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709686 tn?1277435759 WOuld anyone know if constipation is a side effect of Lexapro? Things seemed fine until I began taking this med.
404138 tn?1308945256 So sadly, I switched again. But lexapro is newer and is supposed to be great. Really I had no side effects. I did switch from zoloft to lexapro so maybe that is why, I already had zoloft still in me, but it is supposed to be an easily tolerated drug when it comes to side effects. It may take a little time to kick in, but it is all worth it. Good luck and keep us posted!!!
Avatar n tn The full informaton as regards side effects as well as beneficial effects is on the medication webste and you can discuss that with your psychiatrist. If things arent working out with them you can seek a second opinion but its essential to always ask first and follow specific directions betofre changng the dose of any medication.
Avatar f tn More common Constipation decreased interest in sexual intercourse diarrhea dry mouth ejaculation delay gas in the stomach heartburn inability to have or keep an erection loss in sexual ability, desire, drive, or performance sleepiness or unusual drowsiness trouble sleeping Less common Bloated or full feeling burning, crawling, itching, numbness, prickling, "pins and needles", or tingling feelings chills cough decrease
Avatar m tn You metabolism might get used to it, but Lexapro may cause these other side effects. Tell your doctor if any of these symptoms are severe or do not go away: •nausea •diarrhea •constipation •changes in sex drive or ability •drowsiness •increased sweating •dizziness •heartburn •stomach pain •excessive tiredness •dry mouth •increased appetite •flu-like symptoms •runny nose •sneezing Blessings!
709686 tn?1277435759 I started taking 10mg Lexapro daily exactly 1 month ago and I cant deffinately tell a difference in my anxiety and depression..I just cant handle the side effects. I have terrible constipation, lower abdominal pain, my chest gets really tight and I experience severe muscle cramps in my neck, shoulder and back. When I called my doctor he told me these were not common side effects of Lexapro and to continue taking the med. When I asked him if these will go away he said he could not be sure.
20632981 tn?1503691167 My question is, does Prozac have low side effects like Zoloft but does it work better? And should I be taking a SSRI or SNRI for depression and anxiety, what works better with less side effects?
Avatar n tn Anyway, the first couple of weeks I got some minor side effects - constipation, sexual side effects, foggy feeling (alleviated by taking the pill at night instead of morning). Just be sure when you go off it to wean off it slowly - like over the course of a month maybe or more.
Avatar n tn Nervousness. Irritability. Sweating. Nausea. Headache. Dry mouth. Constipation. Sleep problems. Possible addiction. What To Think About Phentermine is no longer marketed in Europe due to a possible association with heart and lung problems.1 It is not known whether these medications are safe to take for more than a few weeks. Weight generally is regained after stopping medication. The best weight-loss medication program will also incorporate a weight-loss diet and exercise.
Avatar m tn If you do the math, you will see there is very little left of the drug in your blood when you take your next dose. I suffer no side effects on 75 milligrams however I notice that it may take a little time for my heart to get up to speed when I work out. At thisblevel and higher there can occur a residual build up off the drug in your system. so occasionally I will withhold 2 days of medication in order to completely metabolize the drug before starting up again.
Avatar n tn Just researched side effects: "Mood swings and high blood pressure can also be attributed to the intake of HCG." Anyone having these or other side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, fatigue? My mood has been rather odd since I started the diet and HCG. Severely fatigued. Things seem a bit "off". PS: Bodybuilding websites state HCG should be injected intramuscularly. The more I research and learn, the more confused I get.
422425 tn?1307996590 I am having some strange symptoms that I think might be side effects....Just wondering if anyone who has taken it had really weird sleep distubances like funky dreams and feeling like you are drowning. I don't want to quit taking it because it really helps, but this is weird. Just wondering, thought I would post this before asking my DR.
Avatar n tn When I started Savella I was coming off Lexapro so either one could have caused the side effects of dizziness, and getting "spots" in front of my eyes. Also it felt like my food sat in my stomach forever! I was nausous nearly all day while taking it for about the first month. I tried eating a piece of toast first but it was really hard to eat anything till almost the end of the day. It was really hard. I never ended up being able to take the full dose. I am taking 25 mg 2x a day.
358304 tn?1409713092 I think your underlying anxiety is creating this fear of what your body is going through right now. Side effects of Lexapro in the GI category CAN include: nausea, diarrhea, dry mouth, loss of appetite, cramps, vomiting, constipation, GAS.................you stated you had pretty much all of these symptoms with the exception of dry mouth. So, do I think this stew of symptoms could POSSIBLY be related to a too fast w/d from Lexapro? Sure. (And do remember, I AM NOT A DOCTOR!!!!!
Avatar n tn I've been off Lexapro for about two weeks now. The "Brain Zapping" and other side effects are gone except for depression. I didn't have depression when I first started having the other side effects. The depression came about a week later. Does this last long? I hope it is just a short term side effect of coming off lexapro and not how I'm going to feel without being on it.
459981 tn?1212197581 I've been taking it for about two years. It took about 6 full weeks before it started working for me. In my case the side effects are very much like all the other SSRI medication I have taken. Some dry mouth, constipation, and just a bit of sexual side effects. Nothing real bad, just takes longer to finish, "if you get what I mean." There are some people that claim it's side effects were too much for them. I guess it just depends ones preception of what bad is.
709686 tn?1277435759 Because it didn't work for what we were trying to treat, I went up to 30mg, but had a lot of side effects and so I'm now tapering off, but everyone's different so our experience won't necessarily teach you much about yours, unfortunately.
4740939 tn?1358615156 Taking aspirin and Lexapro might make you more prone to bleeding and bruising -- that's a side effect of ssris. Klonopin is addictive. Both Lexapro and klonopin are very hard to stop taking. So again, if you don't suffer from incapacitating depression and anxiety, these drugs aren't targeted for you.
128966 tn?1212776535 dizziness, headache, nausea, sweating, somnolence, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, decreased appetite, sexual dysfunction, fatigue, sinusitis or yawning. You can learn more about this through this link: http://www.mims.com/Page.aspx?menuid=mng&name=Lexapro+film-coated+tab&h=lexapro I hope this helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn I experienced extreme constipation from Paxil (now the same as Lexapro). Those were the only effects I had and was advised to stop taking it immediately. Wellbutrin (Buproprion) is more effective for me.
737515 tn?1252556023 Which medications used to treat anxiety have the least chance of causing weight gain as a side effect? More importantly what medication has the least reported side effects. The idea of having side effects from medicine makes me want to stop them completely. I have taken Zoloft to have nothing but bad side effects and now Im on Sinequan now but I have read weight gain is a side effect of it :( Anyone with any help would be great.
Avatar f tn After talking to him we decided to try Lexapro. Lexapro also worked well with little side effects. Mostly just being tired. After feeling pretty good for over a year he weaned me off per my request. No bad withdrawal and I was off for a whole year. Then the anxiety came back. He put me back on Lexapro and again it worked well. I was on 10 mg for 8 years then 5 mg for 2 years. In December I started having anxiety again.
Avatar n tn Everything you describe in your long and interesting summary of side effects is what I have been suffering (both on lexapro and now in withdrawal). Reading your post only made it clear to me how glad I am that I've decided never to take it again and how sorry I am that I did not stop sooner. I kept broaching it with my psychiatrist but he was able to push my objections aside. Finally, I decided to stop seeing him and to withdraw very slowly.
Avatar n tn i have been taking effexor for about four years and i find the drug has made me a new person,but if i miss a dose i have severe withdrawls.it feels like i am living in hell.but when i get back on track i feel great.since i started taking these meds, i have put on 40 pounds and i eat very little.and if i try to wean my self down to a lower dose the side effects start all over again.my doctor told me i will probably be on this for the rest of my life.
709686 tn?1277435759 While I can tell a big difference in my anxiety and anger I have had several other side effects that caught me off guard. The worst issue for me has been painful constipation...and I do mean painful. Not meaning to be gross...but during one stretch I went 7 days without a movement so I began taking an over-the-counter laxative called Colace which helped a little. I do think things are starting to return to normal ever so slowly.
Avatar n tn Is it like saying just taking longer birth control pills? What are the side effects? What are the benefits? Has FDA approved? Where i can search more about Yaz? Will it affect my future plan of having a healthy pregnancy? Also, i was told if i do want to get pregnant, i should wait 6 months after taking the birth control pills. is that true?
Avatar f tn It has worked really well the last few months. And i don't get much in the way of side effects from stopping after about 7-14 days of taking it. The last time I took it I just took it all the time,with Wellbutrin to offset sexual side effects, for about a year. I dealt with insomnia,weight gain (15 pds),loss of sex drive and ability to orgasm. Now, I notice,some weight loss,-a temporary loss of sex drive,mood stability..
Avatar f tn Prozac is usually the first of choice as that is the one known to have the least of side effects, but Lexapro does not fall far behind. Websites of course have to lise all the side effects, but I can say from a Registered Nurse and from someone who's been on nearly every antidepressant in the book, the side-effects from most SSRIs are pretty general. You might experience a small amount of weight gain, limited to 2-3 lbs, some dry mouth or dry eyes, constipation, decreased libido.
Avatar n tn Im also taking 50mg of Trazodone which is probably easing the taper side effects. Most of the stressors that drove me to Lexapro are now gone, so I doubt I'll have a relapse in the future.