Stroke effects on left side of brain

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Avatar f tn Thank you for your assessment is ischemic damage reflected on my brain scan. I have read the side effects of zocor because I am already experiencing several side effects from Lamictal. Are there any natural medications I could use as an alternative? I have low blood pressure and my cholesterol levels are slightly over the normal range.
Avatar m tn Can there be residual side effects of a stroke like face tingling, dizziness, jaw tightness, muscle weakness?
Avatar f tn My mother in law had a stroke back at the beginning of March. She has severe arthritis in one knee in particular and has difficulty rehabbing because the knee fills with blood due to the arthritis and she cannot get to the point of standing to do the therapy. The coumadin has left her depressed, dizzy, cold and overall loss of appetite. She wants to recover but this drug is very difficult. It comes to the point of quality of life...
Avatar m tn Her neglect of left side is also decressed but still is there as she cant see left side of the oicture or read left side of the sentence. we are using flash card to stimulate her from that side. My main concern is she still does not talk sense and not able to related present.. although she can perfectly recall past with minute detail of what happened just now. My question is that normal? will she be back in her senses??
Avatar m tn My concern with your symptoms would be a small stroke, resulting in numbness of the Left side of your body. I am especially concerned since you give a history of a tooth infection. Whenever there is a tooth infection that is untreated, there is a risk of the bacteria going in to the blood stream and attaching to the valves inside the heart. The bacteria can then grow there in to a vegetation, and parts of it can break of and go to the brain, resulting in a stroke.
Avatar m tn It is quite frightening and i often feel like if it is stroke like symtoms.The left side of my face swells up as well.When i calm down and relax the symtoms go away.I did and M,R.
Avatar f tn I ended up firing my PT and physiatrist because they had no idea of how to do stroke rehabilitation. There are tremendous resources available on the web with lots of searching.
1133274 tn?1260361928 What could possibly happen to someone who just had a mild stroke with a little blood clotting on the right side of the brain? I´m a mother of two, seperated for a couple of years now. I just suffered from a mild stroke last week. I undergone all the test right after i reached the ER. I had CT scanning.... but they sent me to MR scanning because they can´t really see if i had a blood clotting. I regained the feeling on my left side after 5 hours in the hospital...
Avatar f tn I recenly had a stroke, I now having spasm in my brain and they go down to my right side of neck ,arm , shoulder. The muscle do not contract , you can even see it,it feels like my head is on fire and wants to explode.
Avatar f tn So if the patient was responding to commands then probably it was not a case of no oxygen. It was probably a case of stroke with left side paralysis. This may recover fully or partially depending on the nature and site of clot or bleed in the brain. Please consult a neurologist (you may have by now). Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn sounds like you have had a stroke at some point on the left side of your brain, and thats why your right side of your body is affected. I am no doctor or no know it all, however I had a small stroke myself 3yrs ago, and that is exactly the same symptoms that I had, beside's my speech was affected more, I studdered a lot when I would talk, plus it really affected my short term memory.I also have a strong history of migraines and was told that the two are related.
Avatar n tn my mom had a thalamic stroke (hypertensive bleed) on the left side of her brain. she is alert but unresponsive...she has been in the hospital snce sept 29th of 2009...she can follow me when i visit her and seems to hear those around her,..she had a tracheotomy and PEG (tube feed). does anyone know what the recovery time is for this type of stroke and the prognosis? we have done alot of praying and the doctors can't tell us anything.
Avatar n tn My Dad suffered a massive left side brain bleed 2 days ago 114 ml's. He ia on a vent braething above it and has some pain response. He keeps moving his left side arm and leg. Doctor's are not giving him very good odds. Has anyone had a loved one survive this. He is 73 years old.
Avatar m tn What is this numbness i get on the left side of my body? my face and hand go numb and it scares the life out of me, i take migraleve when it starts an they do help, but is this numbness serious? hope you can help, thank you.
Avatar n tn s symptoms, you would expect to see findings such as a drooping of the right side of the face or perhaps slower/less movement on that side (because the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body). High blood pressure is the single most important risk factor for stroke, and in a patient with diabetes it is crucial to control the blood pressure for optimal prevention of future strokes.
Avatar m tn I suffered a mini stroke a few weeks ago, losing feeling in my left side. I have the feeling back in my leg but it's not 100%. Although I have major pain in my left arm which is causing me problems sleeps as the tablets I am on does seem to work as I am taking morphine as well. The part that I don't understand is that I had a MRI and they found white with black circles on my brain, can you show some light on this please what are they?
Avatar n tn Hello dear, You probably had a Transient Ischaemic Attack or a mini stroke caused by the temporary disturbance of blood supply to a restricted area of the brain, resulting in brief neurologic dysfunction that usually persists for less than 24 hours.The most frequent symptoms include temporary loss of vision ; difficulty speaking (aphasia); weakness on one side of the body (hemiparesis); and numbness or tingling (paresthesia), usually on one side of the body.
Avatar n tn For me it was the left side which means that the stroke was in the right side of my brain and vice versa. And are there different lingering effects for each side. Any comments would be greatly appreciated Thank you!
Avatar n tn Hmmmm...a mini bleed on the surface??? That sounds like a subarachnoid hemorrhage which is another form of a stroke. That's where the bleed is on the surface of the brain between the brain and the skull, which is just as devastating. It doesn't have to bleed into the brain for it to be a stroke. Make sure her blood pressure stays down and talk to a neurologist. If the doctors say it wasn't a stroke you should ask exactly what was it that happened.
Avatar n tn The fact that the hematoma is regressing is a good sign but how long is hard to tell. Paralysis of one side of the body is one of the features of stroke. The medical management includes medications to dissolve the clot, to prevent further clot formation and to keep the risk factors like High BP, and high cholesterol under control. Rehab therapy helps in recovery from loss of physical function. Please make sure that the rehab therapy is under a trained instructor.
Avatar n tn My symptoms are left arm and hand weakness and uncoordination, and the left hlf of my lips are umb. My neurologist gave a diagnosis of a stroke. Is the demylenization a part of the stroke diagnoses? Is any demylenization normal age process?
Avatar n tn Is this a normal side effect of a TIA? My doctors told me there is no brain damage and thus no side effects but I seem to experience them. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Particularly this long after a TIA? In response to another post, my MIAs showed nothing as well.
Avatar f tn My name is Ellie and im 16 years old. I had a mini stroke on the left side of my brain about 2 months ago. I didnt have any medical problems, no blood clots, high blood pressure, i dont take birth control (any of the main factors) but i am overweight. Doctors have no idea what could of caused it except for stress and thats the hardest part dealing with it because i dont know how too prevent it or how it happened. I couldnt talk (felt like i had a thick tounge) and had numbness in my right arm.
Avatar m tn my wife is 45 yrs. old, she had a stroke on the left side of her brain 8 yrs. ago, but her pain from that is on her left side, not her right, also has migraines min 2 times per week since then. recently in the last week she has had migraine and left side pain to the extreme. went to her doctor yesterday (primary care) and they said she was having spasm or tremors. she takes vicodin for the last 8 yrs. for the pain. they gave her butalbital/apap/caffeine but it is not working.
Avatar f tn I have also read somewhere else that Effexor can cause a person to have a stroke-like effect or appearance in their face. I have had lack of movement in the left side of my mouth for over a year now, before I came off of the Effexor. (Was also on Abilify) I always appear to have had a stroke with part of my mouth not moving as it should when I talk, and with even some saliva slippage went I talk a lot.