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Avatar n tn When I left the hospital was given a prescription for eye glasses, although I could read the bottom line with my left eye and came close to that with my right eye. I arrived at the Hotel Dieu Hospital in Kingston Ontario Canada on December 7th and spent an entire day having the doctors conduct numerous tests on my eyes. At the end of the day I was advised my Dr. Rob Campbell of the Ophthalmology department (who is the specialist in the area) that I have Glaucoma.
Avatar f tn ' The name of the procedure is a bit misleading, as it's not 'laser eye surgery' like LASIK. Rather, the laser is used to perform certain early steps of the cataract surgery, but it can be safer for high myopes and yield better results than the traditional surgery method - in the hands of a doctor who is experienced with the laser method of cataract surgery. The improvement in retina safety derives from the use of laser energy to 'break up' or 'soften' the cataract before it is removed.
Avatar m tn So he ran some other tests like to check if i had a lazy eye (i dont btw) and the presure of my eye... he puts freezing in the eye and then somthing presses on the eye... doesnt hurt just feels strange. Anyway he said he would brb with a good docotr... Cant think of what they r called... They are doctors that deal with problems from sending an image to the brain and decoding it etc etc... he looked at me for 5 10 min... BAMB! he knew what it was even tho he did not say it...