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Avatar m tn i am 27. i had chicken pox before 2 month (20th oct. 2013). it left lots of scar on my face. i am worried about these scar. i want to remove these chicken pox scar from my face. i went to a dermatologist he told me about laser treatment. please suggest me what treatment is best for chicken pox scars.
Avatar m tn Of course laser scar removal can be used on the genitals to treat scars since laser removal is commonly used in removing warts caused by HPV. From my personal experience, laser therapy is not bad at all and involves very little pain after a session of laser treatment although the pain might be a little annoying when the treatment begins (it feels like bacon grease that occasionally splashes up and hits you in the wrist when you're cooking; nothing too painful).
Avatar f tn The attack left him scarred like Scarface. This attack and the after effects like the scar has changed him forever. He won't even look in a mirror anymore. No insurance will pay for cosmetic surgery and the person who attacked him has no money and will be spending many years in jail. Is there a doctor/facility who does pro bono work. He really needs to get this scar removed.
Avatar m tn As a result, I got this bad looking dent on my face and I am really sad. Before the procedure, he told me that laser mole removal would not leave scar afterward. Thus, I assumed he was going to remove the mole by laser. Also, he did not need me to wear any goggle at all during the procedure. On the invoice, it stated clearly it was laser surgery. Is cauterization considered a laser surgery then? Is cauterization cheaper, easier and faster to perform than laser?
Avatar n tn I was burned on July 17 after laser hair removal. It later peeled and I was left with white hypopigmentation marks. It has been three months and I have not seen any changes. Please let me know if this is permanent or if there is any treatment for this.
Avatar n tn This is my second time getting this mole removed (I got it done about two years ago and it grew back). Last time I got it removed it scabbed and quickly healed and everything was great. This time it didn't seem like the dermo was very thorough and now (two weeks-ish later) I have a small bump (about the size the mole was before) and it's quite pink.. I have a follow up appointment in a month but I don't feel like it's going to go away.. What should I do?
Avatar n tn ) After the mole went away, it left a NASTY scar. The scar is about the same color of the mole, but showed up a few days after the mole was already gone. I'm so self-conscious about this scar. (As I was about the mole, before.) I always have to cover it up with make-up so no one will see it. The problem with that is I'm always playing sports, so I sweat and the make-up comes off. Also, when I'm swimming, the make-up comes off.
Avatar f tn I have very pale skin and was informed that I was a perfect candidate for laser hair removal on the face; however, the skin on the upper lip is far too sensitive for laser hair removal, whatever your skin tone. I have spent a fortune on creams such as Clinique's dark spot corrector with little effect. The issue is that the damage caused by the laser is so deep no topical solution is effective.
Avatar n tn ) dont feel bad many people have scars the older you get the more it fades away as well.
Avatar f tn The removal of the tube could have formed some scar tissue after. Scar tissue causes pain yes but it is different then Endometriosis. Endometriosis is lesions and can cause Dense adhesions to form as well. Who did your surgery a regular Gyno? Do you know if they looked in the cul de sac? usually that is where it is missed. What symptoms were you having?
Avatar m tn Various methods used for mole removal are excision and cauterization. Although laser removal has been tried for moles, it is not usually the method of choice for most deep moles because the laser light doesn't penetrate deeply enough. You can get this mole evaluated from a dermatologist and get it evaluated. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
11358238 tn?1430413563 I'm growing hair like crazy on my face. I used to do laser Hair removal before I found out I was pregnant. Now I can't do them anymore till after the baby. I did wax my face and now have ingrown hairs on my neck. I exfoliate daily and don't know what to do. Anyone experiencing this problem? I need Help I love my baby, I need this hair gone. Has anyone done laser while pregnant?
Avatar n tn Only problem is after a couple of days use the scar becomes inflamed and irritated. I wanted some advice on how to minimise scarring (even though it's already formed) and how long I am looking at before it settles down. I realise it's hard to discuss without seeing it but I will post pics when I get chance. Any advice/tips will be greatly appreciated.
587306 tn?1218529734 The patient walks out of our surgical center of their own accord 2 - 3 hours after the procedure and will not experience any of the negative disadvantages that conventional surgery entails. Contact Laser Spine Institute Cervical disc herniations(or bulging discs) that are addressed with conventional surgery not only require removal of the entire herniated disc (discectomy), but also fusion.
Avatar m tn I took some oxycodone when I got home because I have read here that pain can come after stent removal so I think it helped. It is now 8 hours after the removal and I am almost fine now. I have been drinking lots and steady in the washroom. I was peeing blood for a while so I'm trying to flush my system out. I think the pain that comes after is due to blood clots being dislodged.
Avatar n tn The Vicadin prescription of 2 pills every 6 hours makes you constipated-- best to eat 7-10 prunes before and after each meal. The gas they inject into the belly to make for good workspace area, and the anesthesia, was like a mega-doze of caffeine-city. I was bloated for days, and I did not sleep at all for almost 40 hours after the operation.
Avatar m tn The Corneal Specialist was surprised to see the scar and he indicated that he has never seen this kind of a scar after the little surgical procedure before. He said he has seen this kind of a scar after Laser surgery. He prescrived Predenisolone Acetate Opthalmic suspension 1% (Sterile). He indicated to me that this might take several weeks to heal. My question to you is: Can these drops heal a cornea scar completely. Or is a Surgery needed. Is this scar caused by the surgery?
Avatar f tn If one's double vision is monocular ghosting due to scar near the macular area of the operated eye, 1) how can this be treated? 2) dees the scar need to be removed or operated on first before the double vision, lopsided vision, eye and a half vision feeling will go away? 3) what are the treatments for scar near the macula of the eye? 4) how soon can the operation can be done to remove the scar after PPV with gas bubble? 6 months...8 months....a year?
Avatar f tn I know there are lots of threads about laparoscopys and cyst removals but I have quite a specific question- I am 26 and I have a 5cm cyst on my left ovary. I have a lap removal surgery booked for the 1st of October, but my question is this- Are the surgeons able to remove a cyst that large with just the little holes, or should I expect a bigger scar on my abdomen? It feels really silly being so worried about scarring, but I just want to know what Im in for... Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hello, You should consult your dermatologist and get prescribed for oral anti inflammatory medicines like Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen. They will help in reducing the swelling. Stitches’ scars can be dealt with laser treatment after the lesion is completely healed. I hope it helps.Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
Avatar n tn i have a keloid on the side of my face and i got it remove last year it came back longer i tried med derma cream and and scar zone, it just irritated the scar i even had steroid injections after surgery but im not sure the doctor did all he could to keep it from coming back. so, i wouldnt have another surgery i would like to get it to shrink and flatten it out and except that i may have this scar forever.....
Avatar m tn Then BOOM, they came back. badder than ever, and I'm really really bummed. I'm going to try again because freezing or laser are not options with this skin, so I will have to remove them and keep up with the application for a long time afterwards to give my body the chance to really hold it off this time. It is so depressing it makes life almost unlivable. Especially since I had them beat before and then it was a few cuts that gave the HPV a chance to grow.
Avatar f tn Oil was removed three months later. During oil removal, scar tissue was removed as well. Filtered air was filled in then. It’s been two weeks since oil is removed but I still see cloudy vision. I feel like everything is behind the fog. When will my vision become clear?
Avatar f tn I had small cysts on my left ovary too and endo, so I was taking Yasmin pills for six years and they kept the cysts and the endo as they are and I haven't had any bigger problems, but after six years one of the cysts became bigger and there were some problems with the endo condition as well, so I had a punctuation done and after that my doctor said that I should take ZOLADEX shots/injections for six months.
Avatar n tn Hello ive been having boils for over 10 years. They first started when i was 13 years old, in the armpit of both my arms. They have now spread to my groin and buttocks. I was wondering if any body else who has them ever gets hot sweats? Just every time i seem to get rid of them i will get a hot sweat and they will return to the point where i might get 4 or 5 on my groins of each leg.
Avatar n tn This is important because failure of medical therapy would indicate surgery to disconnect the duodenum from the stomach. This makes it very difficult for any bile to make it backwards to the stomach and allow the stomah to heal. You clearly don't want this if bile reflux gastritis isn't really the problem.
Avatar f tn My cataract surgeon suggested I schedule for a YAG Laser Posterior Capsulotomy, which is quick and will clear up the distortion and glare, one eye at a time. I am not thrilled about having another surgery obviously, but feel confident in the doctors I am seeing for this, yet am concerned just the same! Any surgery has risks, obviously...! Further RD'S?
Avatar f tn Thankfully, I came across Mummymico's post and it really put me at ease. So, here is my story and experience with banding and skin tag removal and I will give progress updates over the next 2-3 weeks which is the time in which I expect to be recovered. I had to have 4 banding procedures done approximately 4 weeks apart. The banding is a cinch! Dont even hesitate to get this done if you are having hemorrhoid issues. Yeah, it may be a little embarrassing at first, but these Dr.
Avatar n tn I have been lucky as it has healed very well but my parents kept me on a strict diet as being chinese they believe that eggs and beef and prawns are not good after op. Eggs and prawns could increase infection and beef causes the scar to itch.. believe it or not its worked for me so far. Take care too and thanks again for your reply , its so reassuring to hear from someone that has been through a similar operation. I was beginning to get worried ha ha.