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Avatar n tn Although medical treatment is available,but cauterization with an electrosurgical probe or a laser and surgical removal by endoscope or laser is the preferred treatment.Another new technique is temperature controlled radiofrequency which uses a tiny electrode to heat the turbinate tissue from within, eventually causing reduction of the size of the turbinate as the body reabsorbs the treated tissue. You can discuss this option with your ENT surgeon. Hope it helps.Kind regards.
Avatar m tn Researchers at the Mayo clinic found that 96% of chronic sinusitis sufferers had a fungus in the nose. • Nasal polyps can grow inside your nose from years of allergic reactions or infections. These growths can get as big as your fingertip, and block your nasal passages and sinus openings. Polyps may possibly be related to chronic allergic fungal sinusitis, but doctors aren’t exactly sure what causes them. Polyps can be removed by surgery, and the air passages will be opened considerably.
Avatar f tn I had nasal polyps removed last week and today I noticed a strange smell but only on the right side and a nastyish taste in the back of my throat. I see my doctor tomorrow to get the splints removed and will ask her what is going on.
Avatar f tn I wonder if the implant does not show the typical symptoms of rejection because of nightly bronchial and nasal steroid inhalations. The implant looks good on scans and xrays. I am not so good. I am living a life of an inactive person because I have no tolerance for exercise. I love to exercise and my dogs need a walk!!! Today I went for a lower back MRI and had a hard time holding still because of feeling crampy and cold.
Avatar n tn I had severe pain and pressure into my teeth along with mild dizzyness, and severe post-nasal drip. After that surgery, the pain in my right maxillary was eliminated...But lo and behold, I realized that between my eyes was still extremely blocked and gave me great pain in that area. (luckily I was born with undeveloped frontal sinuses so I never have headaches above my eyes).
Avatar n tn Eustachian tube (ET) dysfunction is very frustrating, just look at all of the people suffering on this page Saline nasal rinse (over the counter), prescription nasal steroids are the cornerstone of treatment, since it stops nasal mucous from draining down the back of the throat (post-nasal drip) and swelling up the exit hole of the ET When chronic, helpful treamtents can include allergy shots, nasal anticholinergics (atrovent), sinus surgery (if a CT scan shows blocked ostia), tympanostomy tub
Avatar n tn Intractable) * PCOS (insulin resistant, and my sugar tends to be low) * Endometriosis * TMJ * OCD Operations/procedures * IV DHE 2007 * Ovariohysterectomy 2006 * Cholecystectomy 2004 * Laser lap for endo 1993, 1995 * Removal of peri-urethral cyst 1991 * Removal of adnoids (approx.) 1976 + MRI found no abnormality Medications: * Metformin 2000 mg a.m. * Cymbalta 60 mg a.m. * Neurontin 600 mg a.m. and 900 mg p.m. * Nexium p.m.