Left breast feels bruised

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Avatar f tn Found this post dated back in 2010 that describes what is happening to me right now perfectly: "Under my left breast, at my bra line, it feels like I have a deep bruise. It doesn't feel like the rib is bruised, though it may be. It feels more like the muscle/tissue. I have large breasts but, do not wear an underwire bra. I noticed this about 4 days ago and it is not changing (better or worse).
Avatar m tn For the past few months I have had a sensation in my left breast that feels like it is bruised; it is tender to the touch, but is only worrysome when touched or knocked. I contacted my GP who arranged blood samples (cholesterol and blood sugar, both of which are fine), and an ultrasound examination (which is also fine), and blood pressure (was diagnosed as being slightly high). Both my doctor and I could find no evidence of lumps and I do not get secretions from my nipple.
Avatar f tn Having had a mastectomy 2010 to my right breast, am more aware of any changes to my remaining left breast which has been aching and feels bruised, have checked for lumps but cannot find any, should I be worried and contact my breast cancer nurse ?
Avatar f tn why does my left breast feel bruised but there is no bruise visible? When you touch the area it hurts, it feels like you're pressing down on a bruise. It's located on the bottom of my left breast. About 2-3cm. Im 18 and still in school. I go to college classes as well. I have an Anxiety Disorder and have minor depression. I also get severe migraines. Also when I was 14-15 I was diagnosed of my spleen being enlarged.
Avatar f tn I recently noticed under my left breast my ribs feels bruised when I touch and around the bace of my breast going to my armpit , I bumped myself or anything to case this feeling.. It even feels brused under my Breast close to my body, not the breast itself... Just seems odd......???
Avatar n tn I have pain from sternum, into ribs just under left breast. Feels bruised to touch but haven't done anything to cause it. Hurts to wear bra and hurts to lay on left side. What could be causing this?
1090423 tn?1286291250 hi , can anyone help...
Avatar f tn my left breast started hurting me 5 days ago and i didnt bother as much but now its scaring me i felt both my breast and feel something lumpy underneath my left breast it also feels bruised when i touch it and hurts when i wear a bra so i stoped wearing one. does anyone think its serious could it be breast cancer im really scared.
Avatar n tn About a week ago I got a new bra and the day I started wearing it, I developed some pain in the rib/s right under my left breast (directly where the underwire lies). I thought I might just need to adjust to the new bra so I wore it all week, despite the pain. I finally gave up on it and haven't worn a bra for three days because of the pain. It is painful to touch those areas and also painful to cough, laugh, breath, sneeze, etc.
Avatar m tn Hi, At your age, breast pain is not uncommon and almost never indicates breast cancer. It could be caused by lying on your chest while using your laptop or it could be hormonal or part of growing up. If it continues or doesn't let up, it can't hurt to mention it to your doctor especially if you notice a lump or nipple discharge or any other breast changes Take care..
Avatar m tn I get the swelling then it feels like something's sitting on the left side of my chest its painful. Anyone have suggestions on what it could be??? If it is just chest wall swelling then how come I keep getting Im not doing anything to cause it.
Avatar n tn Is it possible that my daughter could have bruised my left breast while resting her head on me? I just don't want to miss something and possibly have something to worry about.
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a had a pain in my left breast for a few day's now, it feels like I might have bruised it but I know I didn't. any suggestions? I have no insurance, both me and my husband lost our jobs.
Avatar m tn I was accidentally hit by my brother with his should on my left breast and after it was hit when I touch it hurts a little bit, after few weeks when I touch it I feel it and found a little lump on it. I was so worried on this lump that I have. Would this lump disappear or treatable? What would I do?
Avatar n tn pain in upper left ribs/just under left breast/parentes</a> was started.
Avatar n tn I have similar problems, but the lump and the pain feels like it is just underneath my left breast. I went to the breast clinic, and they did a breast examination, and determined that I do not have breast cancer. For some reason, I don't believe the doctor. I have had this pain for many months now, and would really like to know what it is. My left breast has one spot, on the side under my armpit where it hurts.
1090423 tn?1286291250 i am 51yrs old , i have had only 2 periods in a year , i have a tender , occasionally burning left breast and nipple , i have had this for about 6 months now on and off , but this time it has stayed for about 3 weeks , i also have tenderness to my rib below my breast it feels like it is bruised , but it is not , i have never banged it, back in november ( 3 months ago ) my doctor sent me for a mammogram and an ultra sound scan and they both came back clear .....
Avatar f tn Almost my entire left side of the breast, from nipple towards the arm pit and from center top mass of the breast to the underside of the breast is bruised (yellow, green, black, blue and a deep purplish red color) and appears to have blood like pooling or mottling in the skin, particularly towards the nipple. To say the least, discomfort has been an issue, however up until today, the 8th of July, I did not notice any lumps in the area.
Avatar f tn I'm 29 weeks pregnant today and since yesterday my right breast has been very very tender! It hurts to touch, feels like it's bruised the left one is fine just the right breast was wandering has anyone else experienced this? Is this normal? Should I be worried? Plz help!
Avatar f tn I have been having pain for a couple of months now below my left breast. It is on the tip of my rib cage. My rib cage almost feels bruised. It doesn't really hurt unless I touch it or lay down to sleep on my side. I started smoking about 1 year ago and have stopped a few days ago. I smoked about 1 pack a week. Not sure if that has anything to day with it or not. I'm also a waitress. Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Im 32 weeks and all day i have had this sharp pain under my left breast while i breathe , it hurts soo bad to breathe and is very uncomfortable. i dont know if i should call my doxtor or what because it has not got any better and is only getting worse while i lay down and im getting pretty nervous. Has anyone ever had this ?
Avatar f tn I'm having chest wall pain and if I don't wear a bra every second, it feels as if my left breast is actually pulling the muscles away from my rib cage. My left breast also feels bruised on top. I don't think it's changed size, and I don't feel a lump. Could the implant be leaking but appear unchanged due to swelling and inflammation?
Avatar f tn Thankyou so much chatterally. So much blood work that im not sure how I have any left,all my arms are bruised, but not sure what or if they are testing for a specific thing,.i just got back from doc, I had another ultrasound because they wanted another look at my kidney, but it was the same with a starburst of scarring,not sure how, then they scanned my bladder not sure when I will know anything,pleurisy is exactly what I was thinking so I wil ask do about that.
Avatar n tn I’m experiencing an intermittent dull pain in the center of my chest that feels like it’s coming from my breast bone as opposed to deeper within my chest. It worsens when I lie on either my left or right side. Pressing on my sternum and ribs worsens the pain only very mildly, nowhere near the extent that I’d expect from cartilage damage, bruised ribs, or pleurisy, the latter two of which I’m familiar with from having had in the past.
Avatar n tn However, your soreness in below your left breast. This is unlikely to be related to breast size. Losing weight is an excellent idea. Please begin a regular excercise regimen. Good Luck.
Avatar n tn Is it a post-viral phenomenom? Is it on your left? I also read your posts on the breast cancer site as I have something similar (I think). I also have decided it is a form of stretch mark as I was recently pregnant then had a miscarriage and my breasts seem to have shrunk dramatically so not surprising they look slightly different.
Avatar n tn I’m experiencing an intermittent dull pain in the center of my chest that feels like it’s coming from my breast bone as opposed to deeper within my chest. It worsens when I lie on either my left or right side. Pressing on my sternum and ribs worsens the pain only very mildly, not nearly as badly as with the bruised ribs or pleurisy I’ve had in the past. I also have “skipped-heartbeat” palpitations.
Avatar f tn Since the pain started it has continually gotten worse moving into the lymph nodes along both sides of my breasts and into my armpit area. Here recently I have noticed bruising like spots on my left breast. At times the lymph nodes in my groin area are painful too; again I have been blown off because I am ‘young’.