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Avatar n tn And, if you have insurance or can find a way to afford it, get your husband out of a skilled nursing facility and into an acute or post-acute care rehab facility, preferably one that specializes in brain injuries. My husband had a severe stroke in August and is currently in a neurorehab. He was paralyzed on the right side, lost his ability to speak intelligbly, had no sense of balance, couldn't swallow, short-term memory loss, and had many cognitive issues.
Avatar n tn She was treated by the best stroke rehab specialists in the country who said there was no hope. It takes patience and love, but brain function can be restored.
Avatar n tn Due to severity of stroke, brain stem shifted. Two questions - tone in right leg seems to be getting worse. We are hoping botox will help. Any experience with this? Also, we are told spatial awareness has been affected and cannot be relearned or come back. This, we are told, is needed for any kind of significant recovery - walking,movement in bed, eating on her own without cues etc. She has received therapy over the months but it has been interrupted due to infections.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. My mother had a brain stem stroke 3 years ago where she was in the ICU for 2 weeks and went through intense physiotherapy and massage alternate days for a few months. She was able to stand 4 months after the stroke and at this point, she is physically mobile and fine. Her eyes suffer a bad squint and she has no vertical vision. She is getting surgery to correct the squint in 2 weeks. So physically, she is quite ok.
Avatar n tn The physical functions return to normal once the brain edema subsides and hematoma dissolves, but sometimes if the stroke is severe it may take longer.
Avatar n tn He is currently in a Nursing/Rehab center. Medicare has stopped the rehab therapy after 3 weeks because they say he is not progressing enough. My question is if anyone else has had this problem with medicare? They have him in a restorative nursing program at this point, but we really want him back in therapy. He is definately stronger today than he was when they stopped the therapy a few weeks ago. We feel like the therapists have given up on him because he is 80 years old.
Avatar f tn Whilst that part of the brain tissue is gone, other parts of the brain can learn to do the job that the dead part did. This is what rehab aims to do.
Avatar m tn My aunty aged 70 is hospitalised due to brain stem stroke. She is kept in ICU. She is put on ventilator. She does not have full consciousness. As per matrix prepared daily now she is on scale 8. She was in scale 3. What are the chances of recovery? Will she regain normal breathing, swallowing and blinking effect as the days go by? Pl advice us.
Avatar m tn We'll my dad had lacunar stroke on right side of brain Oct 17 2013 . He is paralyzed on left side. He was walking with walker nov 2 2013 but nov 27 he got pneumonia and his heart got irregular. He had a critical troponin result that day. Now he has a half inch bed sore and he is kinda giving up. Dec 17 the rehab center suggested hospice plan ideas. Disappointing.
Avatar n tn My dad had a stroke on 7/6/04. We were told it was likely in the brain stem & cerebellum & that it was likely not his first. CAT scans were done BUT he has a defibrillator & pacemaker so MRI not feasible. He was stabilized (also some CHF issues) arose & went to reahab (still acute care) for 3 weeks before returning home in wheel chair. Balance & coordination were still not great. He had another episode August 28 (stroke... seizure???
Avatar m tn My wife of 40 years suffered a stroke August 7th. She just started to be able to speak on Sept 9. The doctor said the swelling in the brain did NOT stop until around August 28th and said that when the swelling ended then recovery would begin. Is that correct? She is paralyzed on the LEFT side with sensation now in the left leg; none on the left arm. She has left-side neglect but that seems to have lessened slightly.
Avatar n tn My 59 year old (otherwise healthy) mother had a right brain sided stroke one week ago today. The doctor said it was pretty massive, pretty much her whole back right side. She is paralyzed on her left side, but she can swallow and is eating well. She can talk fine but was coming up with off the wall stories and was somewhat confussed. as of sat she seemed more to herself and less confussed and making sense. but she could always answer any question you ask her pretty much right.
Avatar m tn We are not sure when she had it but we think it was 18hrs before we found her. She had scans done on her brain and they said she had a massive stroke and brain bleed. When we found her she was breathing on her own and had a heart beat but wasn't responsive, she is still like that today. The doctors say she has less than 5% chance of surviving and not to revive her if she has a heart attack as she will end up with no quality of life.
Avatar n tn tiredness, it seems that this is the one thing all us strokees have in common. I don't know how long since your stroke but fatigue still seems to be an issue even for long termers. I don't know if this is true or not but it is how I make sense of it all. My brain is busy forging new connections & pathways and on my bad side fewer muscles & muscle fibres are firing to move that side of the body - so of course I get tired.
Avatar f tn I had a massive R brain stroke last August. I am only 52. I was a miracle. I lrft hospital ICU after 4or 5 days sent to nursing home for rehab but left AMA in early Oct. Able to walk w/o walker most of the time but balance is still impared. I cook some simple meals I do some easy household tasks. The depression is really getting me down. My husband tries very hard but I'm realizing I lrft rehab to early. So I try to help as much as I can.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your reply on my Post regarding brain stroke on left side. My sister is under medical care at the present time. But the doctors seem to think that this is some rare case.She has lost some 32# in 3weeks. They now have her on intravenous, she still could not keep down any pills. She had been to a rehab.unit for a week, they let her go home, and thats when she still could not take any pills, without throwing up.
Avatar n tn The therapist tells us patient cannot reason or understand due to middle cerebral artery being blocked, causing a right brain stroke. Within one week, could read cards, draw a circle, square etc. on dry erase board when asked. Could communicate by board to check battery in car at home, by drawing which car and then battery to the side. Has also drawn motorhome, with windows, basement doors and the tow dolly behind. He has only began to speak few words.
Avatar n tn Emotional problems such as depression resulting from stroke can result from direct damage to emotional centers in the brain or from frustration and difficulty adapting to new limitations.It is important to work with a team a rehabilitation team which may include the doctors, therapists and even psychologists to help deal with the emotional aspect of stroke. Complete recovery is unusual but not impossible. Support groups, local or on-line, may be of big help at this point.
Avatar n tn What has been done and still needs to be done to prevent another stroke? What area of the brain was disabled by the stroke? What functions did they cover? What type, clot or bleed? How big was the penumbra? What areas did it affect? What clinical trials are going on right now that the patient would be a good candidate for? What treatment options have been discovered in the last 5-10 years for stroke rehabilitation? Of these options which ones are available in your clinic?
1678022 tn?1305117867 Don't let the doctor's words squash your hope, your belief your faith!!!! My father 62 years old suffered a left brain stroke as well during a 7 1/2 hour surgery so they were unsure how long the stroke lasted or when it was. Could have been during surgery or the 12 hours after surgery when he was not awake. They told us he may never respond as well. It started with the slightest hand squeeze (on the left side) the right side did not move for a while.
Avatar n tn And what is hard about stroke is that each situation can have a totally different outcome. My aunt had a stroke that was quite debilitating. She was on life support. Then began to recover a bit so her prognosis improved. She was moved to a rehab facility. But she was there for over six months. She returned home (had been out of town when this happened) and the recovery was slow. Working with a physical therapist on a regular basis.
Avatar n tn My brother, who's 55, recently suffered a Brain Stem stroke. At this time, he's unable to eat & has a feeding tube in his stomach. He has trouble swallowing. He has no sense of hot/cold on his left side. This is not his first stroke, but the first was a different type & only affected his right side with a tingling sensation. I guess my question is what can he expect for the future? Once these areas are affected, will they ever come back? Can anything be helped with rehab?
Avatar f tn It is sometimes very difficult to get into in-patient rehab programs for the brain-injured. The problem is not only with your husband. In additon the criterion for admission are secrets, guarded like the permissive action codes on the nukes. Try not to limit your choices to a specific geographical area. Be persistant.
Avatar m tn My husband (58 years old) had a brain stem stroke January 2011 due to high blood pressure. His first symptom was he couldn't swallow. We took him to the ER, only to diagnose at first with high bp. They gave him water to drink and ice cream in the ER, which of course he aspirated. They were going to send him home, but I insisted they keep him at least overnight for observation.
Avatar n tn As you have experienced with your father, stroke is a common and a serious condition. The way that our brain reacts following a stroke is pretty much amazing. In case of your father, regaining his abilities to walk and talk is good expected. The fact that the hand is still "paralyzed" (although I won't call it paralysis) is because the upper limb's functional use in normal individuals is very complicated.
Avatar n tn ) stroke affecting 2/3 of the right side of her brain with shifting of the brain stem. She is now 7 months out. Although, she did receive therapy the 1st 5 1/2 months, they have discontinued and quite honestly, it was never aggressive. Infections, CHF, incorrect drug dosages, have also interfered with therapy, as well. She now receives range-of- motion therapy only. 1st question - she appears to be medically stable now, can a person benefit from aggressive therapy 7 months later?