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Avatar n tn Clinique also make a good range for blemish prone skin, including a post-blemish formula, which will fade post-blemish marks. Reputable skin clinics should offer you a free consultation to see if laser surgery such as N-Lite could help you. I used to live in toronto now live in rainy England. If i can't find something in my area i look on the net to see if any company deliver it, or i look on ebay. If I'm going somewhere special i use camoflague make up, the brand i use is called Rio.
Avatar m tn Apparently the astigmatism I had has been corrected (toric lens) but I am now slightly shortsighted (I had hoped for good vision overall). It has been suggested I could have laser surgery to correct this. My main worry is that I have what I feel is quite bad flaring from car headlights at night and also lots of circles around the lights, presume this is haloing. I see you talk about haloing and I am wondering if this has diminished/improved for you as time passes after the surgery.
Avatar f tn I went to a reputable plastic surgeon and he told me that even if I do have lipo, which is what I went to him for, the skin might not tighten up since its been stretched out for so long and I might have a flat front but sagging skin...Not sure what I should do. I will say, however, that I have had wonderful men in my life and wonderful sex and it has never been an issue with men.
Avatar n tn I got the H1N1 shot yesterday at noon and starting last night I feel as though my skin is crawling on my back and between my shoulder blades. I feel like I have the chills and freezing. Now granted it is freezing outside, so that could be why I am so cold. I am very pro-vaccine but now am scared. My friend just recently had a baby and started having the same symptoms all of you have about 6 weeks ago. She is going to check to see if they started after she got her shot.