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Avatar f tn I'd try laser treatments first. If that doesn't work, talk with your doctor about possible scar revision surgery. Just remember, that it will still leave a scar. You can't get away with no scar at all. Another option is to get a tattoo to cover your scars. Just a few things to think about.
1557298 tn?1294592427 Hi, am a 24 yr old male, 2months ago I met wit an accident and had to undergo a surgery for fractured forearm. I want to know if there's any way to remove or camouflage the scar of surgery on my forearm.
Avatar f tn Though I think counseling can solve the problem alone. Scar removal doesn't always work and is expensive. plus it's a surgery, so there can be complications. I know it can be hard to overcome having a physical difference, "deformity" in a way, but it's totally possible. He can try peels to help lessen the look, but really it's about overcoming what happened, for his own well being. good luck.
Avatar f tn The surgeries were done by wonderful doctors at CHOP and the final one by Dr. Parks at the Childrens Hospital in DC. Are there any procedures out there today such as laser scar revision that we could do to remove or at lease reduce the build up of tissue and the redness. I live near CHOP and Wills Eye so I do have acess to wonderful doctors. Any help would be apprecited.
Avatar m tn Of course laser scar removal can be used on the genitals to treat scars since laser removal is commonly used in removing warts caused by HPV. From my personal experience, laser therapy is not bad at all and involves very little pain after a session of laser treatment although the pain might be a little annoying when the treatment begins (it feels like bacon grease that occasionally splashes up and hits you in the wrist when you're cooking; nothing too painful).
1067657 tn?1255060009 It looks like a surgical revision of the scar might be appropriate, possible with some change in its direction (with a small Z-plasty) to break it up. A consultation with a local plastic surgeon would be appropriate to determine if this is a good choice.
203342 tn?1328740807 I kept asking him if surgery could be an option and he said that it would make a worse scar if we tried surgery. I don't think it could look much worse than they way it looks now. With her being a girl she's very self-conscious about it and won't wear tank tops or a bathing suit without covering up. My heart goes out to her. Is there anything else we could try? Is surgery to remove or fix the scars really out of the question? What other options are there? They are so noticable and ugly.
Avatar m tn As a result, I got this bad looking dent on my face and I am really sad. Before the procedure, he told me that laser mole removal would not leave scar afterward. Thus, I assumed he was going to remove the mole by laser. Also, he did not need me to wear any goggle at all during the procedure. On the invoice, it stated clearly it was laser surgery. Is cauterization considered a laser surgery then? Is cauterization cheaper, easier and faster to perform than laser?
Avatar n tn Dr., When I choose a place to perform my laser surgery for hair removal what should I look for as far as procedure/equipment? Some offices use different types of lasers and some use a carbonite "salve" to be applied beforehand to help "tag" the hairs and then again some do not. How is anyone to know what the differences are and which ones are better?
Avatar n tn She had laser surgery for this now her vision is blurred and she went to MD and he told her she had scar tissue build up and that was causing vision problem. MD said there was nothing could be done. Can't some type of surgery remove this scar tissue? If so what type and how effective is it.
1116823 tn?1303076444 I had a scar/lesion removal surgery on my penis, and most of it healed well, but some of it did not. There is a large opening on my penis - the skin that was suppose to connect did not. So now I have this opening on my penis - two flaps on the side, with a deep crater in the middle. It looks really bad, and I want to have this skin reattached to what it was suppose to...
Avatar n tn I was burned on July 17 after laser hair removal. It later peeled and I was left with white hypopigmentation marks. It has been three months and I have not seen any changes. Please let me know if this is permanent or if there is any treatment for this.
Avatar n tn i need some information on scar removal and its expenses. where can i get help how much does it cost i just need an approximation and idea what it would be long and how long it will take.
Avatar m tn Laser acne scar removal is one treatment option for shallow scars from acne. It does not work as well on deep scars. In laser surgery for acne scars, a hand-held laser is used to burn off the scarred skin cells. Fresh new skin cells then replace the burned-off ones.
Avatar n tn Hello ive been having boils for over 10 years. They first started when i was 13 years old, in the armpit of both my arms. They have now spread to my groin and buttocks. I was wondering if any body else who has them ever gets hot sweats? Just every time i seem to get rid of them i will get a hot sweat and they will return to the point where i might get 4 or 5 on my groins of each leg.
Avatar n tn I had a cleft surgery when I was a child, and now that I grown up I realized that the scar is getting more obvious and can really be seen..Can I undergo any scar removal surgery for my cleft scar?Is it safe,effective and can help me a lot? and if you can estimate it,by how much can it cost? thank you very much..
Avatar n tn Should I have laser surgery to remove them? If so how much will the surgery cost? Please give me some suggestion. Thank you very muck for your time!
Avatar n tn I am not familiar with Rejuvi tattoo removal. The circumferential scar band that you describe could be treated in a number of ways, depending on the age of scar. These techniques run from the application of silicone gel sheeting to steroid injections. Surgically the tightness and indentation could be partially relieved by scar revision with Z-plasties. These alternatives should be discussed with your surgeon.
Avatar m tn I reached puberty a few years ago and a few hairs started to grow out of the scar, so i keep shaving the hairs off, im not too woried about the hairs as i will buy a laser hair removal kit when i move out of my parents house, to avoid embarasment. I want to know how i got this scar and if there is anything that will reduce its look. I have a theory that my penis might of been stuck to my scrotum when i was born and a doctor cut the skin connecting the two, could this be true?
Avatar n tn Removal of a small mole of the nose typically heals very well with minimal scarring when performed with meticulous repair by a plastic surgeon. Humans always heal by scar formation, but often the residual scars heal so well that they are often virtually impossible to see. the procedure can be performed under local anesthesia and should not be exorbitant.
Avatar f tn You did not indicate what technique was used for your initial tattoo removal. Use of a laser is the most popular method. It require multiple sessions and may not completely eradicate the pigment. Surgical resection is another method. This will completely remove pigment that is excised, but will leave some type of scar.
2081455 tn?1332179587 After about 4 weeks of having the kidney stone removal surgery my left kidney began to hurt again. Since the surgery I have felt a dull constant pain and I can feel my kidney throbbing/pulsating. It feels like a muscle spasm in my left kidney. Again the recovery from the left side stone removal was horrific and the pain is back. Today I am now experiencing the a more painful type of pain in my left kidney. As if I have a back injury, but again only my left kidney hurts.
4666104 tn?1357749187 Hello, For the sinked in skin, which is a common side effect of steroid injections, you can get collagen filling or laser resurfacing or a plastic surgery done.
Avatar n tn Had surgery and a plate and screws were used. Now a 6 inch scar looks terrible. Will i be able to have laser treatment on scar and how soon came laser treatment be done so the scar is not so visible.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me the results of your one ovary removal surgery? Have you had recurrence of endometrioma? Are you on oral contraceptives?