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Avatar f tn I would, unless you've tried it by now, give it a shot. Also if your still having these probs, after 5 days thats kinda a long time to still be having those probs, you might want to try something else. Ive had similar experiences with anti depressants makin things worse, actually alot of people have. Paxil worked great didnt make me nervous or anything, however the side effect of fatigue and sleepyness were too much so i had to stop.
Avatar n tn I was on 5 mg of Lexapro for about 6 months and went up to 10mg about a month ago when tx really started getting to me (about week 36. No bad side effects here either. Just find I handle stress better and not so much makes me crazy.
Avatar f tn You feel jittery at times and just...out of it. It takes a week or two to get used to. The side effects gradually wear off. Take it earlier in the day because if you don't you may not be able to get to sleep even if youre tired. It can make you lose your appetite, but its better to eat before you take it. I haven't had many problems with it. I just started taking it again this week and it hasnt been that bad at all. But all people are different.
11388046 tn?1418566821 My doctor started me on 50 mg and I felt some side effects, difficulty staying asleep, restlessness, jittery/tingly feeling. After about a week these side effects stopped and I started feeling better. Wednesday my doctor upped my dose to 75 mg. It is not Sunday morning and I have not really slept since Tuesday night before I upped my dose. I can fall asleep but I can't stay asleep and it feels like my body is buzzing or tingling. I also am very nauseous.
Avatar n tn I have heard similar stories about nearly all of the SSRI's that are out there. I don't think these side-effects are exclusive to Lexapro. I went through a very difficult time adjusting to Prozac a few years ago. I had very bad anxiety attacks, teeth-clenching (i actually chipped a crown in my mouth), feeling jittery, nightmares, night-sweats, headache, dizziness, etc. I've since learned that Prozac is not a good choice for someone with intense anxiety - like myself.
Avatar f tn Need some advice, I feel this jittery feeling is caused by the Zoloft as I don't feel anxious other then these side effects. MD thinks this is anxiety not side effects. I am wondering if I need a new med or a much lower dose like 50mg to reduce the jitterness so I don't need the klonopin. I hate taking the klonopin even though it is a super low dose. Read too many horror stories. Any advice appreciated, thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn Here's one of your last threads that would be relevant for you: http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Anxiety/lexapro-increased-my-anxiety/show/2093970#post_9931328 The most common "start up" side effects are a "jittery"/"keyed up" feeling, an increase in anxiety, GI disturbances (nausea, sometimes vomiting, diarrhea, lack of appetite), sleep disturbances, headaches. The side effects usually start to improve after a week or two, then completely resolve shortly thereafter.
Avatar n tn I didn't even have nervous problems until I took the Lexapro. The doc said stay with it until the side effects went away. The problem is the side effects are so bad that I can't function. The SSRI's make me feel like I am having an LSD bad experience. My sister takes Lexapro and says the side effects are all in my mind. If she ever went through what I have gone through and continue to go through from just two 10 mgs of Lexapro she wouldn't think it was in my mind.
Avatar f tn The 6 week mark is when these drugs should have kicked in -- the average person benefits about 4-6 weeks after starting, while side effects can begin immediately -- and so can the placebo effect, which means any treatment might initially make you feel better because something is being done but the placebo effect doesn't last while a working drug does. Maybe this just isn't the right med for you. Just as a question, are you seeing a regular doc or a psychiatrist?
Avatar m tn I tend to notice side effects whenever my dosage is adjusted by my prescribing doctor or when I initially start it or taper off of it. I believe that experiencing side effects are two fold with me. One, there were some side effects, and two I probably tended to 'magnify' or focus in on them more intently and decided that any odd feeling was related to the medication when in reality, it may not have been due to the sertraline.
Avatar f tn hello I started Lexapro the night before and felt jittery but I slept. This morning I took Xanax and later I had a major panic attack, should I stop taking Lexapro? I have to work and I can't stand it if I have panic attacks while teaching, just seems weird. I read that it's possible to have these within the first few weeks or so but how can I function at work if I'm having major panic attacks?
Avatar f tn I stopped Lexapro two months ago because of side effects. My anxiety is back severely. I'm going to restart it tonight. Forget the side effects I need the medicine. It didn't help me as much as I'd like but it obviously helped me more than I thought. At some time I might switch to a different medicine but current day I'm getting back on Lexapro. I just refilled it & they gave me generic. I've been on name brand. Will I tell the difference? Will it work again?
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any ideas that could help ease these side effects or withdrawal? I typically do not do these blog type things- but I figure support of people that know what it's like would be great! In my teens I was on Prozac a couple years & the withdrawal from that was a piece of cake compared to this. Just scared about this situation & would like some positive input- Thanks so much!
Avatar f tn When I’m on lexapro I feel “jittery” or like my body is hyped up off caffeine and I can’t usually sit still
2193833 tn?1339414902 I've tried to persevere like she recommended but the side effects aren't lifting....I'm worried that the anxiety of the side affects is actually going to make me worse & not better! I'm also worried that this added anxiety won't help my bp....however I do feel I really need a med that stays in my system long term rather than just a quick fix calmer which is also addictive....any advice would be welcome especially from anyone that may have had similar probs. Thanks!
404138 tn?1308945256 When I first started taking them or when adjusting dosage up and down it can tend to make me a little more jittery, but everything adjusts (I get more side effects from taking a Claritan). MAOIs are often last resorts with many doctors because alot of them require a special diet that must be adhered to...remember to take everything in stride. For every horror story you read about medications, there are hundreds of successful ones!
Avatar n tn Just researched side effects: "Mood swings and high blood pressure can also be attributed to the intake of HCG." Anyone having these or other side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, fatigue? My mood has been rather odd since I started the diet and HCG. Severely fatigued. Things seem a bit "off". PS: Bodybuilding websites state HCG should be injected intramuscularly. The more I research and learn, the more confused I get.
Avatar f tn actually twice as slow as she originally suggested. It ended up making all the difference for me. While I still had side effects, they were much more managable during this time. Keep us posted!
439522 tn?1214954789 I'm working with my doctor and wants to move me to 20mg of Lexapro. Anyone made this change? Any side effects? Did it work better for you?
Avatar f tn SOME people experience some initial side effects, which usually start improving about 2 weeks into treatment. The more common ones are an increase in anxiety (feeling "jittery"), sleep disturbances, GI upset, increase or decrease in appetite, headaches. Try not to get overly focused on worrying about side effects...you may have a few mild ones, or none at all. Try to be as patient as you can while waiting for the Lexapro to work.
Avatar f tn I was on Lexapro, first, don't remember dose as it was a few years ago. It made me a little jittery so doc switched me to Celexa. I am on 60 mg and am doing well with it. I also take Klonopin, 3 x day .5. My understanding is that the drugs are similar but for some reason, I just couldn't adjust to the Lexapro. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I took Lexapro (for 6 mths) in the morning. I dun feel groggy and jittery. How long have you been taking Lexapro?? If you are just starting taking it...give your body some time to accept the medcine. But if this concern you yes pls. speak to your Dr..
Avatar m tn I was on Zoloft 100 mg daily for severe axiety and I stopped taking it over the summer then went back on it but after being off of it for so long( a year and a half nonstop) it was horrible to try and get back on so my dr. switched me to 10 mg of lexapro. As of right now Im suffering from the side effects. I feel all messed up and shaky. I feel a lump in my throat...like a got a piece of plastic in my throat and I can't sit still! I can't concentrate either.
Avatar m tn That's usually the goal, for the Xanax to be a short-term treatment while a person is waiting for the antidepressant to reach its desired level of effectiveness. It's not uncommon to experience some start-up side effects with the Lexapro, which can include an increase in anxiety, feeling "jittery" and shaky (as though you've drank too much coffee), headaches, some GI symptoms (nausea, diarrhea), sleep disturbances (insomnia), lack of appetite, drowsiness.
Avatar m tn I was on it for years and it worked very well for me. Just be patient, changes don't happen overnight. Communicate any side effects to your doctor, if you experience them, they typically only last about the first 2 weeks of treatment, and then they will start to subside. Good luck, let us know how it is going!
7562787 tn?1392206272 Hello there! Sorry you're having such a rough time. Yes, you're correct that a lot of the symptoms you describe are consistent with the fairly common "start up" side effects of Lexapro. The most common side effect is feeling "jittery", or "keyed up" as you described (like you drank 10 pots of coffee). Also, it's not uncommon to experience an INCREASE in anxiety for a brief time as well.
Avatar f tn I started taking Lexapro 10 mg two weeks ago for anxiety. I've had several side effects which is frustrating since I was told this drug is well tolerated. After taking the 10 mg for a week I dropped down to 5 mg to see if the side effects would subside. Now the last two days I've had severe stomach pain and loose stools. I also feel nauseous on and off. My doctor told me today that It's not the medicine causing it it's a virus.
Avatar n tn I have tried to withdraw from Lexapro a couple of times, but I could not cope the side effects. I had been on a 20mg dose for about 9 months, weened myself down 10mg for a month, and tried to go cold turkey. Bad idea. I went back to 10mg for a month then 5mg for another month and once again tried to quit, with the same withrawal symptoms. I know there have been many posts about some of withdrawal problems.
Avatar n tn I am on lexapro. One of the side effects is nervousness or bursts of energy. I don't have that as a side effect. I think most doctors will start you at 10 mg. I have no idea why. I was taking 10 and within 6 days, my doctor upped it to 20. I have no side effects and am feeling better. Have been taking it for 3 months now. I do find it odd that the doctor gave you the medicine for insomnia.