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485259 tn?1519050626 I know this is a long thread.. but there's so much good information..bumping it up.
Avatar f tn I haven't had to wear reading glasses since then and I was really tied to them before. When I had a choice of lens for my right eye cataract removal I choose the multifocal lens because I did not want to go back to glasses. They also made a small incision and corrected an astigmatism that I had. Seems like one thing after another has made me really aware of that eye.
Avatar f tn The way you have posted makes me think you have a reputable surgeon but I want to check for you as there are only a handful of surgeons world wide for 179 million women that can effectively treat and excise the Endo out with minimal laser as well as getting it off all the organs. Some don't have the skill. You have a 5cm blood file cyst which indicated severe to moderate disease so you want the best of the best to operate please remember this it is crutial.
748543 tn?1463449675 Hence your bite is dictating your posture. Ever wonder why your chiropractic adjustments don't hold for long? Of course we can exercise and be mindful of our posture. However long-term we see that this conflict will have its say. In my experience, examining both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients of my practice, I have found most often that even in asymptomatic patients the area of conflict lies within the spine; namely the cervical area.
Avatar f tn I havent moved forward as aggressively as you in my testing because I have to start from square one with another maxilliofacial surgeon and to be honest, I am the type that waits too long to see their doctor and so I keep thinking if I ignore this, it will go away, but I can no longer stand how bad my health has become. Just out of curiousity, when you did the MELISA, did you have testing for other problematic metals?
Avatar f tn I've been reading opposite instructions given to some people. Also seems like St. Louis is the lipodissolve capital of the US. I live in Staten Island, NY. Also does anyone have any experience with mesotherapy for cellulite?
948349 tn?1294383837 This is what I am looking into next... I also believe that home laser hair removal kits will help you with your acne if your acne is causes by ingrown hairs. I'm going to be purchasing one within a month which is a bit steep in price at 500 dollars, but I think it's well worth it. I have ingrown hairs on my neck, and sometimes I also get acne on my neck. For men and shaving... avoid a close shave and shave in the direction of the hair follicles growth rather than against it.
Avatar n tn I wondered if anyone who had had a laparoscopy could tell me how long it hurt for. I still feel quite alot of pain when walking after a week and wondered if that is normal, as everywhere I read that people resume normal activities after a couple of days. I am not doubled up or anything, its just like having a constant stitch, and when i take a step, especially around my belling button there is a kind of sharp tugging pain.
Avatar f tn When I got pregnant it really got big and filled with milk my doctor said it was breaast tissue that traveled into my armpit and that as long as it didn't hurt it really wasn't anything to worry about. It just looks like extra baggy skin and as a result I can't wear sleeveless tops. I've never known anyone else who has this to ask what they think or feel. My husband thinks if it bothers me so much I shyould have it removed. I am scared and want to know what the health risks are.
Avatar n tn Hi Yes, I definately had numbness and it last a while. Kind of freaked me out for a while, but it's gone now. My upper abdomen has lost all of the "lumps" really fast. I've got lots of little "lumps" on my lower abdomen. When I run my finger across my lower abdomen it's still pretty tender - but better. I have to say that after 2 treatments, my abdomen is getting much flatter. I have been very skeptical, but it does appear to be working.
Avatar m tn Also my mother lost 2 older brothers who were killed at young ages of 19 and 23, 2 seperate automobile accidents, both killed in South Padre Island Texas, by drunk mexicans with no liscences or anything. One was decapitated immediatly by the windshield, the other on lifesupport as a vegtiable in a coma and eventually past. So alchol too wasn't really an option.
Avatar m tn A study released a few years ago by the Mayo Clinic revealed the surprising discovery that if the cause of sinusitis is the toxins from the infected mucus in your sinuses, and you remove the infected snot, the problem will go away. There’s two ways to remove infected snot from your sinuses, if long-term antibiotics do not work. The medical way is with surgery—stick an endoscope up your nostril and suck enough of it out to end the infection.
Avatar f tn I once drank epsom salts (long story) and my insides shook the way you are describing. It was caused by the sodium, potassium, calcium ion nature of muscle activity.
Avatar n tn Numbnesss, nerve pain in hands, and arms, tooth pain, trouble walking, dizziness, I could go on. I am going to the Chiari Institute in Long Island. I have two small children and a husband who is reallly not supportive... does anyone out there have small kids? I'm finding it hard to take care of myself day to day let alone my kids or husband. I only take advil, motrin and adivan for anxiety... Does anyone have any suggestions, do you have people come to help you?
Avatar n tn We have talked too much about all this and decided that we would continue to do whatever we wanted as a married couple and enjoy life as long as there is nothing that could harm us. All the blood work and an vag ultrasound confirmed I was ovulating. How do you feel about trying again so soon?
Avatar n tn I am also now having menstrual cramps and PMS for the first time in almost 10 years (I've been on the pill for that long and am still on it). I did recently switch pills from Trinessa to Low Ogestrel, but the bleeding and cramping started well before I switched. I don't want to just accept it and let it go because I am afraid that if there is a problem, I want to find it now and not later when it could be much worse.
472570 tn?1274689487 I have only experienced what I am now experiencing in southern california, near the river, and from someone I knew who came from southern az. the bugs I experience are like little stinging nettle bites. the sensation doesnt last long but it happens very frequently. I cannot see anything and I never see a mark from them but it feels like there should be. I dont exactly feel the crawling so much as a stingy presence.
Avatar n tn 05% cream) and as long as I use it once every day it keeps it away. If I skip a couple of days it comes back. I'm waiting to financially be able to go to a Dermatologist (of course lying to him stating it's on my cheeks) and just saying "look, this WORKS. But it's not strong enough to stop whatever this is".
Avatar n tn I've been into fitness for most of my life and have been a veggie nearly as long. Funny that, like some others on this list, I seem to get it when I've let the exercise drop (like over Christmas hols) and I try to get back into it at the same level I left off a week or two before. I always thought it was just a coincidence until it happened this time. I think I'll ask the sports people at college - one of them may have heard of this. I'll report back if I learn anything new.
Avatar n tn i am going to see a doctor tomorrow because i thought it was a yeast infection but i have been tested for that before and i didn't have anything. I've have the problem for as long as i can remember..and i did realize that wearing tight clothes makes it worse...but im only 20! all of my clothes are well fitted!..and i realized when i take off the clothes and get into my PJ's the itching is horrible! its always worst in the night... i don't know what to do!!! HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn I saw someone asked if the majority of people were female. I am a 26 year old male living in Long Island, NY. I have an eye doctor appointment this saturday to check my eyes out again and an appointment with my primary care in the beginning of January. I am really at the point where I want to tell the primary care to do whatever tests he has to do to figure this out. Whether it be another MRI, CT Scan, whatever.
Avatar n tn I am going to see my GP tomorrow to make sure we can start ruling out the scary GBS. It's been a long 4 days for sure and it seems like it's going to be a long few weeks. Thanks for all your post. I don't feel so alone reading them. My hubby is not the most supportive about this because he was against the shot to start with.
Avatar n tn Please, has anyone had this? Do you think its going off the pill, and if so how long til I am back to normal again? Or does it sound more like cysts? The pain seems mostly to be in the center, below my navel, best described as rubber bands snapping or twisting. I appreciate any advice. Thanks.