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Avatar f tn Hi ValveJob, just wanted to comment on your potential cataract surgery. As a fellow myope who's axial lengths are also over 30mm, I've read a lot about the difficulty of cataract surgery for patients like us. I can't remember if I've commented before on this, but wanted to make sure you are aware of the option in cataract surgery between 'traditional' methods of cataract extraction and the 'laser' method.
Avatar f tn sooo me and boyfriend like the names we have picked out for our son but we're stuck. Logan Noel or Logan Kingston. we love both names but i'm more for Logan Kingston and he's more for Logan Noel... what do you guys think?
Avatar f tn I will be 26 weeks tomorrow and we are naming our son Kingston. Ive wanted to change his middle names but Im not sure what to. It wouldve been Kingston André Colé Long.....but im no longer friends with the person the Colé name was taken from. So, do any of you moms have any thoughts or ideas?
Avatar n tn It sounds like you might have some hemosiderin staining--i.e., your skin has been stained by your blood. I had that problem following eye surgery. In some cases, this type of staining can be permanent--but don't worry, I have a solution for you. Google "candela laser" to find the company's website. You'll find a small-scale study in which the AlexTriVantage laser successfully removed "permanent" hemosiderin stains.
964860 tn?1264888861 I voted Kingston. I love your name if its a girl:-) I would have never thought to spell Cate with a "c" instead of a "k". Very cute!
Avatar f tn I also want to know how is it possible that after the 360 laser on my left eye for precautionary the vitrous then started pulling and retina detached. I must also mention that I am myopic -6. Now I have sclera buckle in both eyes. I must also mention that the current detachment on my right eye is not interfering with my vision. Please help from South Africa.
Avatar n tn Most recently (this year) I had laser on my other eye to repair a small detachment and tears, and because the surgeon intended to do everything possible to seal off the problem, I was given an injection of anesthetic in my eye before the laser. In other words, the surgeon anticipated that the laser could cause pain. I do have lattice but was treated with laser only when tears/holes appeared. I hope by now your pain is gone!
Avatar f tn Hi ladies. So I just found out I'm having a boy (super excited). My daughter's name and mine both start with a" K". I want to continue with the "K" theme and name my son Kingston but my husband says NO, lol. Any suggestions for a boys name that starts with a K?
Avatar n tn another opthalmologist just told me that i am not suffering from exotrophia, but just an eye power problem. i was told by him that my right eye has a positive number and the right eye goes out of focus towards my ear when m not wearing glasses. he will be able to reduce it to normal by laser. i would like to know how much could be the success chance in my case and does the laser have major side effects?
Avatar f tn Actually I've been to Asg eye hospital and was seen by an eye MD opthalmologist only?
Avatar f tn About a month ago I had yag laser treatment (by another surgeon) of one eye. It went from pre-laser treatment 20/15 distance vision to post-laser treatment of 20/25 distance vision. The second surgeon is not sure why that happened. I do recall the first surgeon saying he was going to do slight monovision although I don't recall which eye that was -- I thought it was the other eye.
Avatar m tn I had cateract surgery about two years ago. My left eye is ok but my right eye has lost some vision. My eye doctor told me today that I could have my right eye lasered. Do you know what this procedure involves? Thank you.
Avatar m tn (1) Would capsulotomy tend to decrease refraction within the eye (increase focal length) and thereby reduce the amount of negative correction presently needed? (2) Would you suggest that I undergo surgery on the left eye in the near future and defer it for the right one -- or, would you suggest that surgery be performed on both eyes in the near future during one session? Postscript: Overall, I believe that monovision was a good choice.
Avatar m tn occludable angles means the part of the eye where the fluid drains out (angle) between the iris and the cornea is narrow due to being a short eye (far-sighted) and that the iris could block the flow out of the eye causing an acute or subacute or recurrent attack of angle closure glaucoma. To prevent this from happening if Eye MD ophthalmologists see it they use a laser iridotomy (hole in the iris) to prevent the attack from developing.
Avatar m tn Laser coagulation of retina was done prior to cataract surgery of one eye, since there were small tears or holes in that eye. Prior to laser coagulation there were no symptoms, but 2 days after that flashes started. They went down in frequency and cataract surgery was done after 5 weeks. Flashes started again after 3 days and went down but come occasionally even after 11 months.
Avatar f tn There are two treatments being advertised for sufferers of severe floaters-more laser surgery, said to target the large bodies in the eye, that are not close to the macula, and, Floaters only Vitrectomy (FOV). The laser treatment of floaters has shown little success, from stats I've read. There are dangers as well, because of possible retinal damage from the laser. The FOV is only offered by a limited number of eye doctors, however, that list is growing.
Avatar f tn My doctor tells me that in some cases a floater near the outside of the lens can be eradicated with a Yag Laser. However, I have cell growth in this same eye that developed from an IOL Replacement so it also needs a Capsulotomy. If the doctor can laser the floater and get rid of it will that help prevent retinal detachment if he decides to do the Capsulotomy afterwards in the same eye?
Avatar f tn I was assulted 11 years ago which resulted in a black eye, the black eye has never really faded and ive also got bruising to the temple on the same side. How would i go about getting this treated?
Avatar m tn t experienceing any vision problems in this eye prior to the laser retinopexy procedure, as the tear was detected during my annual eye exam by an eye physician. It should be noted that this was my "good eye" prior to the procedure, as it was rated better in the vision test over the other eye. After the laser retinopexy procedure, I have experienced wavy lines at the center of my vision of the repaired eye that won't go away.
Avatar m tn I would probably recommend grid laser and possibly PRP for the right eye. And possibly grid laser for the left eye. Grid laser is done near the macula outside of the foveal avascular zone with much lower energy and spot size...goal is to seal off the leaky blood vessels. Whereas the goal for PRP is larger energy and spot size its job is to "kill" off the irregular cells "telling" the blood vessels to make more, irregular blood vessels (neovascularization).
Avatar m tn The retina specialist back east recommended that I look into getting some laser treatments in my right eye when I returned home, for prevention of future tears/RD. Questions: 1.) Should I go forward with this preventative laser surgery, or just monitor the right eye regularly? My fear is that if i sit and wait, and watch, my right eye will develop a tear(s) w/vitreous hemorrhages, causing more floaters and risk of RD as well.
Avatar m tn One month ago when I visited for regular eye checkup doctor dilated my eyes and examined right eye and found lattice in eye.He said there were some weak spots in retina in my eye and advised to do barrage laser for precaution. I also started seeing floater after the examination (I dont know how and why) .I got the laser done.Now after the laser I am seeing more floaters and flickering light in top left corner of right eye.
Avatar f tn Two nights ago woke up from sleep in middle of night with terrible headache on my left side about the eye I had the laser surgery. The headache went away shortly after getting up for the day. Last night as soon as I laid down to bed I got the bad headache in the same place along with eye pain in my left eye. I took two aspirins to ease the pain. They eased the headache, but not the eye pain. I have been up for four hours and still have eye discomfort.