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Avatar m tn That's not to say that a 'traditional' (non laser) surgery isn't just fine for most patients, esp those with low risk and who have chosen monofocal IOLs. But the laser platform w/ wavefront capability seems like it provides at least two advantages: - Ability to map and reduce low level astigmatism in real-time: The laser can cut limbal-relaxing incisions w/ laser energy and the surgeon can see the corneal topography outcome in real time.
Avatar f tn Shape of the eyeball is not permanent & it changes according to your viewing habits,for example if one focuses on near objects & ignore (or loss interest) viewing long distant objects then he or she's eyeball elongates & become myopic when age passes on.
Avatar n tn The fact that I have a very long axial length (mixed with other measurements) precluded me from having a toric lens (for astigmatism). The laser made limbal relaxing incisions which left me with very, very little astigmatism. For distance, there is always a margin of error, and since I have a long axial length, this margin of error was greater. However, in the right eye, it turned out perfectly (no correction needed). In the left eye, there is an overcorrection of .75 diopters.
Avatar m tn The laser energy is less likely to propagate elsewhere in the eye and disturb the retina. Another laser procedure benefit is that the machine can precisely map and cut limbal-relaxing incisions in the cornea to diminish any astigmatism you may have. If you have no astigmatism this won't be a benefit in your case. These can also be cut by hand by the traditional surgeon, I think.
Avatar m tn Also if I go into a dark room with a candle, the candle seems to be giving off mini laser beams heading into my eye. I've been both to an optometrist (confirmed my glasses' prescription is fine) and ophthalmologist who have stated that my eyes are fine and healthy. No obvious problems with the corneas or retinas. If I close my eyes somewhat or squint then the symptoms become much worse.
Avatar n tn hi I had about 5 months ago wavefront eye laser lasik surgery. My eyes have been dry and sensitive and my eye sight has been very good. Everything was great until about a month ago when i started to see like fragments of veins and a black dots which moves about my eye when i look up or down and sometimes straight ahead a black blob. The problem gets better or worse depending what type of day light i am in. I am really upset as i went to the best clinic.
Avatar m tn If you did have higher order aberrations, not to be negative, but I'm not sure what you would be able to do for it other than have wavefront guided laser vision correction which you don't need and which could easily make you much worse. If the minus 0.50 lens makes you better then you could easly get a glasses prescription to wear when you are driving especially at night to give you that last little bit of improvement that you want.
Avatar m tn Left eye first, right eye a week after. Only difference right eye was very painful compared to the left eye. Y had astigmatism and hipermetripic eys with power up to 8.0 diopt. to read. Since I was a boy my left eye was my "bad" eye and the right was the good one (see better). AFTER THE iol surgery my right eye was a little bit miopic? and the left was normal. I was not able to cope with this problem so I have in May a LASIK correction on both eyes.
Avatar f tn My doctor is exploring a possible wavefront PRK. He has never done one. He is also exploring an epithelial laser scrape. I am concerned and afraid. Is there a safe way to remove the fog and scarring from my eye?
Avatar n tn Four-months after Tecnis wavefront technology lens implants and YAG laser removal of posterior capsule clouding, I'm left with blurry vision. My vision is fuzzy at all distances and in all lighting conditions. Driving in unfamiliar places is difficult. I've tried eyeglasses but they don't help. Does anybody know of a fix for the blurry vision?
Avatar n tn I recently came across a request for patients to participate in a clinical trial on Wavefront-Optimized (Allegretto Wave Laser treatment) versus Wavefront-Guided (VISX S4) laser treatments at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Are you aware of any other LASIK surgery advancements that could allow patients with ONHD to be eligible for treatment ? thanks.
Avatar n tn This is in both eyes, and both of these problems go away when I look through a pinhole. I went to the eye doctor, and he said I do not have astigmatism/cataracts (I was checked while dialated) and that other than being very slightly nearsighted, my eyes are completely healthy. Niether glasses or contacts alleviated the ghosting or halos, and he suggested that aberrations could be the cause of my problems. In a previous thread, Dr.
Avatar m tn I had all Laser LASIK surgery (Intralase/Wavefront) - both eyes - on Monday evening. It is now Thursday evening. Although my distance vision is OK, it is not as crisp or detailed as when I wore glasses. Overall the distance is slightly blurred. Is this a porblem? Is it too early to tell what final result will be? The blurriness is more pronounced in dimmer light situations. I did not have this problem with my eyeglasses.
Avatar n tn I would recommend that you ask more questions before you undergo any surgical procedure. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar m tn the right eye being 8.9 mm and the left eye being 8.6 mm. My consultant said that they were on the large end, and he recommended custom wavefront surgery, which has a larger correcting radius, but did not dismiss normal LASIK with the manually created flap.
Avatar n tn I had custom wavefront LASIK 1 year ago, I didn't have a bad prescription to begin with and never wore contacts. I have glare and halos/starbursts night and day. I didn't notice them right away. I just went for my regular yearly eye exam and I have no refractive error or astigmatism. I also don't have large pupils. The Dr. said my corneas look great. I was wondering why I have glare and halos/starbursts. I am on anti-depressants. I have 20/20 vision.
Avatar n tn treated for 'Convergence weakness' for 3 years. In 2007, he found that diplopia was MONOCULAR (worse in Right eye). And then, Corneal topography & Aberrometery were done, which showed superficial corneal ulcerations. Schirmer's test (I & II) results were very low. Treatment was started accordingly, but problem kept on worsening even on tear substitutes, autologus serum, topical steroids & cyclosporin.
Avatar m tn Somehow, struggled to fit-in contacts in the first place, and whenever i tried felt that itchy feeling. God has been kind and never had any eye issue except that now i am exploring options for life without spectacles. Recently, got my tests done, are here are the details - Right Eye cornea thickness: 484 microns Pupil dia: 2.95 mm Astig: -1.0 D (cornea front), and +0.3D (cornea back) Left Eye cornea thickness: 475 microns Pupil dia: 2.95 mm Astig: -1.6 D (cornea front), and +0.
Avatar n tn Dear Doctor & patients, I'm very confused & concerned about getting eye surgery... I'm in my early 50's and can no longer wear my GP contact lenses due to dry eyes. I had great, crisp correction of astigmatism & severe myopia for many years with my GP contacts, then used reading glasses over them throughout my 40's until I could no longer tolerate my dry eyes...
Avatar n tn She even has her retinal photos, and on the image that shows the exterior of the eye you can see the light source and two ghost images on the eye that has had the lens replacement.
Avatar m tn I was told that I was a steroid responder and that I had an increase IOP. The doctor was able to stabilize my eye pressure in my eye with proper medication. The startbursts, glare, and halos persisted but my blurry vision improved. I have seen several doctors including a neuro-opthamologist and cornea specialist. All 5 doctors I seen say everything is normal and there is absolutely no damage in my eyes. The cornea topography and wavefront analysis is normal.
177275 tn?1511758844 If the patient wants wavefront optimized treatment they may pay $ 2,150 per eye and if the patient opts for wavefront customized or guided treatment they may pay $ 2,450 per eye. Our clinic offers only wavefront corrections for all patients treated. We have decided by design to provide only our best visual option to all comers. We do vary price based upon refractive error as there is distinctly more effort provided for the higher corrections.
Avatar n tn My doctor advised me to get steroid for my eye. I also have miyopi with -5.50. I wonder if an wavefront or intralasic lazer treatment for my miyopi can damage my right eye or not.Thank you in advance.
Avatar n tn I am told that I have 20/70 in my left eye and 20/40 in my right eye. I developed a macular pucker in the right eye about six months after surgery. I was sent for an exam by a retina specialist and I am told my retinas are ok. My night vision is terrible.My near and intermediate vision is very good, my distant vision is not so good. My eye surgeon has done Yag laser in both eyes twice.My vision remains the same. I also have terribly dry irrtated eyes.
Avatar m tn For your informance, I have tried to use IZON wavefront lens / spectacles and the starburst pattern still exist. I've also tried Wave contact lens (custom made RGP) and the result is the same as other normal RGP. I've also tried to use different power soft conatct lens to test the result and it seems the same. The finding was that the semi circle special halo graduately appear with power of soft lens going up.
Avatar n tn You also do not mention whether these occur with your eyes open or closed. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn Traditional LASIK on left eye (had mixed astigmatism and moderate nearsightedness) and Wavefront LASIK on right eye. (astigmatism and nearsightedness). Prior to surgery, had mild dry eye condition, which was treated with eyedrops 2 weeks prior to surgery. Also prior to surgery, had some corneal scarring (not in visual area) possibly from 20 years of soft contacts use. Surgery outcome was ok, with 20/15 in right eye and 20/30 in left, basically monovision.
Avatar n tn Depending on the lighting I an using +125 reading glasses and my distance vision is 20-25 in my dominant eye and 20-30 in the other. I am considering lasik now as my doctor told me that he could improve my eys to where I would no longer need the glasses and my distance vision would improve as well. How successful is lasik after Multifocal implants and are the potential side effects more prevalent? Currently I experience minor halos at night but they are very tolerable.
Avatar n tn - They use IntraLase FS30 Laser for the corneal flap. - They use the Visx Excimer Laser with Custom Guided Wavefront Technology. - The surgeon claims to have done over 30,000 LASIK procedures. - They quoted an all inclusive, global fee of $4,680 for both eyes including all followup visits and enhancements if needed. Questions: - Is the price too high ($4,680 global fee), even for a good surgeon with an excellent reputation?
Avatar n tn Of course, he has the flexibility of changing his lens decision for the second eye after seeing how the first eye does. He also says that some Lasik and pupil stretching may be necessary a few months down the road. What is pupil stretching and what does it accomplish? Also, I'd like some more feedback from those who have had bilateral Restors and their satisfaction with it, including intermediate vision and halos?