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Avatar n tn I have acne scars on my cheeks that give my skin a bumpy texture. If I look closely at the individual scars, many look like tiny pin holes, yet my skin looks sort bumpy as the scars are raised not holes. I'm wondering if any there is a laser treatment that might improve this? I've heard of smooth beam and fraxel, but don't know if they work for acne scars. I've also read about peels and skin punch (where the scar is cut out). Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I have darker skin and I am not a candidate for laser resurfacing. What other alternatives can i consider?
Avatar n tn Hello, The treatment for acne scars includes various skin creams like hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment.Apply hydroquinone cream on the scars and they should go away in a few days to months.If it still persists then you can go in for laser treatment, chemical peeling or microdermabrasion. Avoid picking, harsh scrubbing, and abrasive treatments unless prescribed by a dermatologist during this period. Hope it helps.
Avatar n tn Laser treatment can help with both active acne and scarring. Ask for a skin analysis with a reputable salon to see if your skin would benefit from this. Exfoliation or microdermabrasion could be another solution. Things you can try at home to remove scars are Bio-oil, cocoa butter scar formula and Dermatix. Good luck and please let me know if you find anything that works well on African-American skin as other members often ask this.
Avatar n tn If your acne has gone use Bio-oil to remove the scars, i wouldn't use this if you still have acne as it's quite greasy. Laser treatment such as N-Lite will help both active acne and scarring. There are also other laser treatments available at skin clinics like White light treatment. Rio make a camouflague make-up suitable for males and females which covers scars, birth marks, etc.
Avatar m tn I was wondering about how I could heal acne scars. I have been having ongoing acne for at least 4 years now. The acne only really appears on my nose and around my mouth area (below nose and below lower lip). Unfortunately, I have multiple acne scars now. Also, I have large pores that won't close: is there a way to make them disappear?
1155893 tn?1263021615 but now I have these scars. The scars arn't pits they are level with the rest of the skin. It is just a dark mark, some are red and some are a bit more dark like purpleish. Is there any like home remedies i can use tell help get rid of them? I do go back to the derm in a month but i dont really wanna wait. So any help, is there anything i can use at home to get ride of them or something i can by locally?
1752667 tn?1312294187 Hello, For the acne scars, treatment includes various skin creams like azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment. If it still persists then you can go in for laser treatment, Chemical peeling or microdermabrasion. Avoid picking, harsh scrubbing, and abrasive treatments unless prescribed by a dermatologist during this period.
Avatar m tn i have acne problem and oily skin and acne scars i have tried everything and every treatment nothing how should i cure my acne and my acne scares and oily skin.
Avatar m tn If the acne scars are fairly new, then aloe vera applied during your nighttime facial regimen will help reduce the redness of the spots over a few weeks. At age 21, this should be a good treatment. For quicker results (and little more expensive), salicylic acid peels and microdermabrasion treatments done by an aesthetician or a dermatologist will also help reducing scar tissue by removing the top layer(s) of skin - there's a noticeable difference after 2-3 treatments.
Avatar m tn advice of my dermatologist i'hv once again retained my old condition...but now what bothers me is the deep scars and black spots caused due to acne....all i want to knw is in what way i can remove the scars and spots without undergoing any particular expensive 18 years of age ana a student...i sue ISOTROIN 20 & ACCUTRATE to reduce my pimples growth....
Avatar n tn Okay so I had acne and (unfortunately) some of the acne a couple of scars. The only thing is the scars are brown - not red. I tried Mederma but that didn't work. Any suggestions? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I'm using benzoyl peroxide gel 5% now I think it's working but my skin got very dry and I'm getting acne under my skin anyways tnx for ur answer:)
Avatar f tn The marks which are left behind after acne could be due to post-inflammatory hyper pigmentation or scars left behind by your acne lesions. In scarring the collagen in the skin is damaged from inflammation. This results in permanent changes in texture in the skin. It is known that cane can lead to permanent scarring which can be disfiguring. Discoloration from acne is usually easier to treat compared to scarring. There are many medications available which can lighten this discoloration.
Avatar f tn Acne scars are basically post inflammatory hyperpigmenattion scars and they usually fade away with time. However the best treatment for acne scars is laser resurfacing which you can get done from a good dermatologist. Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon. Wishing you good health.
Avatar n tn hi i has a question, i had acne now i have bad scars. they're a purpulish reddish color but worst of all they look like mini crater holes that i can't disguise with make up or anything. what tretment that doesn't include lasers is there?
Avatar n tn I have some acne scars and I am concerned that I could have done something to prevent them, which makes me feel very depressed and even suicidal. Yes my skin was very bad, I had cystic acne. Is it true that most people with cystic acne are left with some marks, I don't think mine are bad and I think they have been fading over a long period of time.
Avatar n tn how do i get rid of acne scars of my face im a black male and finding it hard to find the right thing to use
Avatar f tn I need some ways if anyone knows how, to get rid of scars. Any scars. Like acne scars, strech marks, scab scars, any. Maybe to just make them less noticable. My sister keeps asking, maybe Ill have some answers? Please and Thank you.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor, I would like to know if there are doctors in training that would perform laser resurfacing or dermabrasion on the face for deep acne scars,at a very reduced rate or free as part of there training and part as a patient reference? I know all doctors must start somewhere and I personally would not want to be charged full rate if I was the first patient or first few.
Avatar f tn Hi, My dermatologist recommended plasma injection, then q switched and fractional laser alternatively for my acne scars. How much success will I get from this treatment course and how much pain do I have to endure during this treatment's sessions? BTW, I've been using the dermaroller 1.
Avatar n tn The scars look like raised welts ranging from the size of a regular aspirin to something about three times that size. The color of the acne scars is basically the same as his normal skin color but the scars jave not shrunk. He had taken some medication for the problem but the scars have not gone away. What options are available to treat this problem for a 22 year old?
Avatar m tn Please does anyone know what the technique the most efficient to treat acne scars; natural peeling or laser. (I'm 28 years old).
Avatar n tn Still, it gives only fair results for acne scars. Sometimes the laser peel is repeated in 6 or 12 months for better smoothing. Laser peels involve pain, cost, and lengthy recovery, however. be sure the doctor you consult has a lot of experience. And if you're serious about laser peels for acne, you may want to look into CO2 laser peels too. Best. Dr.
Avatar n tn Cocoa butter is good but there's this thing called BB cream which formula comes from Germany where dermatologists prescribe it to heal laser skin surgery because it has soothing and skin-regenerating properties. Famous South Korean actresses then began using it for beauty purposes and since Asian dramas are huge all over, a craze was born. creams is suited for all skin types and are targeted to those who have sensitive and acne-prone skin.
Avatar f tn Moisturizers will help soothe the skin .Laser therapy and microdermabrasion may be able to help with acne scars. They may be quite expensive but they may have more evident results. You may ask your dermatologist bout this.