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Avatar n tn Thanks for your reply on my problem of scar tissue.I live in new york(Long Island) and was wondering where I could go to get more information on the radiation therapy you talk about?Is there any place close to me?
Avatar n tn Hi. I have battled acne scars for years, and this may be useful info for my question. I had laser surgery a few times in 1997. In 2001 I got micro-droplet silicone inject. by Dr. Orientreich in New York (who invented it I believe), but I only did it once, so I wasn't alot of silicone(> 1 cc). Now for my question...Over the past 2-3 years I have noticed a small area near my nose on my cheek that is slightly raised outwards (maybe 3/4 in in length and 1/8 in.
Avatar n tn I have went to see dr barry zide in new york city which is going to do a facial flap to get rid of these problem areas.have yourheard of drbarry zide and is there any other options out there.allready tried laser hair removal and that made things worse.
Avatar m tn dear colleague I am completely agree with his diagnosis of Spitz nevus. However it should be noted that the lesion is of exceptional difficulty of interpretation and a close follow up is necessary together with an enlargement of the incision. I have made further enlargement and further histology says that there was only a small scar left by the first surgery with nothing under.
Avatar n tn Also, it is hard finding doctors who use this anymore. I almost made a trip to the New York Center of Dermatology, but it is sooooo expensive for a consultation!
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Avatar f tn If you had laser not excision then it is very possible that you have a ton of scar tissue and laser causes more scar tissue form that is why excision is the GOLD Standard. I want you to register with CEC (Centre of Endometrisis Care) in Georgia on their website. I will message you the link. Take this as your first step, this is what I recommend to anyone even if they don't live in Georgia Dr.
Avatar n tn Thank you for sharing that news about the new york ocuplastic surgeon, do you have his/secrataries email address? New york is so much more convenient tthan Korea, it's closer to the UK and there will be no language barrier, though i'm very worried about costs and risks!
Avatar f tn Also do you have any recommendations of who the best retinal surgeon in the New York area would be, since I want to go to a different Dr. even though mine was very good with answering questions, and being patient. I want to go to someone with a lot of experience in dealing with retinal detachment.
Avatar n tn lying flat on my back, lifting 5 lb weights straight up. No problem--until the next day. Severe pain in my right chest area directly under breast. (this was where my most severe pain was when I had this problem back in December.) Pain every day, NOW add to that a pain in my shoulder blade area, plus the chest/breast pain is spreading to the left side of my body. At times, I feel tingling skin in various places on my back, pins and needles type of feeling too.
Avatar n tn Keep asking Dr to help or go to new Dr. My Dr would not listen to me for 6 months after my first surgery I found new Dr and he saved my life . i was depressed and life was really getting bad.I am doing so good 9 weeks out its so different than the first time. hang in there it will get better.
Avatar f tn My mom had something similar and went in to have it removed. She has a tiny scar, but is glad it is gone. I don't know what caused it. Her procedure was outpatient, so she went home the same day.
Avatar n tn Some are better than others and new techniques are evolving everday, including a new one which involves flexible instrumentation which reduces some of the stress placed on above fusion vertebrae. If only we'd all held out a little longer! I'm 22 now and I'm holding out hope that I can get all this taken care of before I have kids. Wish me luck!
Avatar f tn when is ur period due again?? so your italian from new york? so am I, lol...
Avatar m tn If you are concerned about germs growing in your gallon of salt water, then make a new batch every time you feel sinus infection coming on. 2. THE POWER OF SALT Why does salt water work? Simply put, germs need water, and salt takes the water away from the germs. There are two kinds of saline solution. Isotonic solution has the same concentration of salt as the human body. Hypertonic solution is saltier than the water in the human body.
Avatar n tn the area around the scar is not red and is perfectly fine but the actual scar is still reddish. the doctors told me that if the skin around the area was red i should be worried about infection, but how long did it take some of the rest of you for the redness of your scar to fade? Should i be worried if mines taking this long? Also, was anyones menstruation cycle affected by the surgery? Mine has become much much lighter, almost like spotting.
Avatar n tn However looking at the medical advacment in the past 50 years is amazing even in the last 10 years. Robotic arms to do brain surgery, stem cells growing new teath, and posibly a new disc of my own cells could be mine. I took a leap of faith that this replacement will get me to my 40's and we will see what happens maybe it lasts 20 years or 30. Only time will tell. I bookmarked this page and I am willing to continue my progress and tribulations.
940391 tn?1255758976 Have you found out anything new about your nodules? I found out this last week that I have 11 nodules (noncalcified) from what I understand I wish they were calcified. It was recommended to me that I have another CT in 2 months to see if any new nodules appear or if the ones that are there grow. At this point they are too small to do a biopsy on, but they have found a large mass in my neck.
Avatar n tn messes up on the uterine ablation he can puncture your uterese all the way through and then you have a scar on the outside of it. The placents has to connect onto the scar in order for there to be danger. I have a lot of scar tissue from my surgery, but it is on the inside... and there is a layer in the placents that protects everything inside. So If you have this scar going all the way throuhg then this section isn't protected and then you have the problems.....
Avatar n tn Hi I had 2 surgeries to remove hemorroid, i was constantly constipated and after my first baby i had the rubber band done 3 times IT DOES NOT WORK WAIST OF TIME AND ENERGY..then I had my first surgery and I think the Doc did a bad job (half fast) I went home and imedialy saw that it was 2 balls hanging outside my anus when they were not there before.. so the next visit the doc said "WOW we will have to do it again it still there " (hellow he knew he did a mistake).
Avatar n tn i grew up in Jamaica (in fact i only just moved here to new york couple months ago) my itchy skin actually startedin the summer so i doubt it has anything to do with hot or cold for me. ive tried swithcin soaps, hot water, cold water even using bleach when i shower (that was themost effective though my skin did still itch but not as severe). I hesitate every time i plan on taking a shower and when i do my WHOLE BODY ITCHES.
Avatar n tn Many years ago I was treated for Warts with acid and she noticed that scar tissue had formed causing a thin barrier of skin betweei=en the vagina and anus. She said that she has seen this before in women that have given birth and developed scar tissue after. She cut the skin and stitched it to the sides in order for it not to grow back. In 3 weeks I will go back to see her so fingers crossed. I will keep you updated.
Avatar n tn there is a recently new description of chiari zero.....because they r finding that in some cases the amount of herniation does not mean there r 'nt ne symptoms. when was ur last MRI?...I have seen that some on here had very little herniations and with an onset of symptoms had another MRI to find it grew!!
Avatar f tn Hello, I am new to this type of forum but I have been reading all of your messages and they are heartwarming. I in the 2ww after a day 5 embryo transfer on Tuesday 4/15. I know it is a very short time but I took a HPT this morning and it was negative. I feel crampy, bloated, and tired but I know that could just be from the meds. No sign of spotting or anything. This is my 3rd embryo transfer, first time I had an ectopic and the second one just never took. We have only 1 frozen embryo left.
Avatar n tn Everytime I go see a new doctor, I get a new diagnosis. I was even reffered for a sleep study to rule out sleep apnea. I finally found a Institute in Florida which specializes with different disorders that cause dizziness. After 3 days of nonstop testing, the doctor told me that the tests showed "something" but did not emphasize. He diagnosed me with Verstibular Migraines and put me on Diamox. Diamox is used for Altitude Sickness and Minere's disease, not for Mirgraines.
Avatar m tn I should also add, I got a new spot yesterday afternoon. Now I have two "active" annyoing spots in my right eye at once, which has never happened before. While most of my spots are pemanent, after a few weeks they "fade" to small scotomas and I don't really notice them all the time (like I do with the new ones"). The old ones are visible mainly under the circumstances I mentioned above, unless I got looking for them.