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Avatar m tn My Doctor did it so we then went to the best Dermatologist in Hong Kong and I never had to come back.
Avatar f tn At the moment, I am taking self-prescribed trimetoprim. As I live in hong Kong, where I think this conition is rare as Asian people aren't that hirsute, I am really hoping a doctor here may be able to help! A https://www.dropbox.
Avatar m tn Because of the pioneering research done at the University Hospitals Leicester, the microwave generator is being used as far afield as Hong Kong, Singapore, the USA and Australia. In particular, the microwave technology has been embraced by many of the top cancer hospitals in the US, including the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Institute in New York, The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, and the M D Anderson Cancer Centre in Texas.
Avatar n tn i hav approched many famous eye and skin specialist for surgery or laser thng but they say that till now in our country there no treatment available...
Avatar f tn Am told these cause inflamation in my case. I am OK with Ezekiel bread (not always able to find it here in Hong Kong and when you do they cost between 50 and 75 Hong Kong Dollars that would be 6-9 USD per loaf ) needless to say you eat it sparingly LOL. I have introduced coconut oil each day and have let go of all dairy products. A slice of piping hot Ezekiel bread toast and a dollop of Coconut oil is my treat.
Avatar n tn address is 11209 Bellaire Blvd. Ste.
Avatar n tn I was following the reports from someone under the name bbally who was having his skin cultured to check for possible fungus or bacteria. The comment thread was unexpectedly closed and I have not seen any comment from him since. Myself I am trying an antibiotic cream and see if it works. I know that water makes it worse, but not so sure about sea water.
534800 tn?1217170959 My family has quite fair skin. Does anyone have this that has darker/olive skin? I hate getting this ugly rash very much and know when I get it I will not be showing my legs for a few days. It is very inconvenient and annoying. I was just on the East Coast (90 degrees w/humidity) and went to several tourist attractions and did not have any rash.
Avatar n tn also, my tummy is the thickest, but i have a lot of damage from an emergency c-section...and saggy skin. i'm wondering if it would be worth it there...the skin won't 'go back'. i'm in the kc area and have a great doc. is it okay to say the doc's name here?
3119293 tn?1342054132 I'm right where you are in the anxiety and restless legs except I'm having restless body symtoms. And my skin hurts. My husband touched me last light and I went through the roof! I took hydrocodone in a larger dose(10/750) years ago after a car accident for several years and didn't have a problem coming off the meds. This time I'm on it for arthritic pain in my back and I've only been on it for four months @ (10/325). What has happened to me is I ran out of my meds.
Avatar n tn I know when it's going to happen - can feel pressure, then it pops and you see blood under the skin and then it itches like crazy. Sometimes it's a hard blue marble under the skin. I have 3 that are permanently there (two in the same finger). It's almost never caused by anything - just happens. Occasionally it's when I grip something.
298579 tn?1192250448 Yet another woman here, relieved to find she's not alone. I've had the same symptoms since age 33, and I'm 53 now. Mine started when I had a botched laser cone biopsy of my cervix which left my cervix a mass of scar tissue. I always assumed that my pain had something to do with my screwed up cervix. My symptoms were so weird that I never mentioned them to my doctor. I've done a bunch of Google searches but never got the right one to get any information.