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Avatar m tn The CAT Scans do not show any trace of a stroke and the EKG do not show signs of a heart attack. the doctors tell us that there is damage to the brain, but they won't know the extent until my father regains consciousness. He is non responsive to voices and the little movements that he makes that doctors tell us that those are just reflex actions. What can we expect from all this? should we get a second opinion?
1678022 tn?1305114267 They told us she had massive brain damage to the full left side of her brain and she has not use of the right side. Her eyes were open and unrespionsive on monday. She had several seizures that day. They told us there was massive damage to the left side and swelling.They told us she would not recover and that she would be a step down from a veggie if she did recover. We prayed over her all day and night and refused to except the doctor's report.
Avatar f tn There is also a focus of deep white matter in the posterior left frontal region. My primary care physician told me there is damage and narrowing of the arteries; prescribed Zocor, diet, exercise and blood tests. I am 62-years old, a nonsmoker or drinker. I do take Lamictal/Klonopin for bipolar 2. My mother died of a stroke at age 69 (smoker). My maternal grandmother also had a stroke. I am very concerned.
Avatar f tn Radiation causes calcification of the basal ganglia and stroke causes damage to them .
783212 tn?1295028006 Ischemic injury would be like a very tiny stroke, I think. Very slight bleeding. My first neuro issue was diagnosed for a while as a Temporary Ischemic Attack (TIA), and felt like (I'm told) a stroke. As for your second question, I think there is no difference between small vessel disease and small vessel changes. And I've been told by a number of doctors that small vessel damage in the brain is fairly common in MRIs, particularly in older people.
Avatar m tn However, a couple days later, I started going numb on my left arm. Went to ER and had a Cat Scan of my brain and also an EKG and everything seemed ok. However, since then my whole left side has went numb. Of course with Christmas yesterday, can't get in touch with my Dr. What could be causing this numbness and tingling?
Avatar f tn They associate with brain damage such as global atrophy and other features of small vessel brain damage, with focal progressive visible brain damage, are markers of underlying subvisible diffuse brain damage, and predict infarct growth and worse outcome after large artery stroke. They could be considered as the neuroimaging marker of brain frailty." (Wardlaw et al.
Avatar f tn Damage to brain is small and in thalamus, and lips are more affected than tongue. Started more on left aide of mouth, has gradually progressed over three-and-a-half years Stroke also caused partial numbness in thumb and first two fingers of left hand.
Avatar n tn my husband had a stroke in May. It affected the left side of his brain. Communication is difficult, but it seems he can comprehend. He certainly can read and seems to understand what he is reading. Due to insurance related issues, his therapy ended prematurely.. I would like to be able to communicate with him better. Can you suggests games, tools to help. I gave him a computer to see if he could type his messages but he could not. Are there other tools I can use? please help.
Avatar f tn Thank you for responding to my question. I talked with another doctor on Justanswer and apparently my stroke was a "mini stroke" or TIA. It wasn't as deep in the brain as yours was so it didn't cause any problems. They still didnn't say why I have the dizziness though. So I guess I'll just have to learn to live with it.. Thanks for the tip about the stomach muscles --I;ll be trying it. Hope things have gotten better for you .
Avatar n tn Just to clarify, if u have a right sided stroke (brain wise) you have left sided physical deficits and vice versa. It always affects the opposite side.
Avatar n tn My fiance was hit in the eye at work and went blind for about 6 months , now she can see , after that she had a very small stroke after test said there was very little bleeding in the brain that she would recover , well she is now paralyzed from the waist down and her left arm so my question is could all of this have been caused from trauma to her eye.... And if you could point me in the right direction to the right forum so I maybe can re-post this there...
Avatar m tn The severity of cerebral ischemia, caused by arterial obstruction, and the duration of blood-flow loss in the brain determine the extent of brain damage. There could be temporary dysfunction of the neurons or there may be irreversible damage to nerve cells sensitive to minute changes in oxygen levels. Cerebral infarction can cause severe damage to extensive areasof brain.. Refer http://www.answers.com/topic/hypoxia for more info.
Avatar f tn Your posting made me think about my own stroke at age 56, totally out of the blue. The bottom line here is: A stroke is something that can damage your sense of judgement or awareness of what is going on. So it is very important that the people around you notice odd behavior and get you to a hospital ASAP. They really recommend that you call an ambulance. If you can get to the hospital for treatment within 3 hours, they can help you.
Avatar f tn A CT scan was non specific, an MRI showed a massive stroke originating in the MCA decimating the basal ganglia, entire caudate and lentiform areas of the brain. She followed this first stroke with a hemorragic stroke further damaging the brain. Another point of interest is that your neck/head pain could possibly be migraine. Migraines come in different shapes and forms. Not just the I've got a migraine, I need to lay down for a while type.
500374 tn?1210071413 You may want to get a neuropsych evaluation that will help pinpoint where the damage is. My damage was to the left frontal and subcortical lobes back then. In 2004 I didn't even know who my kids were and have been listed as having mild/moderate dementia since then. I think they are called multi-infarct dementia even though the doctor and counselor have it listed as Alzheimers. Obviously, I am too young for that. Do you know what caused your brainstem stroke?
Avatar n tn The Paedetrician decided to a CT scans to examine the brain. The CT scan results showed hypodensity on the right side of the brain. After two days in the clinic he decided to do MRI scans which confirmed the CT results. The Paed said this could mean a brain damage and he prescribed an Epilim medicine that should be taken for 18months.
Avatar n tn Hello I am a 29 year old man about 6 years ago now I had a massive seizure that was estimated at about 10 hours long 7 for sure it put me in a coma I ended up with ABI the damage is on the right side of my brain affecting the left side of my body I little to no fine motor skills and cannot control the left side of my face how can I correct this? Or is it going to be like this for the rest of my life?
Avatar m tn You cannot have a stroke from what you've described. There are three kinds of CVAs (cerebrovascular accidents) or "strokes": A hemorrhagic stroke is caused by bleeding in the brain, usually from a ruptured vessel, and sometimes as a result of trauma. An ischemic stroke is the most common kind of stroke (over 80% of strokes being ischemic). An ischemic stroke is caused when circulation is blocked to the brain.
Avatar n tn I recently had a mild stroke in the left hemisphere of my brain. About two weeks later I started having a problem with my left arm and hand falling asleep. At first this was just an annoyance however, the tingling sensation has been happening more often and with more intensity. Could this problem be caused by the stroke? Will it eventually go away? Can I do anything to help eliminate this problem? Could someone explain why this is happening?
Avatar f tn In March this year I was told I have a tumor on the left side of the brain. I had my 1st stroke at 28 yrs old with resulting ptosis in the left eye. In 1983 surg. on right renal cyst at last moment very tramatic. Lower lumbar parac. cyst and both breast non-cancererous. I have stare seizures and one stroke causing inability to say what I was thinking. In August another MRI to see if brain tumor is growing. I am allergic to IVP dye and am a bit worried about any dye! What more should I expect?
Avatar n tn If you want to have an interesting discussion with the doctor Ask him/her for a three dimensional map of the damage and what functions they controlled. Once the stroke is over damage does not progress, it may seem that way as additional deficits are noticed as the survivors try to do something new.
Avatar n tn I cannot confirm anything without a complete general and central nervous system examination. It is possible that these symptoms could be due to stroke. Damage to the left side of the brain can weaken or paralyze the right side of the body. Single or multiple clots or blockages in the small vessels of the brain cause small strokes.Lacunar strokes, usually occur from long standing high blood pressure or diabetes.