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Avatar f tn What I realized Friday night is that since I have started LD I have been suffering from random breakouts of hives. I have sensitive skin, and I am allergic to a couple meds so I've had hives before, but usually you know right away what you did differently to cause them. This time I couldn't figure out what was breaking me out. I missed 2-1/2 days of work, had medical expenses, and took I don't know how much Benedryl for these crazy breakouts.
163305 tn?1333672171 Believe it or not, it is quite often the case that a Dermatologist is the first doctor to pick up on the possibility of HCV since often times the virus manifests itself in some type of skin condition at first (or eventually). Dr. Meffert is familiar with many of the side effects of HCV meds, HIV meds, Cancer meds and other medications that have Dermatological side effects.
Avatar n tn also, my tummy is the thickest, but i have a lot of damage from an emergency c-section...and saggy skin. i'm wondering if it would be worth it there...the skin won't 'go back'. i'm in the kc area and have a great doc. is it okay to say the doc's name here?
Avatar n tn They also work on fusions gone bad. (I have never heard of a good fusion personally) The so called "Gold Standard" they told me. Fusion should only be done for severe Spondylosis to stabilize the spine in my oppinion. It is now done WAY TOO OFTEN. I had a bulging disc at C5-C6, stenosis at C3,C4,C5 and some degeneration. I was on major pain killers everyday for over two years. I am now pain and drug free!