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Avatar n tn Thank you Dr. Hagan! I take it if I can't lift weights because of my retina hole, then scuba diving is definitely out of the question? Please advise. Thanks again!
Avatar f tn One week later I had a second laser due to sub-retinal fluid. That was a little over two weeks ago. My vision has been tested in the office after dilitation and is 20/20 corrected with my progressive glasses. I have had frequent follow ups and several docs in the office say it looks good. However, I wake up each day to something different in vision----sometimes floaters, sometimes black specks, today with wavy, watery waves.
20833225 tn?1528138106 But my RD told me I have hole in my right eye as well. He said he would do laser treatment for left eye first, then do right eye. I went to see eye urgent care yesterday afternoon. EyeMDs there confirmed that I have PVD in my left eyes and saw vitreous floaters. But they did not see any holes. They said the reason I might have cloudy vision was more like secondary cataract. Some tissue was not completely cleaned out during my original cataract surgery.
Avatar n tn It might be possible to prescribe some drops aimed at allergy. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar m tn I received laser treatment surrounding a horseshoe tear in upper right portion ofmy right eye. Proceedure was 3 days ago, and I will see my doctor in 4 days. what can I expect in terms of returning to normal activity? I usually run 5 k 6 mornings and lift weight or do cross fit 5 mornings each week. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Hello, Such symptoms can be due to advancing age (most likely in your case), fluid retention, alcohol and tobacco use, allergies, ononucleosis, thyroid disease, kidney disease and periorbital cellulitis. For this you require, Botox (botulinum toxin) ,non invasive or carbon dioxide laser or a surgical eyebrow lift. You can consult your dermatologist and decide the best treatment for you.
Avatar n tn I went to the retinologist and had laser surgery in both eyes. They were done to reinforce a detachment and tear that happened years ago. This recent laser was successful. However, weeks afterwards I still saw the flashes of light regularly. I went back to my retinologist who didn't see anything wrong. He told me I should be worried if I see a burst of floaters or if there is a darkening in my vision.
1476310 tn?1287179325 Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn Since these can be sight threatening, a visit to the eyeMD is indicated. Dr. Feldman Sandy T. Feldman, M.D., M.S.
Avatar f tn Three months ago today I had mid face, lower face, brow lift, and lower cosmetic eye surgery to remove a little fat and skin. The mid facelift and brow lift was done with endotines which I can still feel in cheeks and hairline. My problem has been with under eye blesphaplasty. I have a hard lump under left eye which appeared a few weeks ago. I massage daily but has not helped. The irony is immediately after the surgery, my right under eye area was the problem.
Avatar f tn but I also know that at age 24 I walked in for my first eye exam with no floaters. The next day, this stringy black mass appeared in my left eye ... extending pretty much from the top of my peripheral vision to the bottom. At the time, I connected it more to the eye doctor making some mistake and not the eye exam so I stopped going there. Several years later (and no new floaters), I found another eye doctor and had another eye exam and the next day a long string appeared in my right eye ...
Avatar n tn I was hoping the scar tissue could be removed with a laser. not for vision purposes I would imagine its more cosmetic but it sure would lift my spirts up if it was able to be done.
Avatar n tn A line of them in my upper eye, and a thinner layer of them in my lower eye, and then spreading thinly throughout that eye. While at the same time, my other eye is perfectly fine. What does this mean? Fortunately this time I was home, but where will I be when it strikes me next time? Any suggestions or help out there?
Avatar n tn A friend of mine underwent laser coagulation surgery to fix retinal tears in her eye a year ago. It seems she was told not to lift heavy objects or do any kind of strenuous activity(she is 25 years old), but the doctor was unclear on the duration of this restriction. I understand that she should consult her doctor about this, but for my own curiosity I was wondering if patients who undergo this surgery are generally restricted from certain activities for life?
Avatar n tn do you lift heavy weights? Are you healthy otherwise? How old are you? Have you ever had any eye surgery?
Avatar f tn Sir, Iam having headaches and seeing straight lines under lights while Blinking and ...after observation I found them due to eye lashes...Sir recently i had consulted doctor, he increased my power and also diagnosed mild dry eyes and inflammation...he gave artificial tears and another one for inflammation...My eyes gone little bit inside(sunk)...It has been week since I changed glasses nd using drops...nothing changed...what was reason for straight lines under lights...
Avatar f tn But it happend to me my family has a history of retinal detachments recently I went to Birmingham al and had prohalytic 360 laser on my good eye bc I had lattice degeneration but the sugery had some complications I developed pVD bc of the sugery and has caused me anxiety and depression to the lowest of lowest I keep replying the descion in my mind if I should had have had the sugery my doctors says my retina is stronger now been 10 weeks from laser but the PVD I see every moment makes me retin
Avatar n tn Also a huge (and growing number) of floaters as well. Have had many dilated eye exams from very good doctors and there are no retinal complications (although, there may be faint signs of PVD, but no retinal tears or detachment). I've consulted with some doctors who have performed upwards of 25,000 cataract operations and several thousand Restor implants. (Dr. Christerbury in North Carolina, Dr. Mckool in NYC, some others in teaching hospitals) No one can really recommend a lens to me.
Avatar m tn 1. Only your eye MD ophthalmologist can answer this 3.
Avatar n tn I would stop the push ups and heavy stoop, bend lift and get in ASAP to the Eye MD that did you laser treatment before. When you go in ask about resuming your exercises.
Avatar f tn An enhancement is much easier. You do not have to recut the flat-just lift it and do the laser. Ask you doctor for a pill that relaxes you. I use Xanax for my patients. Dr. O.
Avatar f tn I've been born with the most embarrassing eye and face condition- nevus of ota. It seems like there are few options available for the cure in the face - laser treatments. but i don't seem to find even one solution that would help me in a long run for "eye" in India! I need help reg this issue. Please help me get through with this ordeal. It would really lift up my spirits!
Avatar f tn I am 55, female high myopia, lead to cataract surgery. had to have in one eye lazer for a tear and a hole in the retina... I do not want to be a fumpy woman in my 50`s and on... I enjoy running... I am getting so many different points of view that i should only lift 10lbs or I should not run...
Avatar n tn I was hoping the scar tissue could be removed with a laser. not for vision purposes I would imagine its more cosmetic but it sure would lift my spirts up if it was able to be done.
Avatar f tn had PPV 8 weeks ago, with some laser done, had lots of blood in the eye but now clearing good, slow improvements in my vision- can see medium to large shapes/objects, colors now but still cant see far and still blurry from remaining blood), had 40% RD tear--but my macula is intact accdg to my surgeon... 1) is medical glue used in PPV or any RD surgeries? if this better?. if not..then he probably meant the gas bubble was to push the retina back towards the eye...
Avatar n tn 4 months ago when I went to my opthalmologist I found out I had a retinal tear and lattice degeneration, I went thru a laser surgery on both my eyes for it. A tear on my left eye was from 1 o'clock to 3 o'clock. 3 weeks after the laser I went back for a follow-up & my opthalmologist said everything was OK. I'm not sure what caused the tear but a month before that, I was playing tennis and the ball accidentally hit my left eye.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I still feel a stretch or sting feeling from the operative eye. Does it come from the front eye where the stiches on or from the buckle at the back? Will this cuase bleeding? 4 When I asked why I can see flashes, I was told "it maybe there for the rest of my life, when the operation was done, the gel was not touched. whenever the gel moves, you will see the flashes". I don't understand this technical theroy. what does it mean? 5.
Avatar m tn Yesterday I had a small horseshoe tear at the 4 o'clock position laser repaired. I have a history of retinal tears, and a detachment in the other eye. All treated by the same retina doctor. When I asked about how this might affect my vision her response was it won't because the position. When I required about physical limitations she said do what I like to do even go to the gym and lift weights. Just avoid jarring moments or hits in the head.
Avatar n tn What are the complication if you exert too much force with elevated eye pressure? Or watch too much TV? I forgot and lift something heavy....should i be worried?