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Avatar m tn I am hoping it will go away, but this happened on monday morning, and its now thursday night. Do I need to go and see a doc or will this eventually go away?
Avatar m tn corneal thickness, corneal topography, whether or not you have dry eye or ocular surface disease are only a few. I would seek out a very reputable refractive surgeon, and have a complete evaluation. Don't just be swayed by price. A really good refractive surgeon will screen you carefully, and honestly tell you that you are not a good candidate if you are not. In the proper patient who is a good candidate, the results can be excellent.
Avatar f tn Hi, i'm thinking about having laser eye surgery and have been doung some reading up about it. Has anyone had complications with lasik and regret having it? and what is wavefront worth it?
Avatar n tn Thank-you for reading and responding. Do you mean you think they are not doing to proper after-care for this overcorrection? Or you think another surgery is needed? Thanks for reading.
Avatar n tn However, you have to keep in mind that your kid has higher risk for retina detachment when comparing to others. Avoid every possible eye-accidents, such as playing contact-sports. Wearing protective glasses when needed.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 40 years old and have had slow reading difficulties for many years. 3 years ago, it reached a peak, I went to two developmental optomotrists who helped me train my eyes to work in tandim, however it only improved my situation 20-30%. Is there an easier way out such as using a patch or closing an eye whenever I read?
Avatar n tn properly performed Erbium/YAG should not cause dry eyes. Often a eye protector is placed on the eye to protect the eye itself. Anesthetic and anitbiotic drops/ointment are put under the protector. While it is possible to scratch the eye or irritate it, in no way should it cause 4 years of dry eye. Best bet stay on retasis often takes 6 months to start working and a year for full effect. Go to Dr. Hagan's blog and read the section on dry eyes..
Avatar m tn 50 diopter for the left eye (for viewing objects at 20+ ft) and -0.25 for the right one (for reading at 18 in). A correction of +1.50 is needed for the left eye to view near objects, and -2.50 is needed for the right one to view far objects. Corrected visual acuity six months after surgery was about 20/30 for the left eye and J2 (at 15 in) for the right eye.
Avatar m tn I have seen comments about problems with this preventive surgery, my vision is OK in both eyes, using reading glasses and progressive for driving, etc. I´m 58. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Thank you for your answer..might I add that I have just been recently diagnosed by my RS with Non-Ischemic CRVO. I am almost 24 months into my Occlusion., my VA as been from the start with correction 20/30, my present M Edema is measuring on OCT as 280. My eye pressure as been normal throughout. I feel that my condition as now become stable.. I have been reasearching to obtain info Re this treatment.,& reading what the Renowned Mr Hayreh says regarding this.Laser treatment..
Avatar f tn 25 for left and minus 5.5 for right. I am all right for general seeing and watching TV but I cannot read easily as my left naked eye wants to read far and the right naked eye, near. Also I feel unbalanced. Please can you tell me if reading glasses will be the solution to my reading difficulty or do I need to do an operation on my right eye (which has a mild cataract) and bring the vision to minus 2.5 too.
Avatar m tn I heard that 6 to 8% of people have this issue. My eye doctor mentioned that I may choose to do laser to fix it. I would like to know 1.) Using laser to fix the thin area will form a scar in the retinal. How long will it takes to recover ? Will there any side effect to the vision after the treatment 2) How successful will this treatment to avoid to the thin area to form tears. 3) In general, do people do the laser treatment to fix thin area or rather wait until there are tear is formed.
Avatar m tn it is worsened if i ma fatigued or if i drink alchohol. it makes reading very frustrating and slow for me and i make many errors in reading and typing. my acuity is fine with reading glasses and i have already completed and graduated from 18 months of vision therapy which helped other aspects but not the eye bounce. I also went to a neuro optomologist and they did eye tracking tests with a laser. the testds came up incunclusive but they said I do not have a nystagmus?
Avatar f tn My mother had laser eye surgery for diabetic retinopathy in both eyes. She is still very blurry and it is one month after the right eye, and two weeks after the left eye was treated. She still has trouble reading license plates and signs that were easy for her before the treatment. Will her vision ever improve to what it was before the treatment? Her ophthalmologist is not saying much. Please tell me if this occurs in some people, and if she will regain her vision. Thanks! We're very worried!
Avatar f tn How are reading glasses prescribed? After an exam, I'm waiting for my prescription and was told to come in as they have some in stock. My question to the doctor is: how can they have them in stock if the prescription was made specifically for MY eyes?
Avatar f tn About a month ago I had yag laser treatment (by another surgeon) of one eye. It went from pre-laser treatment 20/15 distance vision to post-laser treatment of 20/25 distance vision. The second surgeon is not sure why that happened. I do recall the first surgeon saying he was going to do slight monovision although I don't recall which eye that was -- I thought it was the other eye.
Avatar m tn I chose monovision, and love the well-rounded nature of my vision. I still need reading glasses for a lot of reading, but can read for short periods of time (30 minutes) without the glasses. A month later my doctor indicated that I had the start of posterior capsule opacification. In Dec 2011, I had YAG laser posterior capsulotomy performed on my left eye. Immediately afterwards, at night I experienced starbursts around car headlights, street lamps, traffic lights, candles, etc.
Avatar n tn I am an Australian expat living in Shanghai China and was diagnosed in the Shanghai 'New Vision Eye Clinic'. I have also been scheduled for laser surgery to treat this degeneration. I was told I have thinning of the retina but asked little questions as I had no idea what this disorder was. After reading into it on the net, I found that it is very common and usually requires no surgical attention until holes, tears or detachments occur.
Avatar f tn that Friday had the left laser iridotomy done, and the following Friday, had the right eye done. Since then my distance vision is now roughly 20/40 right eye and 20/50 left eye. I asked the ophthalmologist why my vision worsened overall after the iridotomies and he replied he did not know. Now he is talking laser surgery because my IOPs are still not as low as they need to be.
Avatar f tn Plateau iris is relatively uncommon shape for the eye and still needs a LPI but later also iridiplasty You are flat out wrong when you say LPI has 'so many side effect' and wrong on "very seldom prevents a glaucoma attack" and it does not provoke acute angle attacks. That who paragraph is wrong you wrote. Get your second and third opinions. You can find eye MDs near you at www.geteyesmart.
Avatar m tn I Have had Yag Laser Surgery on my left eye on 7/27/12 I am Stll Cloudy in that eye and reading is wavey Can you tell me if this is normal ????
Avatar n tn So, I'm very nearsighted,lol. My doc. says I would be an excellent candidate for laser surgery. He makes it sound like I will never have to wear glasses again. However, I have heard that this isn't the case. I have always head that you will have to wear glasses when you get older, anyway, and that you may still need glasses after the surgery. In other words, the surgery might fix most of the problem, but not all. I'm just curious, has anyone here had laser surgery done for astigmatism?
Avatar f tn Hello, I recently found out that i will need to have laser therapy for my right and left eye. I was told that i have lattice degeneration and i also have traction on both eyes. I am 27 female and chinese. I have been reading up on this topic online and i just have a few questions that i thought you guys might be able to help me with before i go for the surgery.
Avatar n tn I am an Australian expat living in Shanghai China and was diagnosed in the Shanghai 'New Vision Eye Clinic'. I have also been scheduled for laser surgery to treat this degeneration. I was told I have thinning of the retina but asked little questions as I had no idea what this disorder was. After reading into it on the net, I found that it is very common and usually requires no surgical attention until holes, tears or detachments occur.
Avatar f tn 2) Does it matter if I have a Crystalens-certified surgeon do the laser treatment or is it safe to have an eye surgeon with no experience with the Crystalens? Also, I have very small pupils. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I forgot to say that both my lenses were monofocal lenses. I was not even a candidate for a toric lens (for my astigmatism) because my eye is so long (which made me extremely nearsighted). What was good about the femtosecond laser is that it reduced the astigmatism significantly doing limbal relaxing incisions. At the place I had it done, they don't ordinarily give "happy juice" to patients unless they specifically ask for it.
Avatar m tn The surgeon told me i needed a Yag laser in my left eye when i returned home. the right eye had streaks going thru all on comming headlights which was very annoying. I waited about 4 months before i found a doctor to check me. I contacted the surgeon in Cal and he told me a Yag laser would eliminate the streak problem.
Avatar m tn Also, when I told the second one there are differing opinions if preventive laser therapy is effective, she looked at me weird and said nothing. Also, reading the forums I read many people in my country are being recommended for laser therapy - maybe it's to make money, and repeated visits? My questions: 1. Is it true that flying in my condition poses risks, and could accelerate the degeneration or potential problems? 2.
Avatar f tn Thank you, Dr. Hagan, for the response.