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Avatar n tn They have the treatment gels and skin lotions that really help get rid of the acne and don't dry out the skin. I also take their pure skin supplements that work really well.
Avatar m tn Laser skin treatment is becoming increasingly popular as it can be employed for many types of common skin problems including unwanted facial hair, acne, sun damage, wrinkles and birthmarks.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the advice guys. Wat abt makeup?
Avatar n tn You can try topical agents like Azeliac Acid (It also stimulates faster cell proliferation and has been clinically proven to be an effective acne treatment). What antibiotics are being prescribed for your son? Has the doctor explained you regarding the side effects of antibiotics for three months? I am not sure which skin condition your child is diagnosed with? Keep me posted. Bye.
Avatar f tn But acne can the people in adulthood. Adults must be for the treatment of acne naturally, both for them as for their children, the experience in May acne. All these people are natural treatment of acne.Acne not only in the face. It is from experience that all over the acne can clog the pores. When the clogged pores, bacteria thrive. This leads to redness and inflammation. These areas are the neck, back, and armpits. It can be equally disturbing that the acne on your face.
Avatar n tn Do you think this is a good regime for a nursing mother? I am so tired of my skin being so bad. It is horrible for my self esteem!
Avatar n tn I think I have tried every treatment under the sun regarding my acne, i have visited a determatologist, tried cliniuque vera moore, st.ives and other over the counter acne treatments, nothing seems to be working, i would noe like to try laser treatment, but the cost, procedure and how to choose the best preocedure is a concern to me, what do you suggest at this point.
Avatar n tn (I have tried Retin-A and Tazorac but neither has shown results significantly better than Differin and they are more harsh on my skin) 5) Wash with Plexion cleanser in the morning and use Cetaphil cleanser in the afternoon and evening (Plexion more than once a day really dries out my skin) As you can see, I'm pretty much a slave to my acne. I have tried every popular acne treatment and none has been a successful long-term solution.
Avatar n tn I am on acne treatment with diane-35.I asked my dermatologist if it is possible to prescribe me a medication to control acne until the oral contraceptive starts to work.She prescribed me roxithromycin.I've been taking it for 35 days and I have a major improvement.The problem is that occasionally Ι have acne breakouts(3-4 pimples).Is it possible that the long-term use of roxithromycin can cause resistance to the bacteria that causes acne?Or as long as I take it it will work?
Avatar m tn Oxytetracycline is generally well tolerated and can be used for extended periods for conditions such as acne and rosacea. Ask your doctor for a topical retinoid such as Differin (adapelene) to use in conjunction with your oral medication. This will clear the remaining spots and improve the condition of your scarred skin. Differin is also generally well tolerated and can be safely used for as long as your tendency to acne persists. Eloise.
Avatar n tn com, they have Beta hydroxy acid and Alpha hydroxy acid that are good for exfoliating, very good for acne treatment. Just try their sample and find out. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn You can discuss these treatment options with your dermatologist. The treatment for acne scars includes various skin creams like hydroquinone, azelaic acid, corticosteroids, tretinoin cream and laser treatment. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps.
1356959 tn?1488979548 Ginette 35 (also called Diane 35) is a very effective treatment for hormonal acne in females. Acne occurs when the patient has high levels of androgens (male hormones). Androgens stimulate the sebaceous (oil) glands in the skin. Bacteria on the skin feed off this excess oil, blocking the pores and resulting in spots. Ginette 35 blocks the action of androgens on the skin. You may have to take it for 6 months, but it nearly always results in complete clearing of the skin.
Avatar f tn Ive had acne for many years and ive tried over the counter treatments an proactive they just seem to make it worse. im african american but my skin is not too dark so have acne scars too so its hard to find treatment. any recommendations will be helpful.
Avatar n tn There is no miracle cure for acne. Cortisone shots reduce inflammation and allergic symptoms but can actually induce acne. The drug considered the "gold standard" treatment for acne is Accutane (oral Isotretinoin). This is a power drug for people with severe acne which has not responded to standard treatments.
Avatar f tn I am currently taking chemotherpy treatment for Breast Cancer, an have developed facial acne, would like to know what I could use on my skin without drying so.
Avatar n tn //acne-independence.
Avatar f tn I went on it, didnt notice any diffrence.
Avatar m tn If these do not result in total skin clearance see your doctor for a course of oral antibiotics such as Oxytetracycline and a prescription-strength gel such as Differin. Best Wishes, Eloise.
Avatar n tn i have really sensitive skin and have tried everything on my skin to get rid of my acne. i have been usng proactive for the past 3 weeks but i see no difference. is there any other type of treatment or medication available besides the over the counter medications?
Avatar n tn Hello.I am 14 yrs. old and I have a little bit of acne in my skin,how can I get rid of it???
Avatar n tn As an X acne sufferer, I have a very good understanding of the acne products which worked for patients and which ones did not. I am posting this to provide you the information of best acne treatment available over web so that you don't waste your time or money. ZenMed Derma Cleanse System: This acne treatment is a 3 step system. Specifically formulated for sensitive skin rejuventation. Reasonably priced and very effective.
1619580 tn?1298857676 I've been using this stuff called Acne Treatment on my face for about a week now . It's a 3 step process topical treatment. im 16 years old and i noticed that like i'm getting this weird almost like dry patches on my face and they burn and are very painful. Are they from using this stuff on my face? I haven't had one of these before. and there on the corner of my nose one of the top of each of my eye lids. one the corner of my mouth. and on my cheek.
Avatar n tn Hi Doctor...Acne has always been a problem for me..I am using medicines but when once I stop it I find that they are again returning...My marriage is scheduled for next month hence I again took up oral medication followed by chemical peeling and micro dermebration. I was on Isotretanin for 4 months. Can you tell me if the acne problem will atleast reduce after this advanced treatment or would I still have to continue medication?
1725224 tn?1333275286 The other possibility is of melasma. Treatment options include treatment with vitamin C and hydrocortisone, peel with carbon dioxide snow and alexandrite and ND-Yag Q-Switched laser treatment preceded by a hydroquinone-based application. Please discuss these options with your dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn the only thing that saved my skin was using products from the Acne Treatment Clinic in Walnut Creek, CA. I've been using their products for 15 years and it is the ONLY thing that has kept my skin clear. They are pure products and no, I don't work there or own stock...just know it works!!
Avatar f tn Every time I'm done washing my face I use a toner (Stridex sensitive acne clearing pads) this helps remove any extra dirt/oil from the skin and treats acne with the salicylic acid it contains. Next would be a spot treatment for active pimples. There are two types: ones with salicylic acid and ones with benzoyl peroxide. I find benzoyl doesn't work for me so I use salicylic acid but your skin may react differently.