 week and they said its positive. So even after 3 months window period, its same? 17) can tgis be aFungal or yeast infection? 18) i did Appendix surgery 3 months ago. Will there be any impact for that? 19) Can i drink beer weekly or monthly once? 20) Lip balms helpful?
Avatar n tn The discomfort is more in my eye tooth when I touch a certain area of my lip and my lip and the muscle in that area are still very tight and at times very painful. The TMJ specialist wants to put me on an anti-epileptic medication. I'm a bit resistant because there is substantial weight gain associated with these medications (which can be even more unhealthy than nerve damage).
Avatar f tn Every dentist needs to make every patient aware of the possibility of a paresthesia whenever giving a mandibular block injection. The chances of it happening are usually slim but if the nerve running along the lower part of the jaw gets entangled with the root tips or if they should pierce the nerve or even graze it patients can have the numbness in the lip, cheek or tongue, or all of them.
Avatar n tn This morning I received an injury to my face which forced my teeth through my bottom lip and knocked out one of my teeth which was reseated. They gave me morphine by injection at the ER and prescribed Vicodin and said I could take that as soon as I got home. The Vicodin worked at first and I fell asleep. When I awoke, I was in excruciating pain, worse than when the injury first happened. It was 2 hrs before I can have another Vidodin so I took 800mg of ibuprofen.
Avatar m tn I am hoping someone has some advice or some direction, this is a nightmare that I so really want to resolve, so far no cure or answer as to what exactly is wrong with me.. I will give some info and all details that I feel are related, if there are questions please ask, because like I said I want to get this resolved. I had my jaw broke almost 20 years ago, I am 37 now.. at that time it was wired shut, screws and plated were used to hold my jaw together.
Avatar f tn I think you're ok. If it were herpes you'd know it. It's a CLUSTER of TINY pus filled bumps on top of a red area. Exactly like a lip cold sore. Then it scabs up and goes away a few days or week later. You might have a pimple or rash, I once had that myself and an injection made it go away. Get tested to rule out syphilis, but you likely have no std... I would guess. And use some lube next time.
2088893 tn?1332690296 I had a herpes outbreak inside my mouth 3 months ago. My lip got so bad it got really swollen and big it looked lik i got lip injection it actually looked kind of good lol. Anyways i went to the doctor for it and she looked at it and confirmed it was a coldsore and you can get them inside your mouth.Honestly i'm not to sure if this was my 1st outbreak or not for two reasons.A week before that i made out with some guy heavy kissing but then again that week i was SOOO UNDER STRESS!
Avatar f tn I had metacril injections two weeks ago in Costa Rica to my lips and nasalabial folds. The metacril in the bottom lip has now turned into hard bumps, which I think was the result of going and having my teeth whitened afterwards and the Zoom laser hitting that area so long. Has anyone else had experience with metacril? Any recommended plastic surgeons in the Dallas area I can go to and follow up with this issue? Thanks!
Avatar m tn She had some dry lips though and earlier today I noticed a small scab on my lip. I don't know when I bit it. I know she didn't bite me. I've read stuff on the CDC site about HIV transmission through kissing. I like this lady and want to see her again. I just don't want to be a paranoid dick. Was there any risk of HIV infection? Thanks!
Avatar n tn of hot water falling on me (a foot or thigh), invisible ants having a little picnic beside my eye, an invisible bug sitting in the middle of my upper lip, etc. Look up info on the trigeminal nerve. That's what it sounds like to me. I have had such symptoms on both sides of my face although more on the left. I was partially worked up for MS (in fact was told that once by a neurologist, partly on the basis of having Lhermitte's) but then was told to forget it all and I didn't need to come back.
Avatar f tn I broke out with a cold sore on bottom lip and I know they say there is no cure for a herpes virus but it seems like the nature of Peg & Riba that this should not happen. Doctor says don't worry but I am. I still have 13 1/2 long weeks to make it to my 72 nd injection. Hgb has been 8.9 to 9.4 and whites 1.4 neuts 1.5. Do you all think this is a predictor of relapse after I finish?
Avatar n tn The discomfort is more in my eye tooth when I touch a certain area of my lip and my lip and the muscle in that area are still very tight and at times very painful. The TMJ specialist wants to put me on an anti-epileptic medication. I'm a bit resistant because there is substantial weight gain associated with these medications (which can be even more unhealthy than nerve damage).
Avatar n tn Also, I developed 2 vesicles on my lip (herpes on a lip), and slight nonproductive cough only if fever going up! I thought it is all because of immunostimulation by drugs. Today Hb 11.9, which drops from 12.7, Platelets dropped from 229 to 155, Please tell me if you had fevers almost all week after first injection? Were you doctor concern about prolonged fevers? Doc, said that if fever persist- no injection should administered! Did you have fever on a day of injection or not?
Avatar m tn In addition to that, she has an adnocarcinoma tumor on her lip that has gone into her lymph node. She's been on insulin for about a month now, and I do not feel like she is doing so good on this insulin. I 1st gave her 1 unit 2/day, and after a curve in Drs office, she decreased it to .5 unit 2/day. She's loosing body mass as I can feel her bones. I don't think she is eating as much as she should. Does her insulin need to be adjusted, or do you think she even needs it?
Avatar n tn Or lymph nodes. I noticed a small sore inside my lip that could be bc i bit my lip due to my anxiety disorder. Ive looked for similar cases on here but couldn't find any . The next day the sore wasn't as red anymore. Looks like its going away. But my soar throat worries me . Im right at 3-4 weeks and im possibly developing ARS symptoms. Im starting to think its bc i cry alot when i pray . Maybe the mucus that went down my throat caused it to get sore. Its not really "painful"soar .
1524811 tn?1333244901 D unable to breathe. I was prescribed Lovenox by injection twice daily. The prescribing DR knows I'm now 34 weeks pregnant, but when I read the drug disclosure inside the box it states clearly NOT TO BE USED DURING PREGNANCY, CAN CAUSE GASPING SYNDROME & FETAL DEATH. I'm TERRIFIED to continue these shots as my son will already have issues at birth & now this, but if I don't do the injections I can die.
Avatar m tn Supatash has given you good info there! I too have the neuropathic pain and have relied on gabapentin for last 4-5 yrs, I too find I now need to up the rx frm 1800-2100mg daily...WHAT DOSE ARE YOU ON? I have been to a pain far all I have had is an MRI and BONE SCAN..that shows herniated disks (DDD) and osteoperosis of hips and spine. I have gotten 2 cortisone injections to my hips that really helped with the hip pain but no real relief for the pain in my legs....