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11538743 tn?1419151329 My concern is this must be treated with a steroid , probably Depro-medrol injection or Prednisone pills. (and I hate steroids for animals , because of their side effects), but short term this is what should heal these sores. Veterinary supervision is required because this is considered a pre-cancerous condition, and Early vigorous treatment is required. Sometimes this is an indication of a compromised immune system and your cat should be tested for the Leukemia virus.
173975 tn?1216261375 I used regular old salt water and my sores and red welts would come and is my first day with no injection since last friday, and no copegus...lot less pills to take...having muscle twitches,and really tired and hungry...also bad headache...but I am sure it will get better...feels good to be done good thing I noticed is the heaviness in my chest is gone, I can breathe a deep breath and it feels wonderful...
Avatar m tn Told doctor my STD concerns, but he still just diagnosed as strep. (No swab.) Gave me injection of antibiotics and also a one-dose prescription of azythromicyn (4 pills) to alleviate my throat gonorreah fears. 3. Three weeks after exposure: formed single large-ish whitehead looking bump (sore to touch) near corner of mouth. Not touching lip, but just underneath.
Avatar n tn I have read literally 100s of entries hundreds of them , written by desperate people who have been harmed by the medical community, in some cases, compression in others and there is no help.Many many injection injuries, leading to TN, or PTTN resulting, Nothing that works, for long.
Avatar n tn Just about 2 months ago I began developing strange allergic reactions. They have occurred on my feet, hands, back of knee, upper thigh, lip and now tongue. I have gone to the doctor before and they said it was contact dermatitis. I have not figured out what I'm allergic to yet and am still waiting for a call back from the allergy department. Last night, I woke up at about 3am with a swollen tongue. It really freaked me out.
Avatar n tn Lastly, we are concerned about the sterility of the injection as you draw these products in to the syringe as well as the technique that is used in the injection process and the possibility of injection site problems (such as an abscess). Please take this information into consideration before continuing self injections for anyone looking into buying a self kit. Our main concern is your safety.
Avatar n tn I was riding with my husband reading the directions and noticed it said to warm to room temp prior to injection. So I took it out and stuck it in my purse. Not literally stuck it-placed it!
Avatar n tn It seems that unless you get HCG specifically for weight loss they only give you enough solvent for one injection. I will go through the injection phase again since I need to lose about 110 pounds and I think I'll go through a clinic that time to avoid the hassle. I could have been done with my injection phase by now if I'd done that. wfinspector, I'll be following the Simeons protocol so yes, gorging for three days then dropping to 500 calories. The Trudeau approach says two days.
1285653 tn?1288362229 Then the Lyrica quit working. It did help with the burning pain in the middle of my back and bottom lip. So Dr. Kula had me quit taking it. Now I am supposed to be taking Diamox have not received it in the mail yet. So I do not know how that one will work. My OBGYN put me on Ambien for sleeping, but I have not taken it yet, I am scared of the side effects. I am home all week by myself, so I am leary about taking any meds that will inter fear with my cholesterol meds.
251922 tn?1193786078 k so what I was thinking is we should do poll like results by who is doing IM and Sub Q, case I'm curious as to ow people are doing with either injection and size of injection; Itmama: a 150/dose - IM injection - lost 13 pounds in 15 days. Minimal excercise. loo: Ub: Ima: Girl: and so on... It might show a pattern that might never know...
Avatar n tn I am sooooo glad to read these posts. I used the Neutrogena Acne kit and had no real isses. The first couple of days it was a little rough on my skin, but I adjusted the amounts I used and it was fine. So I ran out of the cleanser and I still had plenty of the other products from the kit left so I bought similar Neutrogena face cleanser (thinking it was about the same). Well... my face and neck broke out in tiny little bumps and it feels like sunburn alsmost.
496771 tn?1209698358 This kit is PPD-, resorcinol- and ammonia-free, and uses vegetarian, plant-based dyes to permanently fix color. Also available: color protecting shampoo and conditioner, and semi-permanent tinting kits. You can find reviews all over that confirm its SAFE. I have done months of research trying o find a safe hairdye & this is the first i have know. I have found people who are severly allergic to PPD & has used this with no reaction at all.
4520139 tn?1355852769 -please please tell the Vet you don't want Metacam (a common anti-inflamatory) used... NOR any convienia injections....(antibiotic injection that has proven very dangerous) use only ORAL antibiotics and the best one for kitties undergoing dental surgery is ANTIROBE AQUADROPS..(clindamycin hydrochloride) re: pain med buprenorphine excellent choice esp for safety and nerve pain following extractions...
Avatar n tn It really helps because when I was getting an injection she hit a spot higher than where I put the cream and I could definitely tell the difference. I will tell how I chose the place I went to. Well first I went to Advanced in Chesterfield for a consultation. I thought that they told me that they would give me numbing cream also. I then went to Aeterna Medical Spa in St. Peter's. They also have other locations. There are supposed to be two different methods out there.
Avatar n tn B12 Shots are only for people who cannot make vitamin B12 naturally in their bodies, they are not for losing weight or as some suspect for giving a boost of energy - overdosing on any vitamin is not good for the body and with Vit B12 there is a minute amount of Cyanide in the injection, so I can't say it would be a good idea to use this - It is a live saver for those of us who really need it - but when your body is happy retaining and using the vitamins that are needed for good health why compli
Avatar f tn Because I live almost an hour away from the hospital I keep a dexamethasone injection kit on hand. Thankfully I've only needed to use it one time.
Avatar n tn In my second day after injection, all spots disappear, but it only last for about 3-4 weeks. I have now came accross a homoeopath and he immediately gave me 3 different preparations to use. One week later and all is blisters are gone and it is only the tiny bown spot and a little bit of skin that is cracking for which he also gave me a big pot of ointment. Would you like me to mention the name here or can I email you and give you the name?
280700 tn?1210287416 After I took Chlomid I used an ovulation prediction kit. There are physical signs but they are different for everyone and some of them like the cervical mucas the Clomid can change that.
407149 tn?1211736107 I just got done with my third steroid injection for a herniated disk in my neck. Everywhere I go I smell exhaust/gasoline. This is driving me nuts! My wife thinks it's a product of the steroid shots. I feel for all of you that have this condition. Anyone else out there with the same affliction?
Avatar m tn also people are being told that if they wear a condom there was no risk for vaginal and anal .how can anyone tell if the person has a high viral load unless you carry a rna test kit in your pocket .it would seem to be misinformation of sort for people to be told there is no risk when people are contracting hiv in these manners.
449498 tn?1338775639 someday you too will have 25 loud hotdogeating, music playing, text messaging,shrieking, lip glossing, dancing, pop drinking (did I mention LOUD???) 14 year olds thundering around what was once your house having their school year end party!!! Great now they're all running into the front yard to watch fireworks. (Maybe they'll go to the neighbours :)~~~ Okay I'm officially losing my pregnant hormonal mind....good news though the kids think dh and I are COOL...oh lucky US!!
Avatar m tn In the meantime, I also developed twitching in my lip and tingling in my hands and legs. I was hospitalized a total of 4 times within a month with a complete workup done for MS, including multiple MRI's and a spinal tap which showed nothing except a couple non-specific lesions in the brain. I was put on IV Solumedrol steroids to resolve "possible optic neuritis", which didn't resolve after the steroids and I was told it's not optic neuritis.
Avatar n tn When this happens, surgical removal in your health care provider's office may be necessary. Small inflamed cysts can often be treated by injection of steroid medications or with antibiotics." So it sounds like a rather quick, in-office procedure and only necessary if the cyst keeps coming back and becomes a nuisance.