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Avatar n tn Hi, I am in my late 20's and I still have acne. It is the "under-the-skin type" where it is deep and red on the surface (but only on my cheek, not much around the face). A professional has told me to use exfoliating scrub which I have done, but it does not help. Is there any type of acne medication that you would suggest?
Avatar f tn I dont think you should ever use any sort of facial cleaners on a newborn. Their skin is super sensitive. Most babies develop baby acne. It goes away on its own. Does it look like little white bumps?
Avatar f tn Ive always had issues with acne and facial hair, no acne now that im pregnant but the facial hair is worse...
Avatar n tn Hello.I am 14 yrs. old and I have a little bit of acne in my skin,how can I get rid of it???
Avatar f tn hi i wanted to know what's the best acne or facial cleanser while pregnant.... Something for sensitive skin as well..
Avatar n tn I do also get bumps under my skin on the face and sometimes but other times they come to surface of the skin and look like weird acne/boils which can be quite painful and irritating as well. After healing again the flaking begins around the previous area and this cycle continues on and on .10 years of this has cause some scarring on my skin and I would appreciate some answers if possible.
Avatar n tn Talk to your doctor about taking an anti-androgen contraceptive pill called Diane35 (Dianette in the UK). Androgens are the hormones responsible for acne and unfeminine facial hair. This is a very effective treatment and, unlike topical lotions, will not irritate your sensitive skin. I take Dianette if you would like to talk about it.
Avatar f tn God I never knew I could have acne lol until I became pregnant im a big skin care taker when it comes to my face and out of nowhere they just started to pop out ugh does anyone know of a way to take them a way I hate them I feel like my face looks like a rocky mountain when applied makeup to it lol
Avatar f tn I am currently taking chemotherpy treatment for Breast Cancer, an have developed facial acne, would like to know what I could use on my skin without drying so.
Avatar n tn Hands can spread bacteria to facial pores. * Rinse off soon after working out to help prevent sweat and skin oils from mixing and clogging pores. * Avoid overwashing or using harsh scrubs. These can cause excess oil production. * Keep stress under control. Stress doesn't cause acne, but it may lead to overproduction of skin oils.
Avatar f tn I had pregnancy acne as well, I used oxy wipes & the were a little helpful. The only thing that really made a big improvment was washing my face everyday & not wearing any makeup...
Avatar n tn I learned that make up (especially if excessive and often used) and sweat clogs the pores. But does having your menses also trigger facial acne?
Avatar f tn Every time I'm done washing my face I use a toner (Stridex sensitive acne clearing pads) this helps remove any extra dirt/oil from the skin and treats acne with the salicylic acid it contains. Next would be a spot treatment for active pimples. There are two types: ones with salicylic acid and ones with benzoyl peroxide. I find benzoyl doesn't work for me so I use salicylic acid but your skin may react differently.
5739095 tn?1374694266 I use clean and clear deep action exfoliating scrub and the morning burts hydrating facial cleaner and the neutrogena all in 1 acne control daily scrub. I use the morning burst and 4 in 1 when I wake up and the deep action and 4 in 1 before bed. My skin has always been clear but I broke out durning pregnancy and this rountine works for me. Also get the clean and clear moisturer since your skin may dry out.
Avatar f tn I have acne breakouts and I am thinking about trying Proactive, to see if that might help my acne. Has anyone else tryed this? and if you have could you tell me if it helped your skin?
Avatar m tn Hi, Acne develops when excess sebum, skin cells, and bacteria accumulate in your pores. While exact cause of acne is not identified, this is often associated with hormone changes,medication side effect, family history of acne, stress. products used on hair and skin and even from underlying medical conditions. While irritants may also be a factor, further evaluation may need to be done. Continue your facial regimen and avoid too much sun exposure, touching your face and even popping your acne.
Avatar n tn I am a 30 year old, black american female with acne. I have tried everything that's out there even ordered sutff of tv, but nothing seems to help. I have a light skin complection soooo everything showes up and it's geting worse,and i don't know what to do anymore.I don't have any insurance at the moment so i need to try something otc.
Avatar f tn I use sensitive skin products. Witch hazel for toner. Nothing with salicylic acid. I also lay out for a good 20 minutes to get some vitamin d. Helps clear up acne.
Avatar f tn There is a lack of medical evidence that a healthy diet or drinking lots of water helps clear acne. Acne is caused by a sensitivity to the effects of androgens (the collective name for male hormones found in male and female bodies). Female acne patients respond well to taking an anti-androgen such as Spironolactone and/or a combined oral contraceptive pill such as Dianette/Diane35. Yaz or Yasmin can also help (these should not be taken with Spironolactone).
Avatar n tn This can be prescribed on its own or in conjunction with Diane35/Dianette a special contraceptive pill for acne and unfeminine hair. ii) Use a bland facial wash such as Cetaphil or La Roche-Posay. iii) Use a topical retinoid gel for the acne. Retin-a is too harsh for your fair skin, so ask your doctor about Differin (adapalene) which is generally well tolerated. Irritation from a topical retinoid can be reduced by using the cleansers mentioned above.
Avatar f tn But what really help keep the acne down was a hot water facial wash and alcohol. I stopped using soap and water to wash my face and just used hot water it cleans the pours and steams the face getting out the dirt and oil.
Avatar n tn I am having a difficult time trying to figure out why my face has taken a turn for the worse, I have acne everywhere and I have tried numerous Acne products. I have seen two dermatologists and my face is still terrible.
Avatar n tn and it helped, but after a while my skin got used to it and my skin got worse. Exfoliating and moisturizing are key!
Avatar f tn hi im 20 years old and i had acne since i was 13 i hate having acne especially on my face and i tryed alot of acne medications but nothing seems to work can anybody suggest new stuff that i can use to help clear it up that would be appricated thanks
7406493 tn?1454002812 I had acne with my first pregnancy, nothin much you can do about it, but maybe a facial and acne soap. I luckily don't have any this pregnancy, thank goodness! Hope it gets better for you. As for your pictures, have your make up done really well!
5931867 tn?1397530193 I have an amazing skin scrub recipe ladies!!! Ive never had but one or two pimples on my nose or chin.. always had great skin.. thanks two double hormones for these two boys i now have what u do.. tiny bumps on my forehead and nose and backne! Yuuuck! Ok so take about half a cup of regular or brown sugar and add in fresh lemon juice until you create a paste, make it thick paste too so u only need a little lemon juice.